Kingdom Chapter 475

Will be uploading the direct download and Batoto chapter after I get off my plane.

And here it is. Nothing like scanlating while on vacation.

Chapter 475: MF | Read Online




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53 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 475

  1. qaqel

    thx! been checking all day/night lol.. frustrating chapter imho

  2. MasterJack


    So now we root for the bad guys… :S

    • doomroar

      The bad guy has always been and always will be Kanky.

    • Your Master

      Bad guys?

      There are no bad guys in war, there is only war.

      • MasterJack

        At war a soldier isnt truly a human being, you can kill any number you want without regrets. But when you start killing civilians you are a vilain. Its like a boxer getting out of his ring and start to punch every spectators.

        • XiLihuala

          Civilians are hardly spectators. Oddly, they could be both the driving force of the victory as well as the victims of the war. They are the co-producers as well as the products of the war. Even spectators are rooted and cheer for one side. Cheering matters by the way. Because of their agency, winning the hearts of the civilians, there is a good chance to win the war. Soldiers and civilians are interchangeable categories.

  3. Castro2man

    aww yiss, some kingdom baby!

  4. Ye know boxing

    Cool. Just make sure the plain is on ground..

  5. Anon

    Just a small question. In page 14 its written as five-day battle of kokuyo. Does that mean the battle lasts five days only. Or am I just interpreting it wrong and it is just to say it is the fifth day.

  6. Joze

    Thank you guys!

  7. lololovelola


  8. BEAST10

    chapter 476 is out!! I fking knew it. tht one gonna be epic

  9. RussianBLOB

    Dear TurnipFarmers, could you please add download links for 471 and 472 chapters? thank you very much for such awesome work

    • mac

      Go to Batoto, download the pics, rename them and put them inside your folder. I asked the same question 2 weeks ago but got no response.

  10. Meerak

    Thanks for the release TF=)

  11. Arnaud

    You’re the best guys !!
    Thank you !!

  12. Anon

    Thanks for 475! Looking forward to 476! From Korean sl things getting intense!

  13. Ketsu

    Where can I read whole story in best quality?

  14. anyone else having trouble reading past chapters in batoto? I’m trying to read back to 418 or so and it’s not loading..

  15. gn_x00

    thanks for the translation as always

  16. Greget

    I bet Kanki is sending Saki Clan to gather oil from the villagers dead bodies. He is isolating and going to burn the Central Hill + the entire Zhou Army in one sweep.

  17. Keats

    Just read 476. It gave me goosebumps, sh*t is heating up real fast

  18. vwin

    I’m torn, Kanki is so badass I root for him but he’s portrayed as a villain here so plot-wise his action will be condemned/punished somehow.
    Kyokai is my favorite too, but I like Kanki more

  19. Anon

    Oh god, did the text on the side say that Kingdom will be on break until 6/21? Say it ain’t so! 😥

  20. Juice1286

    It’s Saturday eveerybody! Enjoy coming to the sit 100 times today! Lol

  21. X

    China Pictures chapter 477

    Don’t Spoiler Here.

  22. Seb

    Line up warriors! Prepare for F5!

  23. Dog Poop Connoisseur

    Saturday now! Are the raws on share?

    • Share appears to be completely dead. Sense scans are sourcing our raws. We had a few some hiccups this week due to miscommunication apparently.

  24. Anon

    Poor man’s release to get you by until HQ comes out. Kinda epic.

  25. Dog Poop Connoisseur

    Where are the china boizs! 😦

  26. puredrivegt

    I’m not a big fan of the other releases, the reading expirience just isn’t that good and sniping projects in general is not all too cool either… slightly irritated I am…

  27. y

    I’ve been F5ing every hour for the last four days, please send help!

  28. why don’t you use senmanga raws? are those scan so bad?

    • X

      Community have few time agree with turnipfarmers that we’they are here for HQ Kingom. And if someone need LQ he can go somewhere where he can read it fast. ( And later look how they stoped translating this after few chapters)

      They also shared here image comparing HQ and LQ. But you will need to find it alone, this is your questions and this website have option to search.

  29. F5

    Hmm what now? Any update about whats happening?

  30. Juice1286

    R.i.p turnip farmers?

    • Anon

      Nah come on man, especially since LQ translations are available, it’s ok they take their time, their HQ stuff is really appreciated.

  31. Not Ben

    I saw on Sense scan latest release for Magi and Sinbad that Kingdom needs a redrawer. Is that the cause of your delays for Kingdom 476 and 477? Well either way I will wait for your release because you guys are awesome!

    • Veggos

      Good thing, I was worried for a while if they had an accident or something. A world with no turnipfarmers would suck

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