Ad Astra Chapter 31

Well, haven’t seen this in a while.

Chapter 31: MF | Read Online



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16 responses to “Ad Astra Chapter 31

  1. Okami

    Woohoo! First comment! Thanks a lot guys!

  2. oseas

    Great chapter. Can’t wait for the next one guys. Love that you are scanning this.

  3. Earmuff

    Thank you!

  4. Quadclops

    Thanks guys! Glad you are doing this work on the side.

  5. Hoboman

    War manga is my favorite manga

  6. Demut

    Why do Game of Scanlation keep randomly scanlating Kingdom chapters? I mean they gotta know that you’re already on top of this, don’t they? Have you talked to them at all about this?

    • 1414

      I just hope Turnip Farmers ignores them and keeps on trucking!

    • Tek

      I don’t mind cause I’m going to reread turnip version anyway. And these few chapters are too exciting, early release help with my Kingdom craving 😛

    • MrJu

      I think that someone of that group talked in the section comment of one of the last chapters (472). They’re just doing it for the impatient ones. It’s LQ and translated from Korean.
      Here’s a part of what they said:
      “Though I can’t agree on that those who read our version shouldn’t read yours, the translation is better in a way that gives a more fulfilling feeling, I’m sure most people who care about Kingdom would agree.”

  7. inspiredKreatif

    thanks guys.. 🙂

  8. Joze Zobec

    Don’t want to complain … but we didn’t see Kingdom in a while either :3

  9. Ricardo

    Any plans on future releases of ad astra?
    the series was amazing when you guys stop the translations…

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