Kingdom Chapter 476 and 477

Hello. No, we’re not dead (yet).

Hiccups on sourcing raws. Fingers crossed on smoother releases from now. Hopefully.

Oh well, here you go.

Chapter 476: MF | Read Online

Chapter 477: MF | Read Online



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39 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 476 and 477

  1. Belinda

    Thanks guys

  2. Lugh

    Thank you. Great release as always.

  3. mac

    THANKS GUYS~~~~~~

  4. Thanks for the release! Hope your vacation is going well.

  5. kokoro

    finally. thanks!

  6. inspiredKreatif

    thanks guys.. great work as always.. well worth the wait 🙂

  7. billy herrington

    please never die….i love you…

  8. Castro2man

    that sweet sweet turnip quality!

  9. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapters

  10. Chef Curry

    Man the wait was so worth it for this type of quality….killer. *thumbs up*

  11. Cloud

    Thought the cops raided you guys, good to know all is well. Thanks

  12. Thanks mate for you job, Your are the best ^_^

  13. Drago

    Definitely worth the wait thank you guys. 😀

  14. Okami

    Thanks guys, you’re the best!

  15. Dog Poop Connoisseur

    It’s like holding in your pee for an hour over time. The release is just great.

  16. Dog Poop Connoisseur

    Can you let sensescans know how impossible it is to make an account there?

  17. Muhammad Awe

    the heck…
    its still got sniped again…
    phew… hard work for u guys…
    but still waiting for your HQ…
    always.. and always will…

    • Muhammad Awe

      PS : 478 is sniped out there…

    • Dog Poop Connoisseur

      Sniped? It’s not like gosmoe has got shit on turnips. I’ve read turnipfarmer’s stuff for 477 chapters over a few years. There’s no way I can read somebody else’s stuff. The style is different, font, the way the sentences are translated.

  18. Fahrenheit451

    Thanks , your Kingdom scanlations are the best!

  19. gn_x00

    have just managed to post, thanks guys

  20. Joze

    My God … that last chapter … breathtaking …

  21. vwin

    shiite!I don’t know how Shin and his troupe will get out of this mess he and Kyokai have gotten themselves into, probably plot amour or something.

  22. solfire

    Thanks for the release ^^

  23. Joze

    :O Does Bihei get killed as a hostage?

  24. vwin

    The war part of this arc is well-done and adrenaline-pumping but it has gone downhill, especially now I don’t see how Shin and his band can get out alive, don’t know what the author is getting at.
    The only redemption for hi shin unit is that they slayed Keisha, but Kanki doesn’t give shit about it…

    • You are danm right, kanki gives a fuck to Keisha’s death, but it also does not seem like he cares about all the ruckus shin and his unity has done. Kanki’s men on the other hand are more… irritated.

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