Kingdom Chapter 478

Sometimes I have to remind myself that this get’s published in a seinen magazine…

Chapter 478: MF | Read Online



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59 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 478

  1. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Namja

    Thank you. So much better in quality and translation.

  3. Joze

    Yay! Thanks guys!

  4. g0ne

    Thank you very much.

  5. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  6. cyka

    eww how many more chapters till we move on from this morality lesson??

  7. Johan Cruyff

    Dear Oshit,
    I can’t see previous chapters. I mean the old ones (Coalition Army, etc.) Is there any chance I can see those chapters again ?


  8. inspiredKreatif

    thanks for the great work as always guys!!

  9. What djia mean Dragon? Isnt that Lich?

  10. Demut

    Felt in the mood for some superfluous apostrophes, did ya, oshit :p ?

    But seriously, thanks for the chapter, mate.

  11. gn_x00

    whoops… i forgot to say thank you!

  12. ouki

    is it on break? or delayed again?

  13. 479 is already out in the other LQ scans so no it’s not on break 🙂

  14. Rush B

    what happen?

  15. Dog Poop Connoisseur

    any word?

  16. Juice1286

    I dunno. Might be a 2 week delay. 480 isn’t out on mangalife yet.

  17. Anon

    The pattern since May, and someone can correct me, has been friday-saturday spoilers on mangamint and, most people are commenting on mangamint as they eck out. By sunday might-monday korean scanlation pops up and they are used for a LQ release from GOS the next day. That gives Turnip 2-3 weeks for the HQ release goodness on sense.

  18. Ooo but I don t read LQ version….. darn!

  19. Dog Poop Connoisseur

    Any word on 479 480?

  20. Cloud

    I think this is the lost drought I’ve seen from turnip farmers, both in chapters and absence of oshit’s commentary. Hopefully it’s still just a raw issue and you just didn’t get raided :). Can’t wait for the answer comeback.

  21. Dog Poop Connoisseur

    I’ve checked sensescans.. I can’t seem to find Kingdom in their ongoing releases, or anywhere at all. Only the previous chapters and nothing else. Looks like they might’ve dropped it.

    • Gnama

      I was meaning, ask them directly if you want to know.
      I just checked in the shoutbox of senscanse:

      Notben: Hello Sense Scans. i will feel bad if I yell at turnip for the lack of Kingdom so I am going to politely ask where is the Kingdom?
      July 08, 2016, 06:43:22 pm

      Notben: Are you still having the raw troubles or is it you need a redrawer
      July 08, 2016, 06:43:49 pm

      Xyros: raw troubles D:
      Today at 01:27:14 am

      Royalblue: raw troubles really, last rp has not been dependable of late
      Today at 01:34:23 am

      Royalblue: we’ll be switching to another one soon though
      Today at 01:34:43 am

      Royalblue: so hopefully it will get to a more stable pace
      Today at 01:34:55 am

  22. Bambles

    P Lease catch up to 480 soon… the quality from the other group is craaaaap 😦

  23. Juice1286

    Quality from other group ain’t good but at least it’s something. Lol. But for TF to go completely silent…not even an astra release.

  24. Gnama

    I haven’t read some Kingdom for 3 weeks now, I will wait untill they release (or say they are dropping).

  25. Veggos

    almost one month and no chapter 😦 😦 where are you guys???

  26. Shin

    Turnipfarmers could also use digital raws of Weekly Young Jump. There are some people who have access to them via the premium Jump subscription.

  27. Fahrenheit451

    Hi, I’d be checking on TF even when there are others. So do please update us from time to time.

  28. I hope all is well and the releases resume soon! But I understand real life happens. Best wishes and much love to TF.

  29. lololovelola

    I need my kingdom fix… uh… its been so loooong

  30. mac

    The nerds / geeks know better than me, apart from Pokemon Go, was another blockbuster game released in the last two weeks? that would explain oshits absence^^

  31. yo dudes – please just announce that you’re done translating or give updates. Thanks for you service and time up this point but we as an audience have become addicted to Kingdom, and you are our dealer where we get our fix. Please let us know when you guys will be back in action fully.

  32. shaun

    miss u guys

  33. Yahya

    For now turnip farmers is dead… Please come back here a few next month…

  34. Hollower

    Turnip farmers have been doing such a great job so i really miss them… hope they havent been arrested… Still cant help but think that mayby they needed a break from this series since the story havent been that intresting for a while (i mean it was great up until wei fire dragon stuff.. then it went good or so.. and now.. i am not sure. Theres still potential though..)… of cource just mah opinion.

  35. Joze

    I hope you guys are just on holidays (with the summer and all) and since you guys are so awesome I hope you can just translate 5 chapters in a week I am not worried about you guys falling behind. I am more worried though that you maybe stopped (there was no message noting your absence …) … I hope you’re alright, guys. I love you. :*

  36. Dog Poop Connoisseur

    I’m actually kind of worried about them… What if they all died in a car crash? We would actually ever know….

  37. If something already happened we can t do anything about it. Yeah shiiiit about it.

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