Kingdom Chapter 479-481

Hi all, here are chapter 479-481.

Apologies for the delay and the lack of response in the comments.

The delay has been due to issues with sourcing raws while the latter has largely been due to busy schedules and figuring out what to do about the delays.

I’m hoping for everyone’s sake though that the problems with sourcing raws are over…

edit: added missing page for 481

Chapter 479: MF | Read Online

Chapter 480: MF | Read Online

Chapter 481v2: MF | Read Online




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  2. THANKS!!!

    And I’m really glad that you guys are back!!

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    I Always wait for the Turnip release, much appreciated!

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    And here i thought you were busy playing yet another game, maybe Pokemon Go^^

    Thanks for the chapters 🙂

    • Nope, though it is tempting. Gongitraped roped me into playing a mobile game called Granblue Fantasy instead… which is probably worse.

      • mac

        Two things:

        1) Is “City” right because i can’t remember another time “City” was used to describe a castle.

        2) Kingdom_v44_c481_200, “… to deliver an even great tragedy …”, shouldn’t that be “greater”. Don’t know jap, but there are far more people at Rigan than in the forest…

        • the greater tragedy probably refer to the previous Rigan’s tragedy instead of the forest. but yeah, probably greater more correct in english grammer

        • Yes it is a city, Rigan isn’t comprised solely of a castle. The great/greater thing is a typo though yes, although in this case the tragedy thing is comparing it to the uh, tasteful piece of ‘art’ that Kanki has devised.

  6. man…. i’ve just finished reading those chapters.. even if the chapter 479 and 480 is a reread, It’s actually much more powerful compared to the first time I read it…

    a nice quality which is fit for an amazing story like this… the chapters almost look like shining for me lol (which i’m sure it will be if it is a manga/anime)

  7. Muhammad Awe

    at long last….
    thank as always dude…
    were waiting for u

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  11. Turnip Quality is the BEST Quality!

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    Could y’all use an extra proofreader or help, outside of raws?

  13. Thanks! May have been slow but at least it gets done! Always nice to get a proper quality release.

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    Thanks as always.
    Btw, when’s the next Ad Astra coming out?

    • Probably once Kingdom releases stabilise and I’m not so busy. Could be quite a while really as my weekends over winter are all booked out…

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    Damn I thought you guys died or something.. Take whatever time you need….just don’t die on me!!!!

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  18. All hail alive turnip farmers!

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    Games of Scanlation already released a LQ translation of 482, if you guys want to read it early.

    And I’m gad turnip is back 😉

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    I just read the three chapters and a LQ of 382
    this Qin & Zhao war arc is brutal

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