Kingdom Chapter 482

Yay, a release on time!

Chapter 482v2: MF | Read Online

Edit: v2 fixed some typos.



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34 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 482

  1. Johan Avril Yansen

    i’m FIRST

    • Demut

      You’re also WORST though :/

      Anyway, thanks for the release, Turnip Farmers!

      • Johan Avril Yansen

        lol, why bother commenting me… it’s a proof you’re much worse…

        • Demut

          Why bother commenting? Because I have the hope that publicly shaming you gets you to realize that this kind of comment ought not to be made. I mean, really? Do you think blurting out “FIRST” adds to the discussion? Is worth saying? You can’t be that oblivious, can ya?

          • Johan Avril Yansen

            this smartass, what discussion you talked about? this comment section limited to discussion? what a retard you are.. there’s many that only commenting with only 1 word like “wohooo” and “badass”.. Is that worth saying?

          • Demut

            Yes, Johan, you foulmouthed lout, these things are worth saying (albeit just barely). I mean they DO convey our feelings of happiness to the scanlators, showing them that what they are doing brings other people joy. That’s at least worth something.

            Your dumbass “FIRST” on the other hand is utterly devoid of any value whatsoever.

          • Johan Avril Yansen

            my “FIRST” is also feelings of happiness to be the first read the chapter, smartass… Nice reason you have there, it show that you want to defend yourself but your reason is invalid.. This retard still don’t want to admit defeat, huh?

          • Demut

            Can’t stop insulting other people, can ya, Johan? Is that how you attempt to put other people down so that you don’t look quite as bad in comparison anymore?

            Anyhow, what are you talking about? First to read the chapter? You’re not, you genius. You’re the first to post a shitty comment, that’s all. There were probably dozens of leechers who downloaded and read it before you but had nothing good to post and so … you know … didn’t. Maybe take some inspiration from them and keep your fingers still next time you feel the need to blurt out something as stupid as “FIRST” again.

          • Johan Avril Yansen

            so you’re not insulting me? what an ignorant fool you are… It’s tiring to talk with people like you… And there still the fact that there’s many comment similar to me and your smartass “discussion” you’re blurting about but you can’t explain as well.. You can only blame my “FIRST” and keep on talking like an idiot to defend yourself…

          • Demut

            Nah, I’m not insulting you, Johan, you are doing that on your own. Calling you a foulmouthed lout is simply an objective description of your behavior. I mean you’re the one slinging around insults in lieu of arguments (of which you have none): Smartass, ignorant, fool, idiot, retard; those are all words coming from your ill-mannered mouth.

            And again, you’re deflecting. Just because others post shitty comments, too, that does not excuse you or makes your shitty comments any less shitty. Own up to your shitty comment already and vow to do better in the future! Or are you that incorrigible?

          • Johan Avril Yansen

            Smartass, ignorant, fool, idiot, retard; is also simply an objective description of your behavior. Because you think you’re smart but actually not, you think you’re right but actually no. And your reason about publicly shaming me is so ridiculous because it won’t affect me at all, you understand retard? I’m free to comment whatever i want, you can’t stop me at all, so all your struggle is meaningless and you still don’t understand that and keep on talking? How is that not retard and idiot?

          • Demut

            No, Johanm your insults are not objective descriptions of my behavior. To chastise you for your inane comment isn’t displaying lack of intelligence let alone full-blown mental retardation. All it shows is that I am optimistic as far as your rehabilitation is concerned.
            Can I force you to change with my words? No, obviously not. Well done, Johan, you’re a smart boy for realizing this. Who’s a smart boy? You are :^)

            However, what I can do and what I apparently did do is make you rethink your actions and that is all I really meant to achieve. Apparently this already bore fruit, too! After all, I see none of your dumb comments on the newest chapter’s comment page. I guess you recognized that you had nothing of value to add and thus held your peace. Good job, I’m proud of ♥

            Now if you could also give up on your futile attempt of saving face here, that’d be great!

          • This is one of the most immature arguments I’ve seen on here. “Publicly shaming” someone should also fall under the category of comments that should not be made. Complaining about someone posting “FIRST” and having a lengthy, useless argument on here is not only a waste, but also takes away from other comments that “add to discussion”. You pretty much did exactly what you were just bitching about. So ask yourself the same question you posted earlier… Why bother commenting?

          • Johan Avril Yansen

            Now what Demut? When you denied my objective description about you, but there is someone that agree with me about your smartass, ignorant fool behavior, it’s so funny… Please read carefully LChan statement, maybe it would make you realize how ignorant you are…

            And now before you make that stupid assumption of yours. Do you ever see me commenting “FIRST” in the older chapter? You are the only one that think i always comment like that even though the fact is not like that. So back up your statement with some proof and think carefully before you make that statement, because it only show that you are indeed an idiot.

            I want to make a few things straight for LChan, When i commenting “FIRST” i’m doing it just for fun so actually i will accept whatever other peoples think about my comment. But this Demut type of “You must be fun at parties” guy takes things too seriously and he is act like a smartass, that it makes me won’t back down over this argument. Why i won’t back down over this Demut guy, the answer lies within your comment LChan and thanks for pointing that out.

          • Demut

            I tire of this, Johan. What do you think bringing in a sock puppet would accomplish? This is not a democratic election, the one who is in the right isn’t the one with the most people in agreement with them. Anyhow, I see no reason in keeping this going seeing how you refuse to acknowledge that your comment was inappropriate and instead still deflect by pointing at others’ useless comments. And now you even resort to strawman arguments, accusing me of alleging that you regularly post “FIRST” in the comment sections (something I never claimed).

            But whatever. Continue refusing to “back down over me” if you must. I am done here and my mission a success (no “FIRST” comment of yours in the most recent comment section). You can have the last word since that seems to be of the utmost importance to you. I guess because you have nothing else to show for …

          • Sock puppet? Useless comment? What nerve… I simply stated that you guys are wasting space on this section arguing about something so insignificant, that it’s laughable. Who cares if he wrote “FIRST”? Trying to publicly shame someone over a simple post is really immature. The only one you publicly shamed is yourself, but you’re so conceited trying to belittle others that you probably didn’t even realize it…

            Don’t worry Johan, I know it’s for fun. I see people do it all the time on other sites and forums, it’s no big deal. It’s just a shame people have to get so bent out of shape over such things and take it this far. This is why I usually don’t post anymore. People are always looking for any excuse to go at others for the most foolish reasons. That’s exactly what this is: bullying. This is supposed to be a fun and friendly environment where fans can thank TF for their work and talk about what happened in the chapter, not fight over mundane stupid shit like this.

  2. Not Ben

    There is a typo on the bottom right panel on the last page where you put the retainers of kisui saying kanki sama instead of kisui. Really minor but its pretty funny. Also thanks and hopefully no more raw troubles

  3. wow!


  4. Muhammad Awe


  5. Exeron

    typo on the 6th page, top right, 2x”turn” …thanks for the fabulous quality release, as always 🙂

  6. Castro2man

    Been on time is a nice feeling !

  7. Max

    When will you update volume batches?

  8. Forward! New release for eating.

  9. inspiredKreatif

    woooohhhooo!!! 😀

  10. vwin

    Thanks Turnip team!
    Wonder what the author will make Kanki do next, maybe surround and wipe out Kisui at Rigan? can’t wait for next chapter.

  11. Okami

    Thanks guys!

  12. Thanks for the quick releases!

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