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  1. Thanks TF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Belinda

    thanks, how come so early?

    • It’s the same time as last week and for the same reasons:

      Sense scans has sorted out problems with their raw provider and we’re now getting it on the day of official magazine release in Japan (Thursday JST).

  3. Hussain

    Thank you guys so much for this chapter

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    woohoo yess…
    nice one dude..
    thx bro…

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    Awesomely fast! thanks!

  6. On page 16, should that be “Even ShouHEIkun or Riboku would never have thought of something like that!” instead of Shoubunkun?

    Thanks so much, as always.

  7. Doomroar

    Well instrument lip sync is surprisingly entertaining, but why the video? does Ouki makes an appearance in this chapter?

  8. thanks!
    i would have to say that it’s a nice build up for the next Zhou campaign with Kanki vs Riboku (with Kisui as vice general and probably Houken as pet)

  9. Fahrenheit451


  10. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  11. Kanki you scary. But yeah men are motivated by loot/glory/family.

  12. QaQel

    Chilling conclusion…. Still looking forward to the award ceremony

  13. Boo

    Thanks once again Turnip farmers!

    Here’s some speculations I’ve come up with regarding Kanki spoilers up ahead. Older information pegged him as the guy who would flee to Yan later on, but as we learned later during the rebellion arc, that person Fan Wuji turns out to be the general who had his son killed after trying to kill the royal family members. It makes sense that his head is worth 1000 gold pieces given his part in the sacking of the Qin capital

    That said, Jing Ke himself actually has many correlating attributes with Kanki / Huan Yi and may be suitable as a cover up name or possibly Kanki’s real name. Let’s look at Jing Ke’s traits

    -Renowned for sneaking into Qin royal palace with a disguise in attempted assassination, the very same sneaking style that Kanki is constantly showing off (Even in the art it shows without the text telling you, like how he approached Zenou faking him to look to his right but arriving at his left side showing that playful sneaky manner)
    -Proficient with a sword, same as Kanki

    Now here are the parts where it takes a bit more of a stretch.
    -Jing Ke was a scholar, who had his homeland (It was part of Wei, funnily enough which puts a whole new perspective on how he trashed Go Hou Mei during the Coalition Arc assuming it isn’t retconned completely out) conquered by Qin and absorbed meaning he was part of the losers this gives him ample excuse to become a bandit and make use of his education to counter orthodox strategies and tactics (how many defeated generals do we know of that deserted and became brigands abandoning their homeland? 0)
    -For all that Kanki claims to hate army uniforms, he almost always has that bracelet for his ponytail, and you can clearly see that is some high class looking shit, completely contradictory to the rest of his brigand outfit, perhaps the sole item of his past when he was among the upper classes?
    -While the timeline for when he joins Yan would need to be retconned, ultimately he could take Fan Wuji’s head and come back to Qin, claiming he wants to be pardoned by Ei Sei for fleeing after losing and desertion in the Zhao campaign only for him to try and assassinate the king as befits his style
    -The idea that he didn’t start out as a low life yet ended up living as a bandit and was actually possibly nobility gives credence on how he isn’t truly crude like his men, how he demonstrates both aspects of the social caste mostly in negative twisted ways, but how he also has lingering sense of values like how he considered general Choutou dying on the spot as ‘good enough’ for bowing his head, how the Flame Hare tactic and his own moves are ultimately aimed at ensuring his own faction’s prosperity at the expense of everyone else and also how even his own men hint at how they will spare those who are shameless in their desire to live when being dealt an unfair card in life enough to throw away their last vestiges of pride of good conscience

    Most importantly I believe it fits Hara’s style of story telling and character development.

    -Frequent usage of a character’s attributes and trade mark style (You will never see the Hi Shin Unit win a battle by mainly using bows for example, hell there were only three instances in 400+ chapters where they used bows and it was because in both cases the bows happened to be there)
    -‘Tragic’ backstory that explains how a character becomes so engrossed in war (see Rinko, Mangoku, Yuu Ren, Riboku, Ouki, Go Kei, Kyou Kai, Ei Sei, Shin, etc)

    How fitting would it be that Kanki’s last attempt and comeuppance would be trying to sneak a kill on the future emperor of China only to be thwarted by the emperor’s buddy the main character after recognizing/remembering that distinct style of his? Practically poetic in my opinion.

    • Boo

      Heck I can even envision how his childhood is, playing pranks on the servants / cops and robbers in the court yard before tragedy strikes and he turns into a hard ass after realizing nobility is just a cesspool of betrayal leading him to think even bandits are more ‘fair’ in a way.

    • s

      Kanki is Huan Yi, one of the influential Qin generals during the unification and Kanki’s history during the unification is completely clear.
      (Gonna be quite a big spoiler if I described Huan Yi’s history here)

      Jing Ke is a completely different character.

      • s

        Forgot to add, very unlikely IMO Jing Ke’s identity will be changed so much since Jing Ke and Huan Yi’s history is already defined well as I mentioned earlier.

        Though that’s gonna be quite a plot twist if what you said is true. But historically, Jing Ke almost succeeds because there’s no soldier involved during the meeting with the king, so I doubt Shin will be involved at all.

      • s

        Oh, and one more thing, IIRC Jing Ke knows well the mission is completely suicidal. Manga’s Kanki doesn’t seem like someone who wants to take such a suicidal quest

        • Boo

          Yes but historically a lot of things in Kingdom don’t happen. All the female characters participating in war are either men or fictional, Renpa does not take part in the Sanyou war, Shin was born a noble and not a war orphan, Ouki was not some famous 6 general guy on par with Hakuki. In fact the most arguable liberties taken that can still be feasible in Kingdom so far are Heki not dying due to how you interpret it, and the Queen Mother’s children being replaced by other kids during the stoning because they didn’t go into detail about verifying the kid’s faces in the records. You see where I’m getting at? Heck Huan Yi was definitely no genius bandit either.

          So it’s not as if there isn’t any precedence for my theory, but yes it would involve taking liberties I definitely don’t deny it. I just think given all the leeway Hara has done so far, there’s no way. For example look at Kyou Kai, she is the Shiyuu for all intents and purposes, but in reality Shiyuu (the person not the clan) was originally someone from the mythological error far older than before China had records and most things were passed by oral traditions. The author took that name and thought “Damn this guy is bad ass wrecking everyone summoning mist and lightning” and somehow connected that to a bunch of priestess sword dancers whom Kyou Kai is affiliated with. Do you see how gigantic a leap that is? And to top it off, historically Ei Sei later on worships Shiyuu, to the point where he builds a shrine for Shiyuu and performs ceremonies at the shrine before the start of a huge campaign, because Shiyuu was considered a god of war like Xiang Yu and Lu Bu is in the 3 Kingdoms era, all of them mighty with heroic strength in folklore but ultimately end up getting defeated by a more clever/affluent opponent.

          Even the current arc makes no sense, as Shin would definitely get more merit than Kyou Kai and would be likely to gain the General rank before she does, when historically Kyou Kai is first mentioned in the records long before Shin, as she is the general who replaces Kanki during the second campaign against Zhao.

          As for the reason Kanki in Kingdom would accept, the point is that 1. we don’t really know what makes Kanki tick all we are shown is his cold and smooth exterior. It’s rare for any character in Kingdom to remain aloof an calculating their whole life time in this manga. Whether it’s Ouki, Riboku, Houken, even recently we learned of Karin’s past that upset her and Keisha blew his lid in this arc. Absolutely no one keeps their facade in Kingdom once pushed to the limit, even Tou had to blink and get emotional.

          The only guys left so far are Kanki and Ousen, and their time hasn’t come yet. Ousen is probably the only guy who even has a chance of maintaining the poker face, because he’s historically invincible with the greatest ‘loss’ being stalled by Riboku and it shows, because Hara made him by far the most mysterious and stone cold. I doubt the guy even has 3 facial expressions across all the chapters so far.

          Second, being that Jing Ke did know it was a suicide attempt, but like this arc highlights, Kan Ki (notice the phonetic similarity as well) basically gets off on gambling. It’s what Choutou told him in the coalition arc, he enjoys the euphoria of outwitting his opponents, of cheating death, of manipulating the enemy like puppets on strings while walking on a tight rope. Just because he’s historically recorded as saying it’s suicide doesn’t mean it wouldn’t just come down to Kanki feeling really really ballsy and if you ever give him a reason in the story to go against the king of Qin, then you’re already set. Like I speculated earlier, Kanki has a weird sense of honor, so if Fan Wuji offered his head simply so Kanki can get a chance at killing Ei Sei, the guy might just take it along with whatever other incentives the plot provided. At the very least, in a Kingdom version I don’t believe he would come without a crazy plan, and I definitely don’t think it’d end with whoever went with him chickening out and the guards being able to handle a 93 strength general no problem. Well unless that guy is Ogiko, then I can kinda see it.

          I don’t believe my theory has a high chance of happening since I’ve rarely hit the mark on these things, but I don’t think the points brought up against it are all that fair when we look at how Kingdom ‘follows’ history.

          • GonFreaksss

            Very interesting theory. As you said, the author has shown many times to take liberties in writing his story.

          • mac

            There’s no phonetic similarity between Jing Ke and Kanki. Jing Ke is chinese while Kanki is japanese (chinese: Huan Yi). We haven’t met Jing Ke so far.

  14. Okami

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  17. Thank you. Gotta love Kanki.

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    Thanks! How about ad astra?

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    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the video of these two guys already… when I am here checking for an update. LOL

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    Thanks for your work……… And will chapter 484 come out today like the previous chapter.

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