Kingdom Chapter 484

Oh man, looking at the first chapters and the double pages now – talk about art evolution.

Chapter 484: MF | Read Online



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23 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 484

  1. Following it

    I think the older art had certain charm in it. The current style is also good. And translations are of course well done. Thanks for that and cheerio..

  2. Oseas

    Thanks as always.
    On another note. Riboku will avenge Keisha…by beating Kanki.
    Poor Shin, LOL.

  3. makfresh22

    Been waiting for this!!!! Thanks Turnip!!!! ^^

  4. musa991


  5. Anon

    Thanks!!! kudos on the timely release, much appreciated!

  6. Daniel

    okay am back and a top to you guys top 5 favourite army commanders upto ch 484.Turnip And Sense scans guys should choose also.

  7. ace

    thanks for the early release. btw its been long since you did an ad astra chapter.

  8. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  9. Riboku looks very serious

  10. Ouki

    Thanks a bunch, fellas.

  11. inspiredKreatif

    great work as always guys.. Cheers!

  12. Juice1286

    What do yall think kankis weakness could be?

  13. vwin

    Thanks. Next arc is going to be epic! Might be the end of Kanki though, but I have some hope that Kanki will surprise again-Kanki slaying Riboku will my wet dream.

  14. >.>

    Just compare the horses in chapter 1 to the horses now. Even the rape horse in Berserk would be scared!

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