Kingdom Chapter 485

Woo, an early release!

A big thanks to Ouki from Kingudamu scans (the french scanlation for Kingdom) for his help in releasing this chapter and who will be helping us for future releases as well.

Chapter 485: MF | Read Online



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29 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 485

  1. Belinda

    Unbelievable I was just searching for spoiler, then the Mail came. Thanks again.

  2. Muhammad Awe

    what a suprise…
    thx bro…

  3. Bosmantom

    More surprising attack than all made by Kanki…..
    thx guys

  4. makfresh22

    Damn! was just re-reading chapter 484 and then 485 suddenly just popped up outta no where…thought I went senile for a moment there ^^”…lol….really nice chapter from Kingdom again like always! and thanks for the release Turnip!!!! and a big shout out to Kingdamu Scans as well!!! love you guys!!!!

  5. Firays

    Haha…. This morning i was read spoiler…
    Even i was read wiki about battle of fei and history about dynasty qin…
    Now, this chapter out…
    Thanks turnip farmers & kingdamu scans..
    (Sorry, for my bad english)

  6. musa991

    What a surprise!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot.

  7. Hussain

    What a pleasant surprise, thank you guys so much

  8. Jamiroquai

    Awesome, thanks guys!

  9. Xatan

    man you guys are on fire,im loving it. not only is the chapter beautifully translated but it was released only 2 days after the last chapter.
    thank you TF

  10. Anon

    That moment you go to look for spoilers and a new chapter comes up! Confused you double check the url! the page! the url! the page! god damnit! its real! thanks oshit!

  11. Jeffrey Lee

    What do you think is the intentions of the king of qi? We clearly saw riboku prepping for war with Qin in the last chapter so would it be a combined front against Chu?

    • mac

      My guess is that the King Of Qi is the proxy for Zhao and Qin to meet as they are not in good terms right now. Zhao to attack Yan without getting attacked by Qin, Qin to attack Wei without getting attacking by Zhao. A temporary truce to be exact. IF Saitaku is there because of orders from SHK, if not, then it could be Ryofui’s last gamble.

  12. Ooo Qi was the king who robbed Quin of money during coalition war.

  13. KingdomFan

    Thank you!

  14. Kulas

    Hi. Is it too much to expect another early release today?

  15. Veggos

    thanks for the kingdom guys, love your work. any news on ad astra? is it still continuing?

  16. BEAST101

    Thanx TF!!

  17. Anon

    Thank you TF! Great work as always. But could you guys please, PLEASE pleasepleaseplease let us know when Kingdom is gonna have a break week? That way us fiends won’t have to search 80 times a week to see if there’s gonna be a new chapter out only to find bitter disappointment in place of delicious new content =P

    • haha, I only found out about it last week as well but forgot to post it here as I was out of town.

      Having a spot of trouble with the next chapter raws too but hopefully we should have something by Monday.

      • sukagamedotcom

        Ur lack of information have sacrifice many good F5 buttons. U should start as a single foot soldier again !!

        Atleast that what I heard from general Kanki..

  18. vwin

    Any news on the raw scan this week? ta

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