Kingdom Chapter 486

So for Ad Astra, I know we said we’d probably get back to it soon. Unfortunately we have been and still are pretty busy right now.

No plans to drop it or anything and we will get back to it eventually. If any other group wants to pick it up, they’re welcome to it but otherwise it’s hard to say when exactly we’ll be able to pick it up again (hopefully soon).

Chapter 486: MF | Read Online



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16 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 486

  1. Fahrenheit451

    Thanks for the release. BTW you meant Kingdom 486 instead of 476

  2. Muhammad Awe

    after 2 long week…
    well i do know its on break last weak…
    just could not stand the waiting…
    thx turnip…

  3. makfresh22

    Thanks for the release turnip! and as someone already pointed out in an earlier post, there’s a lil boo boo with the title of the release :p

  4. fknmibl

    Thanks as always buddy!

  5. Ouki

    I’m glad that you’ve been scanlating Kingdom for the past few years and are still doing so. Anything else I consider a bonus.

  6. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. musa991


  8. vwin

    woohoo thank you!

  9. Polaretti

    thanks for the chapter and for the update about ad astra. take your time and do your stuff, just knowing that you’ll do it someday is good enough. more chapters to read at that time.

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