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Kingdom Chapter 490


Chapter 490: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 489

Kingdom is on break next week.

For anyone wondering about the Lord Gangcheng thrown out at the end of the chapter:

  • His Japanese name is Saitaku
  • His Chinese name is Cai Ze
  • His title / rank in Japanese is Gouseikun or Lord Gousei I suppose
  • His title / rank in Chinese is Lord Gangcheng

Keen readers will note that Gouseikun is similar to Shouheikun and Shoubunkun (Lord Changping and Lord Changwen respectively). These two historical figures’ real names are lost to time and so their “names” in the manga are really their titles.

Chapter 479: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 488

These political chapters have too many words damn it!

edit: fixed typos on page 7 and 16 (thanks Tammy)

Chapter 488v2: MF | Read Online


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