Kingdom Chapter 488

These political chapters have too many words damn it!

edit: fixed typos on page 7 and 16 (thanks Tammy)

Chapter 488v2: MF | Read Online



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28 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 488

  1. Ouki

    Makes me believe that the fighting chapters to come will be all the better.
    Thanks for the release folks.

  2. Muhammad Awe


  3. Oseas

    Thanks as always.
    Small typo on page 16 (using sensescans reader), 3rd panel. “Harldy”

  4. gn_x

    i just got home from working.. and find this amazing prize waiting for me

    thanks guys!!!!

  5. Anon

    Killing it with the timely releases! woop woop!

  6. thanks! another amazing chapter keep up the good work guys

  7. Tek

    Thanks! One of a few political chapters that’s actually great 😀


  9. Hi guys, I’ll get to uploading the 2 pages with typos later today. Will provide individual links to the 2 pages for you to replace in your archive, or a new download for the entire zip. Thank you for your patience!

  10. Founds some time now actually. The Turnip Farmers will update the original post sometime today when they wake up/get time.
    Individual pages:

    Fixed Archive:

    Sorry for the troubles everyone, hope you enjoyed the chapter!

  11. makfresh22

    Thanks for the chapter!!!!!

  12. JustMe

    Thank you guys… Great as always!

  13. Boo

    Shoubunkun’s jaw is gonna get sore having stayed open for 2 chapters straight.

  14. Thanks!!!!! Awesome, excelent chapter!

  15. Hussain

    Amazing work guys, thank you

  16. Alex

    Ohh Law is the ultimate thing. Great idea, but I guess there might be some problems in the future with a certain ex-bandit general 😉

  17. Admiral Kizaru

    Are you guys not directly releasing your chapters onto bato anymore? I didn’t realise that the past two chapters (487/8) were out already because they weren’t on there.

    • They are. I may have marked the v2’s as archived though so they didn’t show up on the front page.

      Will make sure to mark them normally next time if we make any quick edits

  18. Tek

    FYI your F5 army, sensescans already posted it.
    Early thanks to you Turnip 😀

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