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56 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 490

  1. Alex_And_Re

    Fuckin savage, though it was going to spend some chapters before the conclusion of the visit, but it looks like the action will start in some next chapters *-*
    Thks for the chapter !

  2. Arnaud

    Awesome scan ! Thanks a lot !!

  3. Boo

    Technically they are both right given how history turned out while a certain Mr. Gunshot reaped all the rewards after tricking Lu Bu Alpha.

  4. Muhammad Awe


  5. belinda

    Greate, thanks guys

  6. Fahrenheit451


  7. makfresh22

    Thanks Turnip!!!…Awesome chapter from Kingdom like always!!! ^^

  8. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  9. lololovelola

    Thank you! At last the blabbering seems to be done… time for more bloodshed.

  10. Alex

    thnks for the chapter finaly no more words time for War i hope

  11. Alex

    Nothing like another Turnip Kingdom chapter. Thanks for translating the emotions and sophistication of each character too. I appreciate all the hard work you guys put into this. I’m sure if anyone else was translating Kingdom, the “feelings” would be lost in translation.

  12. vwin

    Thanks Turnip team!

    I know the author just want to give some plot to the story and it’s all fiction but this chapter is total bs! Riboku is right inside Quin’s territory and happen to be the most dangerous man to Sei’s ambition, just capture and execute him already…

    If it’s about moral then Riboku is worse as he formed an alliance with Quin then went behind to form a coalition to attack Quin, that is despicable. It doesn’t make sense that he’s allowed to walk freely in Quin’s court.

    • Ichij15

      But don’t forget the king of Qi , how will he return home if Riboku is executed. That’s Riboku insurance. Plus imagine that Riboku is executed and the king of Qi get killed by the zao and blame it on Qin. That’s enough reason for an alliance between Qi and zao

  13. Tonight….We Dine….In HELLLL!!!!!


    In case anyone is interested in the Kingdom mobile game.

  15. Polaretti

    How is it possible that this amazing manga doesn’t get another anime season, when a shitload of garbage animes air every season….

  16. MasterJack

    Stupid Riboku talks of declaraion of war, as if Zhao and Qin were at peace when one ochestred the coalition to anihilate Qin some 3-4 years ago…. Those assholes have a lot coming to them and Qin means to deliver it.

  17. things are getting serious, thanks for the chapter!

  18. MaggieBrown

    Omg !!! This chapter was bomb! I’ve been waiting for a Sei / Riboku confrontation since the battle of Sai – since Ribouku realized that Sei might become a powerful king after all – and I’m so shaken becaus this did NOT go as I thought it would o_o Honestly, I feel like Sei and Shouheikun lost that confrontation because they lost their cool.

    Riboku obviously said all that shit only to push Sei’s buttons. I think he wanted to find out whether Qin’s conquest plans were just talk or if they were serious. The fact that Shouheikun, then Sei, lost their cool and insisted that war is the only way, was a good clue for Riboku to gauge the threat they’re posing. He honestly did not seem surprised when they lashed out, or even disappointed, he seemed more calculating.

    It’s obvious he wasn’t being earnest because :

    1) He was SO IMPOLITE. Even if he’s a prime minister, the way he spoke to Sei was disrespectful. “I bid you to” … the hell? Imagine a foreign prime minister coming uninvited to your country then demanding the KING does what he says. There’s also how he said Sei was “naive” or whatever. Also the fact that he referenced Sei’s childhood when no one ever does that, ever.

    2) Nothing he said made sense. “An alliance between the seven states” is only a valuable proposition if Riboku’s already laid some of the groundwork before coming to Sei. As it is, it’s even more unrealistic than any other method. He was acting like no one ever thought about it lol. Like it’s so easy …

    3) The hypocrisy was strong here! He was basically saying, “how can you want to destroy another country” when literally he’s the one who set up the coalition army a few years back. To destroy Qin. And I’m pretty sure we’ve heard Riboku talk about the conquest of China way back, when he killed Ouki. Didn’t he do that because he knew Ouki would be an obstacle to that conquest?

    4) Not to mention, considering their history, if there is one state who will not be able to be at peace with Qin, it’s Zhao (Chouhou and all that).

  19. Witing… anxious…

  20. Dog Poop Connoisseur

    Extremely Ecksdee. Awaiting for mine new chapz exckdee

  21. musa991

    Is chapter 491 coming out today?

  22. xyros187

    no chapter today, sorry

  23. gn_x00

    thanks for the release

    busy and forget to say thanks.. really sorry

  24. lololovelola

    waiting for the next chapter is killing me…

  25. algarban

    Need my kingdom dose!! Love you TF !!!

  26. Bluxe // Andy Dalton

    life is meaningless

  27. how long til 491 release?

  28. htmlhelp

    Like everyone here I can’t wait for the next chapter. And like for every new chapter I see those comment on the release time of the next one. So I am wondering why you don’t have a time line on the home page giving us the advancement on the new chapter. Well I say time line but I guess it’s more of a progress update (like raw : done, cleaning: in progress, translation: done, redrawing; not started … kind of thing) this way people would stop asking when you don’t even have the raw file when eta will be.
    Keep it up I really like this manga and your work.

    • TotalWarFTW

      I think they don’t do those because they release the chapter just a few hours after they get their hands on the raws. So it’s quite meaningless.

  29. htmlhelp

    It was also my thought but you never no

  30. Bluxe

    10 days without it.
    Every f5 is a dream crushed.
    Life is pointless, I may just end it now

    • TotalWarFTW

      It’s good to know that I have a partner who would accompany me to hell if the chapter doesn’t come out today.

  31. sunrise

    senscan already release a jap raw yesterday so any moment now we can see a translated 491ch so keep the hopes high…

  32. Chapter should be out tomorrow

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