Kingdom Chapter 491

Having some problems with our raw provider. Not too sure when the next chapter will be out. At worst it should be next Sunday.

Chapter 491: MF | Read Online



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33 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 491

  1. Hussain

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. Muhammad Awe

    woohooo big deal…
    i’m gonna have a nice weekend…!!!
    thx TF…

  3. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  4. Mystic

    Such a shame you guys continue to have RAW sourcing issues. I really hope you guys will be able to find someone consistent.

  5. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!! Riboku was so humble in other chapters, why is he now such “im the best and you are sh*t” kind of guy. Maybe is he understimating Quin generals?

    • x

      Spoiler Alert

    • Ourorboros

      Well telling people to back off & such isn’t the time for humility. It kind of kills the message.
      He also managed to defeat and kill the best Qin general – one that no Qin general is claiming to have exceeded. Also eliminated on of their other top generals. So I think the statement has some weight.
      Remember that Qin had a reduced roster of *Great* generals after the coalition attack.
      Ironically he was defeated in his attack for the same reason he beat Ouki – an unknown/unexpected capability.
      See, Ouki understood he was walking into an area that set up an ambush, but he was counting on regular mobility. But Riboku had unexpectedly high speed and could close the trap. Of course had Moubu listened to orders, it wouldn’t have mattered.
      RIboku’s back door attack utilized his exceptional cavalry – he could charged downhill. But he did not expect Sei to move out, nor did he know of the Mountain Tribe alliance.

      Historially he was able to keep Qin out of the Zhao heartland and he was not defeated militarily.

      • Bluxe // Andy Dalton

        No, he didn’t. If Houken wasn’t there, neither Ouki nor Duke Hyou would have been slain. Ouki probably would even kill Riboku

        • Ourorboros

          Riboku made sure Houken was there both times – it was part of his plan. This is no different from packing a cross and wooden stake because of the vampire you are about to ambush.
          It is quite clear the only reason Houken is near people was because Riboku summoned him.
          So likely RIboku (with the very high strategic abiliy) wouldn’t have attempted his successful double ambush (Of Moubu then Ouki) without his Ace in the Hole.
          Houken wasn’t simple coincidence.

          So maybe Ouki would have killed Riboku – but that simply isn’t relevant. The entire batttle plan was a trap for Ouki. No critical element, different plan.
          No attempt to draw Ouki from beyond the signaling range of HQ, no keeping forces out of Ouki’s scout’s range, no surprisingly fast cavalry used to close the trap.

          • Bluxe // Andy Dalton

            Good point. But I still think he is overestimated considering what he did so far, he needs to show what he can do without Houken to take that off my head.

  6. asdasd

    Hey turnips, kingdom raws are provided on check it out

  7. Xatan

    shit happens, i just wish you guys had a twitter or something so you could tell us if chapter will be late so we don’t check the site 20 times a day to check if its out.

  8. inspiredKreatif

    what an intense chapter.. thanks for the great work as always guys.. 🙂

  9. lololovelola

    Thank you!!!!!

  10. MaggieBrown

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Man I’m so pumped up. War! We’re getting cute new characters on the Hi Shin Unit!

    Riboku literally just showed up to spout evidences I can’t with him lmao.

  11. makfresh22

    Thanks for the release ^^

  12. Cindia Lai

    awesomeness love it love it love it

  13. I find it funny that they still don’t realize that Saitaku passed away.

    • Avrel

      Hmm, that raw still low quality i thought

      • Mystic

        That’s because it’s an uncleaned RAW. For an uncleaned RAW, it’s actually very good quality. TF has cleaned and released far worse in the past. Kinda surprised they aren’t using this tbh.

        • Mystic

          aaaaaaaaaaand now I see why. On most pages, the content is cut off on the edges. Most pages, the right side of the content gets cut off, so these are essentially useless.

  14. Ad Astrafag

    Scan some Ad Astra while you wait for RAWs.

  15. sunrise

    no worries senscan already release 492 raw so maybe by monday we can read an new release

  16. Daniel

    ch 493 spoiler
    Back story of ten bows we also another ten bows and recruitment over.Am back

  17. ace

    i miss ad astra

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