Kingdom Chapter 492

Not entirely sure yet but looks like we might be able to go back to early releases again for the next chapter.

Chapter 492: MF | Read Online



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23 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 492

  1. Muhammad Awe

    thx as always….

  2. Tikwah

    Thank you guys yet again and I really hope that news holds up for the next chapter atleast.

  3. takengrub15

    All Praise Duke Hyou… Thanks for the release

  4. Alex_And_Re

    Thanks a lot guys !


  6. 7ways2win

    Its pretty good episode, I was expecting something dull.
    Thxs turnip farmers for the release !

  7. Mystic

    Question on the translation here:

    It says in the chapter that Sougen was a 10 bow, yet at the same time it’s stated he died before he could make a name for himself? How does that make any sense? Was that a mistranslation or something, because that doesn’t make any sense at all…

    • Juic1286

      you know…you make a damn good point. I was so into it that I didnt catch that. lol

    • A name himself in the battlefield/war. I think we don’t yet know how 10 bows of China are picked. Maybe they have a contest or anything.

    • I think that was meant to hype up his skill, only had a short time, still made it into the 10 bows, could also be that the 10 bows are chosen in some other way.
      Also this sets up for a little bit of a revenge subplot for the archer bros.

      • shinnn

        as far as i understood, he practically defeated a guy from the 10 bows and “stole” that spot away. From all the wuxia I’m used to that’s how you get those titles. So most people wouldn’t have heard about him unless mentioning that he defeated that guy.
        Shin on the otherhand is famous as a leader of an army, so he basically had to work up that fame step by step.

  8. Awesome! Thanks a lot turnipfarmers

  9. inspiredKreatif

    what an awesome chapter.!! thanks for the great work guys as always 🙂

  10. Letouriste

    You guys are great:)

  11. lololovelola

    Thank you!

  12. William

    Page not found 404

  13. Dinodaddy

    Page not found~!
    Does anyone else know where to read it? ><! I read 493 but can't find 492!

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