Kingdom Chapter 493

Not actually sure if this is really the first chapter of volume 46 or the last chapter of volume 45 or if chapter 492 was the first chapter of volume 46…

Oh well.

edit: fixed some typos

edit: and more typos…

Chapter 493v3: MF | Read Online



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30 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 493

  1. Hussain

    Yet Another chapter!!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH

  2. Muhammad Awe

    Fuck yeaaaah….
    what a great suprise….!!
    Thx as always TF….!!!!

  3. Wooot! 2 Chapters in days!!! THANKS!!

  4. Kaito kid

    you guys are awesome, tyvm!

  5. JustMe

    Holy… u guys know that you are two months to eraly for chrismas right? =)

    Thanks =) :*

  6. g0ne

    Thank you very much.

  7. unreal, thanks for the early upload. love you guys almost as much as Hara himself

  8. a


  9. Oseas

    Last page, second last text box. Let’s get into with a bang? Do you mean let’s get into it with a bang?
    Love your work guys.

  10. Letouriste

    Wow Thanks a lot guys!!! I didn’t expect that at all:)

  11. lololovelola

    Hi Shin Unit just acquired 2 cheat bots. 🙂 dafaq with those range!

  12. Xatan

    i don’t say this enough but i fucking love you guys. keep up the great work.

  13. You really meant early! Yeeees! Oh, and thx :).

  14. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  15. Tek

    Thanks for the chapter! Hi Shin unit getting TWO “10 bows” level. Yep, they weren’t kidding about evolving, talk about power spike.

  16. tcpedro

    Thank You!

    Sorry if you guys already answered this, but do you intend to translate the guide books?

  17. Hi Shin unit completed..
    Warrior (shin), Rogue (kyoukai), Mage (Ten) & Archers (Tan and his brother)

  18. Jozze


  19. aye thanks for the chapter! are the english releases caught up with japan now?

  20. Nice and quick thanks.

  21. iusih

    When I press the mf link it redirects me to last weeks chapter?

  22. sunrise

    can we expect a chapter 494 this week or the next? or kingdom is on break

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