Kingdom Chapter 494

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Sei got fat

Chapter 494: MF | Read Online



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29 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 494

  1. Muhammad Awe

    thx TF….

  2. H

    Thanks Turnip Farmers and Sense Scans! Looks like the foreshadowing of the future atrocities has finally been painted.

  3. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  4. Jeffrey Lee

    is that photo from civ 5 or 6? whichever the new game is

  5. a

    Good stuff, it’s funny how Kingdom can make anything interesting :). They are really building up for this coming conquest!

  6. Letouriste

    Haha thanks a lot for the chapter guys:)

  7. Nick

    It’s been a while since I posted a comment. Thank you!

  8. Hussain

    Thanks for your amazing work TF

  9. algarban

    YAY!!! thanks for the chapter!!

  10. Fahrenheit451

    Thanks to Senmanga and Turnipfarmers!

  11. Thomas Moulton

    I’m guessing Ousen will lead this war?

    • Ourorboros

      Ousen in Wei and Kanyou has show to work off of defense. Hardly the way to lead most invasions. It was done, but not in these opening stages.
      Moubu is also Qin’s leading general. Hard to keep him out of the leadership role.
      Kanki would also be a more obvious choise than Ousen, if you only want to grab territory and not unify territories.He terrifies, but IRLpeople become accustomed to terror and would go to any lengths to kill Kanki and overthow Qin – see Zhao’s “undead” army during the seige.

      • Thomas Moulton

        Well moubu is keeping an eye on chu. And you want moubu there because everyone knows he killed kanmei. Best person to keep them in check. Ousen isn’t in Wei. Tou is at that border along with the mountain folk. Last we heard of Ousen was the fire dragon arc where they said he was helping keep the Zhao in check. So I’m guessing he’s still up there somewhere

        • Ourorboros

          Wei was when Ousen was under Mougou along with Kanki. Ousen went defensive.Ren Pa was the actual general in charge of Wei forces. This was the arc where Xin, Mou Ten, and Ouhon were made 1000 man commanders before the big battle.
          That was a past arc that showed how Ousen deployed.
          Sure Ousen is on the Zhao/Wei boarder – again, a defensive stance. Kanki led an offensive action into Zhao. That is where things stand currently.
          But Ribouku isn’t wrong about Qin needing to beat Zhao quickly the way things stand. If you are talking direct military action, that means neutralizing Chu and crushing Zhao. That’s Moubu. Psychological warfare or manipulation – Kanki & Ousen respectively – take time.
          The combo of Kanki & Ousen should stand off Karin too. But of course things deviate from reality and go by the perception and whim of the author.

  12. Tek

    Thanks guys. Can’t wait for more Hi Shin action.

  13. Hussain

    Hey TF, any chance we get the new chapter by tommorow? maybe? Pleaseeee

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