Kingdom Chapter 496

I am high on codeine pills from having my wisdom teeth pulled so any typos are all gongitraped’s fault.

Chapter 496: MF | Read Online



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30 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 496

  1. Oseas

    “5-6 freedom units”
    Heh. Good one guys. Thanks.

  2. Citodon is some good shit 😀

  3. Thank you very much!

    It’s beautiful as usual.

  4. Feriz

    Man, you guys are fast. Thanks for the chapter!

  5. Jeffrey Lee

    Oh the hype is real!

  6. Tek

    Thx for chapter guys! I need to get a couple wisdom teeth out too 😦 Not ready for the pain.

  7. Ben Kenobi

    Kingdom is read in many countries, and many of them don’t like this US-freedom bullshit, please don’t do it again.

  8. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!!

  9. Raymander

    “Freedom units” That killed me xD
    You know you’re reading from the best source when not only they do a quality job in record time, but also can make the series more fun to read!
    Continue the good work guys 😀

  10. Boo

    So which historical campaign is this upcoming arc about? Or is it a non canon one?

  11. Arnaud

    Thx for the chapitre !! You’re doing a great work !!

  12. A gathering of champions.

  13. 144846565648585

    Thanks for the chapter.
    And on a side note did you put ad astra on hiatus?

  14. fknmibl

    Thanks mateeeee!

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