Kingdom Chapter 497

Lately I’ve become more and more convinced Kingdom will hit quadruple digit chapters…

Chapter 497: MF | Read Online



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38 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 497

  1. musa991

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Thank you, once again.

  3. Thank you! great chapter with a really bad cliff hanger!!

  4. Sasi

    Which is good right? More fun for us, more work for you:)

  5. Thanks so much. Ending on a cliff hanger like that was a bit lame though.

  6. No retirement for you it seems.

  7. X

    Thank you!!!! The heck with that cliff hanger

  8. So who? I’ll bet Kanki because he’s good at surprise attack. Maybe Ousen as diversion in Kokuyou.

  9. benkipi

    my guess is the mountaiin tribes queen, Yo Tan Wa! the most capable in warfares of difficult terrains, and the entrance point to the army wil be throught the mountains itself

  10. They supreme gen would be my F5 button as it pushed harder than Shin almost every weekend. It developed many scars and plenty of experiences for years..

  11. Shin

    Like Sei said ” i leave it in your hands shin”, so it will be shin.

  12. ok

    Erff, I really dislike those type of chapters when they are all together talking strategy like that.

    Shin only knows how to be loud and speak nonsense, which is annoying but kind of coherent with his character.. (even if it sounds more like he is speaking so that others can explain the plan for us readers -_-)

    But Ten… She is supposed to be intelligent, maybe not as much as the other three, but enough to react in a normal way and the only thing she does is being as loud as Shin. ..
    I really don’t understand why she is portrayed like this.

    • Paras

      It took her sensei 1 yr to come up with a viable plan .. that just explains just how insane their plan actually is

      • ok

        My problem is that whenever they speak strategy and they are all together (so, not only in this chapter), Ten most of the time doesn’t add any interesting information/question on the table. She just mimics Shin’s behaviour, which is really disappointing. Shin being dumb is okay… but Ten isn’t.

        Well, the author did gave her a bit of text at the end of this chapter.

  13. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter


  15. Red Hare Kaizoku


    Thanks turnips!

  16. Derrick

    Thanks Turnip Farmers!

  17. Isteo

    It’s definitely a “take it slowly” manga…

  18. Raulz

    10 bucks its gonna be Ousen!!!! *fingers crossed*

  19. It will probably be Kanki vs Kisui
    And Yotanwa & others onto Gyou

  20. Oo

    That cliff is strong…

  21. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!! cant wait for the next chapters

  22. Tek

    quadruple digit chapters.. let’s play for Hara sensei good health 😛

  23. Joze

    What about ad astra?

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