Kingdom Chapter 498

And we’re off to war again!

Also, Kingdom is on break for 2 weeks.

Chapter 498: MF | Read Online


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38 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 498

  1. Nyuuu

    2 Weeks without Kingdom, it ll be hard… Thanks anyway for this chapter and all the others!

  2. Oseas

    Thanks as always.
    P.S. Million dollar choice huh? Odd expression given the environment.

  3. Guess the break is for me!!
    The next two weeks I have examinations.What a coincidence..Hahaha
    Thanks for the chapter btw.

  4. Oseas

    Btw. On the page with Kanki, is that a “40” at the bottom right, or is that supposed to be some kind of sound effect?

  5. Quinton

    Thanks for the chapter! No chapter for 2 weeks just means next Sunday there won’t be a chapter right?

  6. a

    Thanks for the release, well deserved two weeks of rest for mangaka, he is truly a beast!

  7. Letouriste

    Thanks for the chapter:)
    On a side note,million dollar question really? You didn’t found that weird?^^
    Dollar in old chinese era…

  8. Really a 2 week break now? what a chliff hanger.

  9. whaaaaattttttttt 2 weeks, one is bad enough­čśŽ

  10. X

    Thank you!!!

    Aw f***! 2-3 weeks of agony. X_X

  11. Mountain queen is still hot. Damn break go die!

  12. Solaris

    Oh no you guys will be so bored? How bout doing some AD Astra too keep you busy?? Lol

  13. Supercell

    so kanki for an offence with few losses. yontawa to keep both in check. ousen to defend ultimately and hang on as much as they can. make sense.

    • letouriste

      you understimate ousen badly^^
      he is not a defend commander,he is just careful and smart…the very worst kind of general to be matched against.
      Ousen strive to gain the most each time(ratio losses/winning)
      kanki strive to crush people he deem worthy
      yotanwa is here for making the link between the other two

      • X

        Ousen is a faggot that hides at his lair / fortress. Hire competent people to do the dirty job and only show up when he think “it’s time to work and it is safe”… well that didn’t happen to Renpa and he just went “home” and left people to wipe his ass (ehrm.. Heki bro go wipe some ass full of sh*t). But seriously, the supreme commander shouldn’t die early on so Ousen is a good choice.

        Yotonawa is good to climb the mountains… if they can reach that far.

        Kaniki is just good at hide and seek, peek-a-boo-i-see-you, human art (literally), and hit and run… run some more yeah they do that. Oh he loves to loot… a bad case of klepto though.

  14. 2 weeks break to get chapter 500 at christmas i guess? hope it will be that awesome at least….

  15. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!! I hate this next 2 weeks break but we will have to wait.

  16. ltbinh259

    Very interesting chapter. But if you do some research about history then you will know the outcome of this war already­čśŽ

  17. I’m here because of Kingdom withdrawal syndrome, it is not fun. Send help.

  18. Hussain

    F5ing like there is no tomorrow

  19. Not Ben

    How come you didn’t upload 498 to batoto yet?

  20. Shin

    There has been an imperial decree:

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