Kingdom Chapter 502

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Chapter 502: MF | Read Online



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44 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 502

  1. Oseas

    Hooray. Thank you based turnips.

  2. Oresama

    Damn, this arc keeps getting better and better. I got goosebumps reading each page. Thanks btw

  3. geroprog

    Thank you very much for your work! 🙂

  4. Firays

    Wow.. Nice speed..
    Why 1 chap kingdom feel not enough…. Damn…

  5. algarban

    Finally!! Thanks TF!!! cant wait to see the fight

  6. Tek

    It’s been so long since last fight. We’re almost there guys!

  7. Letouriste

    Thanks for the chapter,I come less often now but still wait your translation with restlessness;)

  8. Meerak

    Thanks a lot for the release!

  9. Merci beaucoup pour ton excellent travail.
    Ton dévouement est exemplaire!

  10. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  11. Kevin Schmitz

    thanks !

  12. Quinton

    Thanks for the chapter! Things are really getting hype now

  13. Jozze

    Thank you, masters!

  14. inspiredKreatif

    thanks guys for your great work as always.. 🙂

  15. InsaneMultitasker

    This chapter made me hungry for more Kingdom!

  16. DracoMaledicte

    Can we make a petition or something to request a biweekly release of the manga?? hahaha. or better yet, can we request a tv station to continue the anime? the story is getting better and better!!!

  17. Pokim

    Question: qin army march n march toward zhao throughout the night..if they happen to engage zhao army along te way. Are they to tired to fight?

  18. When Heki questioned Ouken i was like BITCH PLEEEAASSE.

    On a serious note though, this really emphasizes what being a great generals means to the characters.

    To Shin, Mou Ten and Ou Hon who have all been very close to great generals, (Ouki, Mou Bu, Ouken) They are almost infallable and it would take a lot for them to question the decision of one.

    While to Heki and other scrubs who does not have the same familiarity with great generals nor really understands what is takes to be one they are merely commanders one or two ranks above themselves, and hence they question anything even slightly out of the ordinary.

    • Dajh

      I’m sure that ousen isn’t a great general yet. He will most likely become one after this arc. The only two great general of qin are moubu and Tou. However your statement is right, because ousen was many years ago on the level of a great general.

    • MasterJack

      Remember when Heki was used as sacrificial bait by Ouken? If I’am Heki I doubt everything that snake ever does..

  19. MaggieBrown

    It seems another epic arc is on the way ! I’m so excited !

  20. wkwkwk

    Poor Ordo, he just used by author to show how mighty new character is

  21. Vaynard


  22. I had a dream that Kingdom ch503 came out… talk about loving something too much….

  23. Bluxe // Andy Dalton

    Hi. Me need Kingdom. I forget english if no have Kingdom. Send help

  24. Oresama

    F5 army is ready!

  25. I checked the website only like 80 times since yesterday

  26. xyros187

    It’s delayed to tomorrow

  27. t0pz01

    is it coming out today?

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