Kingdom Chapter 503

Oh boy, the next volume’s finally going to get into it. After all this buildup, expectations are pretty high…

Chapter 503: MF | Read Online



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37 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 503

  1. Quinton

    Thanks for the chap like always!!

  2. Dan

    nice chapter… Zhao King is pretty idiotic… one can understand Ribkou’s destiny now much better. There are so many great fights ahead in this arc. There are at least 10 characters on each side that could have great one on one fights. Just awesome!

  3. Dajh

    whoaaa this stupid pervert of a king makes me angry XD it’s nice to see ousen having so much faith in kanki. well after all these years they were under mougu they must have shared many drinks 😛

    • Ourorboros

      Riboku was originally going to be the subject & hero of this manga. His ultimate fate IRL is what changed the writer’s mind.
      Historically he did make a heroic go of it after Zhao lost 400K soldiers.

  4. Dajh

    oh and thanks for the chapter ❤ 😀

  5. X

    Dafaq! Zhao king is a homo-phedophilie??? O_O Useless king, what a waste for Riboku’s talent.

    • Letouriste

      That’s girls no?

      • Anon

        Probably young eunuchs, if you recall the Zhao king has a thing for eunuchs (he made Riboku go to Kanyou to retrieve his favorite eunuch when Ryofui took him hostage, resulting in the Qin/Zhao alliance that allowed Qin to take Sanyou)

        • Letouriste

          Oh! I had forgotten that! But I remember a effeminate man,not an eunuch…well,whatever^^

        • X

          Aren’t Eunuch male that got their genitals cut? And aren’t Eunuch a high position on that time? O_O?

          • Ourorboros

            In different countries, different amount of the genitals are cut – just the balls or all of it.
            They are generally depicted as girls/women or effeminate men.
            In many eras, Eunuchs have power because they can’t have children & therefore aren’t going to do the nepotism thing. They have power in Qin bureaucracy & the harem. This happened often in China. There were also many revolts aimed at removing Eunuchs doing the Wormtongue thing.

  6. findy

    fantastic thanksss

  7. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  8. Heita

    Thank you for the timely release. I fail to find the words to express my gratitude.

  9. Lynx Lyon

    No wonder Riboku admires the king of Qin so much for what he did during the coalition war.

  10. kongo

    Zhao King is boy lover gay.

  11. Blasta

    thanks turnips!!

    best manga ever, here comes one of the biggest battles!!

  12. algarban

    Thanks TF!! love how they represent the zhao king

  13. ???

    kakuka..will he be the one who will get riboku kill??

  14. Firays

    Thanks TurnipFarmer & Sense…
    Another ‘bad luck’ riboku…
    Well… I too love my country…
    Despite having few leaders who’re less reliable… 😦

  15. Letouriste

    Thanks for the chapter!

  16. nohope111

    Is new chapter coming out today or tomorrow ?

  17. xyz

    Can’t wait for the next chapter!:)

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