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Kingdom Chapter 507

Kingdom is on break next week.

Chapter 505 uploaded. You can find it on the original post here.

Apparently I also gave chapter 504 and 506 zips the wrong volume number so those are fixed too but if you’ve already downloaded them, you can just rename the files.

Chapter 507: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 506

I’m no strategist but… that does not look like a sustainable business model.

DDL will be up in a bit. Also, Chapter 504 zip has been re-uploaded with fixed page names etc. for those that care about that kind of thing. You can find it on the Chapter 504 post here.

Chapter 506: MFRead Online


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Kingdom Chapter 505

And that’s how the Chinese invented bass.

We’ll be doing a v2 of this chapter next week with better raws so the zip download will be put up then.

This chapter also highlights how bad/lazy of a typesetter I am. The mountain people talk mostly in katakana except for Yotanwa who is apparently too much of a genius to talk funny. That’s why the font for their speech bubbles is different.

I’m pretty sure I forgot to do it for a whole bunch of chapters earlier in Kingdom though.

Sometimes I think it’d be real nice if we redid the entire Kingdom manga from scratch with HQ digital tank raws and 100% typesetting for all the different fonts and all that jazz. There’s so many errors that we could fix and (sort of) mis-translation’s that we’re stuck with. Not to mention, the quality of volumes 2-9 look like they’ve been captured with a potato camera.

Unlikely that it’ll ever happen though. Probably better off praying for Kingdom to get licensed.

Chapter 505: MF | Read Online


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