Kingdom Chapter 505

And that’s how the Chinese invented bass.

We’ll be doing a v2 of this chapter next week with better raws so the zip download will be put up then.

This chapter also highlights how bad/lazy of a typesetter I am. The mountain people talk mostly in katakana except for Yotanwa who is apparently too much of a genius to talk funny. That’s why the font for their speech bubbles is different.

I’m pretty sure I forgot to do it for a whole bunch of chapters earlier in Kingdom though.

Sometimes I think it’d be real nice if we redid the entire Kingdom manga from scratch with HQ digital tank raws and 100% typesetting for all the different fonts and all that jazz. There’s so many errors that we could fix and (sort of) mis-translation’s that we’re stuck with. Not to mention, the quality of volumes 2-9 look like they’ve been captured with a potato camera.

Unlikely that it’ll ever happen though. Probably better off praying for Kingdom to get licensed.

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40 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 505

  1. Oseas

    Yay. Thanks Turnips.

  2. Quinton

    thanks!!!!!! Yotanwa knows how to build morale!!!!!

  3. fame

    Awsome work.. Thanks for this chapter..

  4. algarban

    Yotanwa!!! We also need shin to do something awesome and shine not only with raw power. Where is his intuitive general strategy?

  5. Thank you very much!

    ITS fine. This if fine. Your fine! Thank you. I wish i could buy your work and support the author and you! Well … To be honest i have thought about getting these books from amazon… It’s just that I don’t know. I have never gotten anything from amazon + amazon doesn’t have shop here so I would have to relay our mail service… And those books would be Japanese…. Which I can’t read… For now anyway..cough… Anyway what’s retsubi in Chinese? I have wondered it for awhile.. Is it Liaoyang? Just a guess ( god my English is bad.. I guess..)

  6. X

    Thank you!!!! So it comes down to who shouts the loudest and make the other side piss their pants…. which made me realize why Yotanwa is still single despite her looks. (Good luck to Heki!)

  7. joe

    Yotanwa is the best!

    Thanks, turnips :3

  8. mends

    OMG!!!!!what a chapter…cant wait for the next

  9. “Sometimes I think it’d be real nice if we redid the entire Kingdom manga from scratch with HQ digital tank raws and 100% typesetting for all the different fonts and all that jazz. There’s so many errors that we could fix and (sort of) mis-translation’s that we’re stuck with. Not to mention, the quality of volumes 2-9 look like they’ve been captured with a potato camera.”

    How would that be possible for you? Do you need funds? 🙂

    • It would take way too long to do is the problem.

      It would probably take around ~2 hours per chapter. That’s 1000 hours of work for a single person.

      For perspective, If you have a 9 to 5 job (which I do), you generally work around ~1650 hours a year.

      My billable time is worth about $40 / hour after tax so if anyone wants to pay me $40k to get it done within a year, let me know 😛

  10. woot

    was hoping that we would get to see shin use ouki’s glaive in this chapter or the next one, but this is fine too


  11. makfresh22

    yo!!!! this chapter was fcking hype!!! thanks for the release Turnip!

  12. kyle

    holy shit yotanwa

  13. Letouriste

    Thanks for the chapter!:)

  14. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  15. Yontoama warcry is so HYPE!

  16. Tek

    Goosebump!!!! Thanks Turnip, don’t worry, even if they were slightly mistranslated, I’m sure we’re all fine with that.

  17. Jack Kyo

    Thank you so much for doing this for free. What would it take for you to redo volumes 2-9?

    • Too much work, too little time.

      Here are the categories of people doing stuff like scanlation:
      * Scanlation is a hobby that they’re doing for fun.
      * Money.
      * People learning Japanese.
      * Masochists who thought it would be a good idea when they started off and are still scanlating for some reason but don’t really know why.
      * General love of manga and sense of wanting to contribute to the community.
      * Useless internet rep points / karma whores / people with egos the size of a small whale.
      * High school or tertiary education students who have a lot of free time and also belong into one of the above categories.

      Figure out which category I fall into and the answer becomes clear.

      I also gave a reply to PamPam Lagria above with an idea of exactly how much work it would take.

      • Tek

        Are you a little of both “Scanlation is a hobby that they’re doing for fun.” and “General love of manga and sense of wanting to contribute to the community.”? Some scanlators made me feel like they would drop a manga any day. But seeing your comments on some of chapters, I feel like you do enjoy Kingdom and hopefully keep scanlating it :D. Really appreciate your work man!

  18. Strayyy

    Thank you very much for your hard word! It’s awesome !

  19. Mystic

    Still hope at some point you’ll get around to doing the chapters that only have names in Chinese. It would greatly help anyone just getting into the series who’s confused by the names.

    • I reckon the actual impact it would have on readership would be minimal and basically only apply to people using Batoto since as far as I know, trying to get all the different manga aggregators to update their versions would be a gigantic pain in the ass.

      What’s sad is that last time I checked, Batoto didn’t even automatically toggle to our scans and defaults to Vendetta for very early chapters since they uploaded their versions after us. I’m pretty sure If we actually got statistics of people who started reading Kingdom on Batoto after that, the vast majority will have only read Vendetta’s versions.

  20. John

    GOD F*CKING DAMNIT!!! I got goose bumps the whole time Yotanwa was at front of the army… Next chapter will be f*cking epic!!!

  21. Isteo

    Whatever you say about poor quality scans for some seasons, or you forgetting to change the speech bubbles types (didn’t even notice, sry), you’re doing a great job.

    Keep it up !

  22. Rooster

    thanks TF, you guys are the best.
    Chapter was a bit dissapointing for me (whole chapter could have been done in 3 pages), hopefully the next one will be better.

  23. Firays

    Thanks. For me who can’t read Japanese language.
    Translator like a Hero.
    Thanks for your work.

  24. Nima

    Thank you, turnip farmers! Your commitment over almost 400 chapters is inspiring!
    I might be overthinking this, but I feel like Ou Sen might not be as ambitious as everyone thinks. If he was, would he faithfully follow orders even when the odds are stacked against Qin? When he could have wreaked havoc when Qin lost their last great general? He just doesn’t give off commitment to his cause.

    Maybe I’m seeing conflicting behavior because I’ve watched too much Criminal minds 😐

  25. Anon

    PON PON PATA PON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. dumpty

    Thank you very much for the scans of Kingdom.

    I somehow want to make you make feel that all the work you have placed into the manga is something of worth and a lot of people value. Ergo, it is worthwhile, what you are dong. In this case, words are small. A simple thank you and a few pretty words are not enough to express this.

    As for your fretting over the quality of scans and translations, please do not worry over much. The typos and errors are few and far between. The image quality is secondary to the story. I’m reading Kingdom because of the story. If I wanted graphics, I’d be reading a Korean webtoon. I hope this eases your worry somewhat.

    For over two years now, I have been using Microsoft Surface One. Which uses the RT system. RAM is also upgradeable. If it weren’t for these issues, I would have volunteered to help you type set the manga a long time ago. Alas, the spirit is willing, but the hardware is weak.

  27. Dolfinyo

    My biggest problem is that we are already at Vol. 47 so our chance to Kingdom getting licensed in USA is rather close to 0.Although I’m still hoping because now Kingdom is the second biggest ongoing mangain sells and popularity after OP in Japan.If they decides to give Kingdom anime one more chance and this time proper animation not the CG cr*p then the Coalition war arc in anime could boost the interest to the point where VIZ could say that it’s worth publishing.Anyway thanks again guys!!!

  28. Oseas

    Korean scans are out. I assume you guys didnt get early raws then?

  29. F5

    I wonder if there will be a data book update for Yotanwa. Last time she and Riboku were tied in stats right behind Renpa and Gakuki, wonder if she will still be tied with the new Riboku or whether one will come out ahead of the other.

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  31. “You really know your stuff… Keep up the good work!”

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