Kingdom Chapter 506

I’m no strategist but… that does not look like a sustainable business model.

DDL will be up in a bit. Also, Chapter 504 zip has been re-uploaded with fixed page names etc. for those that care about that kind of thing. You can find it on the Chapter 504 post here.

Chapter 506: MF |Β  Read Online



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78 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 506

  1. Quinton

    thanks for the chap, time for the bow bros to go in

  2. Thanks for the chapter, now I can continue my day.

  3. musa991

    Thanks and when Zip download of chapter 505 will be available?

  4. fame

    Thanks.. So much..

  5. Gyopoh ftw

    Hmpf.. Just mistook damn tumblr apps and was like cool we have turnip apps… Man am I tired or what…anyway great work and thanks

  6. Boo

    I don’t know about that, they magically sustained 100 mountain’s worth of people (80k+ with just the warriors alone) without agriculture and farming.

  7. Letouriste

    I care! Thanks for the chapter too!

  8. Thanks for the chapter man… I hope you upload zip file of 505..

  9. inspiredKreatif

    thanks for your great work as always.. πŸ™‚

  10. Jack

    u guys r my heroes. thanks.

  11. macccccc

    f5. can’t wait for the “bow bro’s” to fight. lel

  12. Quinton

    Bow Bros hype!!!!!!!! f5.

  13. t0pz01

    excited for the next chapter

  14. Still waiting on raws on our end. Hopefully out tomorrow?

  15. Toshio

    Testime stamp

  16. Xavier17

    how much longer

  17. refersh refersh refersh…

  18. nohope111

    Is it coming out today or tomorrow??????????????

  19. i happen to read the raw and it is not that great just wait for a week and read both the chapters together 507 and 508. Which is a lot better, rather than reading this one and waiting for the main thing to happen in the next chapter.

  20. donslime

    Eagerly waiting for chapter 507..

  21. Xavier17

    F5 Alert i give you money for chapter

  22. Xavier17

    like how i buy a gram 2 smoke i buy for kingdom my guy. i got $5 on it

  23. theres a hole in my keyboard wheer F5 use to be

  24. nohope111

    I dont think it will be released today

  25. Daniel

    Although we really wanna read it now but Thanks a lot TurnipFarmers for doing this for us! We really appreciate your hard work and time that you put into translating it for free!!! πŸ˜‰

  26. Ba_KoKuTa


    There is some problem for the new chapters ?

    Thanks for your works πŸ™‚

    • mm, not too sure, probably just sense-scans working out the sourcing for the raws. You always end up with hiccups / delays when you’re relying on third party raw providers to source leaked raws.

      People don’t seem to realise that a large chunk of manga online is released before it even hits the stores in Japan. You can’t guarantee release dates when you’re releasing before you can even legitimately buy the source material.

      • Cloud

        You have the patience and tolerance of a saint to answer the same question every week for the last threeish years.

        Thanks for the contined work and enduring all us leechers

  27. paul

    pleaaaasee… release the chapter already :(((

  28. Xavier17

    fuck it release both chapters next week. one piece on break also 😦

  29. Should be out later tonight. I believe Sense has finished cleaning and redrawing the chapter so we’ll get on it once we get home from work.

  30. inocense

    R.I.P F5…

  31. Anon

    Stand strong!, F5 damnit!

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