Kingdom Chapter 509

Will upload a v2 of 508 shortly.

Chapter 509: MF | Read Online.

Chapter 508v2: MF



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31 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 509

  1. xidix

    wha’s the differences 508 v2?

  2. macccccc

    thanks guys

  3. Minisan

    Wow it’s here alr :O thank you guys :3

  4. X

    Thank you!!!!

    How ironic that Shin get to slash the enemies to half while they only do is “chip” here and “chip” there. WTF is Shin’s armor made anyway???? Are the enemies glaive made of aluminum?????

  5. Firays

    Thanks !!
    Lol Shin, shitty glaive and we all say that legend glaive.
    Finally, more Kyoukai. Ousen really like LastBoss this manga. Too mysterious and badass.

  6. Quinton

    Thanks a lot! 😀

  7. Oresama

    Sooo hype for the next chapter!! Thanks as always

  8. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter


    My brother & I fucking love kingdom, WE LIVE & BREATH all that is KINGDOM. We have influenced the masses & is it all thanks to your hard work!! Chur brother, keep up the good MAHI!! All the way from Australia!! YOOOZZZAAAAHHH

  10. Letouriste

    Thanks for the chapter guys:) you rocks

  11. Arianandhika

    In my prayer i always say “please god may the boys of turnipfarmer live a good life bcs they fuckin deserve it” Amen

  12. Like going through butter is understatement.

  13. christian

    Lol Shin, glorious Ouki’s glaive scene turned to comedy

  14. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!! lol I loved Shin calling shitty glaive Oukis. xD

  15. Oresama

    Since most manga this week come early, does kingdom also the same?

  16. cuntlord

    Cant wait anymore…!!!!!!!!!

  17. WOOOOOOOO. The hype is real!

  18. Raw provider stuffed up and screwed up a page. might be delayed.

  19. musa991

    Is the new chapter coming out today?

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