Kingdom Chapter 510

Poor Bihei, scrub4life.

Chapter 510: MF | Read Online



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72 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 510

  1. yay, new chapter. hmm, is the link broken?

  2. Arianandhika


  3. Larrynox

    Bihei scrub4life is so true lol… And thaaaanks

  4. Firays

    Is really exist 10-man squad? Poor Bihei.
    Time for hide-and-seek by Ousen.

  5. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  6. qq

    Bihei might’ve been demoted after his incident in the Kanki army

    • donslime

      porbable. But most likely he’s in the same league as taku san. I think him and Bihei both are 10 man squad leaders.

  7. ace

    thanks turnip for your hard work. i have a question. how many men does an infatry commander lead?

  8. Oseas

    Thanks as always.

  9. Cloud

    Anyone else feel like jin has been mark by the flag of death. Get’s a revelation and walks off alone to find his brother…

  10. alexandre delisle

    thanks!! Awesome!

  11. Quinton

    Thanks for the chapter! Btw on the Korean raws there was some text under chapter 510 end, was this the same for the jap raws? If so what did it say? Thanks

    • Unless it’s announcing a break the following week, those lines are always vague as shit teasers for the next chapter that don’t really add anything new.
      510’s is very roughly something like “Next issue, dark clouds hangs over the Ousen-less Retsubi!?…”

  12. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!! loved that return to shins first battle!

  13. Oseas

    Btw, did Shin really kill a general at Dakan Plains, or is this based on the ambiguiity of ‘general’ in Japanese. E.g. I remember in the anime (and probably in the old scanlations using Chink names) that even 1000 man commanders were referred as 1000-man general, and using the word commander was your prerogative.

    • He got the credit for a tactical general, however it was actually Baku Koshin who killed him, he simply gave Shin his head since A. he was dying, and B. Shin enabled him to take the head of the general.

      Shin has since killed 3 generals and 2 great generals that i can remember.

      Rinko – with assist from the other Qin hotshots.
      Man Goku – solo
      Kei Sha – solo

      Rei Ou – Wei firedragon Great general, Shin thought he was someone else.

      • Nina

        What about maki? One of the ‘twins’ gunning for duke hyou? He gave shin a shoulder injury, then shin killed him, right? Also, does anyone think ousen just up an ran away? Doesnt seem like him to give up that easily.

        Thank you turnip team 🙂

        • Roku O Mi

          You are right, still Ma Ki and Shu Ki were not generals, just very strong officers, called “officer hunters”

          • Roku O Mi

            Sorry double post :
            But yes, I think Bi Hei is talking about MaKi since he had the strength level of a general

        • Tek

          My wild guess is Retsubi has some kind of secret path into the city and he’s looking into it? I doubt it’d be that simple though, considering it’s Riboku scheme.

      • donslime

        nope, he wasn’t talking about the general killed by baku koshin. Bihei says it’s either maki or shuki. There is no such rule that officer hunters can’t be generals. Moreover Shin didn’t take the head of that general to duke hyou. Baku koshin only said so to stop shin’s recklessness, but he went anyway after Ouki’s arrival. Finally the panel of the slain guy is shown in this chapter, which is the same as Maki (ch 70, p8).

      • PsychoT1985

        you forget shin also took out a ten bows guy in his first campaign while assaulting the camp up top the hill

    • Our rule of thumb’s generally been ‘将軍’ is general, and ‘将’ just by itself is either commander or officer.

      I think the only time we’ve used general instead of commander was during the Dakan and Mougou introduction arcs when i was still wondering what in the shit a ‘vice general’ or 副将 was, we later started calling it ‘deputy’ since that seems to be the more accurate translation.

      I don’t believe we’ve ever used general in the context of 1000-man commanders or whatnot, so you’re probably thinking about Vendetta’s scans which came out after ours but for whatever reason ended getting higher reading priority over our chapters. For us, general refers to that one specific rank, everything else is just xyz-commander.

      But back to your original question, yes, the raw referred the Wei schmuck as 将軍, or general.

      • Fucker

        .. When i first encountered manga scanlations… Well i honestly Don’t even remember when it was…all i remember was that i used cites called sky7anime (to watch anime) and onemanga ( to read about ornithology …. To read about friggin manga obviously …)… Anyway i encountered Kingdom way before you started scanning and translating it. I liked it even then, but what truly hooked me was 1) the manga itself. 2) the way you – turnip farmers – presented it… Only after you, did I truly fell in love. with this manga and all the great characters In it. Even now – when I look at the Raws and the way you intersept them – I honestly can’t help but admire your work….. Honestly speaking I would like to learn Chinese or Japanese so that I could read and understand various Chinese and Japanese texts at your level ( or At least near it).
        So far my progress has been disgustingly slow… All I know is all hiragana, katakana and about 200 basic kanji as well as Latin, Cyrillic and Greek alphabet ( don’t ask why I know Cyrillic, Greek and partly Mongolian Cyrillic .,. Its more all less obligatory for me ). Anyway it’s the way you interpret this manga that I look (almost ) more forward than the story itself…. Almost… Anyway you and Hox are in my opinion the best scanner groups ever, with Hox being slightly better… But as you said in ch177 pg 8 “but it truly is a very slight difference “. Meaning your,work is of such caliber that it’s something that I think I shall, … Nay I will aim at… anyway thanks for yer lateless bunch of interesting material! Reading and learning from it is always ya pleasure! So it seems I own you quite a love!

      • Oseas

        Thanks for that.

  14. How can this author write cliffhanger after cliffhanger?

  15. Letouriste

    I hope the big brother survive,he made a lot of death flags but I prefere him to his brother

  16. So, spoilers are out, any chance of getting the chapter today :)?

  17. No chapter today. Probably be out tomorrow night. i,e, in around 24 hrs from this post. 1:00 p.m. UTC latest hopefully.

    • Oseas

      Thanks for the update.

    • Daniel

      Hey, just asking, but why don’t you guys set up a patreon. Im pretty sure many people here would like to support you but we dont have the avenue to do so

      • Due to the nature of this website and scanlation in general, it’s incredibly hard to actually make much from donations. Unlike webnovels, most readers get our content via third party websites and have no idea we even exist.

        Patreon would probably work a lot better though I’ve no idea if other scan groups do so (I actually barely read any manga at all these days).

        Barring all that though, we don’t accept donations for the reasons listed in the FAQ.

        Honestly, the fact that there are people translating Chinese webnovels with Patreons hitting $1000+ / month sickens me.

        Somewhere down the line, scanlating / translating stuff online has transformed from wanting to show other people this cool thing you found in a far-away country in the East into a giant money-grab and e-peen contest.

  18. Anon

    I’ll gladly pay well but if you think about it, there’s probably a reason they dont have a donation button, and yep, check out the about us…

    • donslime

      Actually there was one back in 2016 and before that. Donate , oshit’s sufferings(mostly in hundreds), and turnip wallet listings.

      • We’ve opened donations twice since starting to scanlate Kingdom.

        One was to fund actually buying the digital raws for volumes ~10-30 and paying for a small file server.

        The other was run from the 2015-2016 fiscal year. Cumulative total over the entire year was $375 and was donated to Cancer Council Australia along with my promise to match the donations dollar for dollar ($750 total).

        I’ve taken down the wallet (though I think the page still exists somewhere) since it’s no longer relevant. we have no running costs and no wish to be paid.

        If you would like to donate to us: instead, donate to your local cancer research charity and stick a screenshot or tweet here or something.

        Someone actually did that once back when we had a little sidebar message that said to do just that – which I thought was pretty damn awesome.

  19. CameoSoldier


    *F5 *F5 *F5 *F5 *F5 *F5

  20. Juju_the_seer

    2 more hours till release!;)

  21. Waiting on some guys from Sense-Scans to show up, We’re mostly wrapping up on our end right now.

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