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Kingdom Chapter 515

Mediafire link will be up shortly.

Looks like our mega volumes and PSDs etc are all gone after having been taken down due to copyright infringement claims etc. I’ll see what I can do about getting it back up next weekend.

Also, all our mediafire links are currently under DMCA claims too so those will probably disappear in a bit too if they aren’t gone already.

Note: I will never re-upload chapter downloads, only volume batches.

edit: Forgot to mention – Kingdom is on break this week due to Golden Week, also haven’t got time to upload all the volumes yet due to too much other work that’s piled up – it’s halfway done and hopefully I can get around to finishing it next weekend.

edit 2: Apologies, chapter is delayed and will hopefully out tomorrow or the day after. Kingdom will be on break the following week as well.

Chapter 515: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 514

Apologies, this should have come out yesterday but we were preoccupied with the Easter revelries.

Just a note: I always try to read every single comment on these posts and typically will check them all while I’m releasing a chapter. If you ask a question that you think didn’t get answered, just check that I didn’t already answer it in the previous post’s comments, otherwise – just ask it again!

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Kingdom Chapter 513

Ok, chapter should be up on Sense Scans reader shortly.

Mediafire download link will be up tomorrow.

Blame any errors / shoddy work on me having been awake for around 40 hours now.

Changed the narrator font again. Might not stick with it. Feel free to suggest any alternatives.

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Kingdom Chapter 512

Alright, the long awaited chapter 512 is here.

Finally got off our asses and typeset the narration boxes with a different font thanks to some prodding and suggestions from Jikota of Sense Scans.

Let us know what you think: if you love it, hate it, whatever.

Personally I think it’s an improvement but I’m not sold on the font while gongitraped tells me I’m blind and should wash my eyeballs out with bleach.

Chapter 512: MF | Read Online


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