Kingdom Chapter 512

Alright, the long awaited chapter 512 is here.

Finally got off our asses and typeset the narration boxes with a different font thanks to some prodding and suggestions from Jikota of Sense Scans.

Let us know what you think: if you love it, hate it, whatever.

Personally I think it’s an improvement but I’m not sold on the font while gongitraped tells me I’m blind and should wash my eyeballs out with bleach.

Chapter 512: MF | Read Online



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117 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 512

  1. Great Gneral Bihei

    F5 Army prepare to fart

  2. awqi

    Guys, if you don’t wanna kill the suspension, DO NOT read the actual history of Kingdom. I myself feel upset for trying to find out the history of this Zhao invasion campaign. Better wait up for the art in weekly basis…

  3. I agree with you, the new typeset for the narration text boxes stinks!

  4. I think we have raws now. By the time I get home I’ll have not slept for about 36 hours though so we’ll see how it goes…

  5. paxli

    when 513 ch will out

  6. master0fhell


  7. mr troll

    f5, fart 5 times

  8. Random Murderer

    9 adddddddd314134134

  9. Oshit new sama

    Its gonna be out any second now

  10. salluth hi shin

    F5 army .. Where are you ?

  11. Oresama

    need my weekly dose of kingdom right now…

  12. Rumeal1717

    Get use to the new adjustment going back to Mondays instead of sunday

  13. peasant

    so no kingdom today?

  14. Schaid

    oshit is sleeping right now. go back to your caves

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