Kingdom Chapter 513

Ok, chapter should be up on Sense Scans reader shortly.

Mediafire download link will be up tomorrow.

Blame any errors / shoddy work on me having been awake for around 40 hours now.

Changed the narrator font again. Might not stick with it. Feel free to suggest any alternatives.

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80 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 513

  1. Cloud respect and gratitude to your work only grows with every release. Thank you

  2. peasant

    Thank you, now I can sleep in peace

  3. madlock

    Thanks for the chapter
    and also for the (narrator) font; it has no soul in it like the previous chapter…. 😦
    Have a nice week…

    • madlock

      and Kanki said the important thing about Ousen and even Riboku said so……………………………………………… πŸ™‚

  4. Ousen ftw!!
    Thank you for the chapter πŸ™‚

  5. 21stcenturykid

    Thank you for the chapter and for your hard work turnip farmer!!

  6. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. what is ousen thinking?? no one know..

    • Bon Jour

      He’s probably planning on strenghtening his own suply-line while halting the enemy’s..

      • Ourorboros

        That does nothing for his supply line – it doesn’t guard a route to the river and anything coming through the mountains is subject to raids.
        It would give him a base of operations, but he would still have the supply problem. Assuming that is solved, he has a large standing army within Zhao’s innermost defenses. From there he has at least some forces to threaten the flanks of Zhao forces attacking his armies in the field.

        More importantly, if the situation as outlined by other general’s & heads of state is true, Qin should be attacked now. Really once Ousen was in the area of Retsubi. His armies don’t need to be destroyed for everybody to attack, they need to be unable to return to Qin in time.

        • qq

          Not necessarily. Remember Zhao currently has their hands full by being pincered in the East with Qin and in the West with Yan. If Qi decides to make a move and follow through with their alliance with Qin, they would essentially have Zhao surrounded and cornered.

          Also the failure of the coalition army in destroying Qin will make the other states wary about successfully attacking Qin again tbh.

          • Ourorboros

            The Alliance with Qi is secret and conditional both on Qin’s conduct & success. No pincer. It’s really more of a non-interference treaty. Even though Kindgom has deviated from history, this accounts for the end of the unification war.
            Besides, the fate of Zhao itself shouldn’t prevent the invasion of Qin. All the other States are pointing to the possible loss of manpower and leadership. But Qin doesn’t have access to those 200K soldiers & 3 Great Generals now. In reality a fast breakout would lead to a major loss of soldiers.
            So at the least Wei & Han should be able to grab lost territory now. Wei especially might want to reduce the salient in Tou’s sector.
            Han apparently has an army they can move up. Neither Tou nor Mobou has an army backing them up in the rear areas, so they have to try to stop everything while guarding everything else.
            In universe, the time to strike is now. Not taking Kanyou is irrelevant if Qin is weakened enough. Even that attack fell apart because they were attacked by Qi. If Han can move up an army, they aren’t worried about that.

      • He is in a way reducing the number of troops around gyou and creating a seige basically. By capturing the cities around gyou they have a safe place to protect themselves from total annihilation. It makes me remember the sanyou campaign where he out waited Renpa and resulted in wei defeat.

    • Pebbles SaechaoGrand Knight

      Remember Ou Sen is a master of retreating (because he doesn’t pick fights he can’t win) and building solid fortresses (Like he did against the monster GG Ren Pa, who read through Ou Sen’s moves like a book because Ou Sen fights exactly like Qin’s greatest general, Haku Ki), and he’s highly skilled in conqueringredients small cities and fortress (When he outbeat both Kanki and old man Mou Gou in a race to claim most cities in the war against Wei).

      Also remember, Ou Sen had a good view of the surroundings and he found many small towns and cities that are walled and close distance to Gyou and between Zhao’s Capitol. I think he’s going to conquer and reinforced those walled cities with Qin’s forces and have a stalemate while pinning Gyou in and Ri Boku out. A perfect scenario for a battle of the wits, and wait for Qi’s secret reinforcements OR for Yan’s push from the northeast.

  8. Oresama

    So excited to see Ousen-chan disappointed the whole China.,
    Oh and​ of course, thanks for the release..

  9. mac

    Comic Sans, thank me later πŸ™‚

  10. Hamozus

    Thanks for the chapter !
    Seems like the idea of cutting out Gyou and strenghtening Qin’s supplies was the right one…

  11. justforthef5

    the f5 army thank you

  12. This smells of grabbing supplies from defeated enemies.

  13. Firays

    Thanks a lot.
    I hope you all can sleep well.
    Thanks for shared this translate awesome manga with me.
    Honestly, one chapter too short now.
    Maybe, due i too much read spoiler historical fact.

  14. Thanks a lot. Sleep well and recover.
    Just my opinion, I liked the previous narrator’s font better.

  15. Thanks for your hard work and take care your health too.
    What Kanki said is true (realized when Ousen fought with Renpa?).Ousen is the 4 great generals of all time in China’s history(Hakuki,Renpa, Ousen,Riboku).Ousen is the major key role in the future unification war too.sorry for my English

    • letouriste

      not of all time^^ but of the warring states period only.A lot of genius appared later

    • Ouki's Lips

      ^^You also have to take into account that Ousen’s (Wang Jian) descendants were the ones responsible for a lot of the historical recordings in the time between the warring states period and the three kingdoms period. So of course he would be considered as one of history’s greatest, since most of China’s history from that time period was recorded and cataloged by his family.

      I think we’ll see this come into play later in the series during the Chu campaign, when Ousen and Shin will have some differences of opinion (according to historical records). I have some of my own predictions about how the author will combine history and his fictional account when that time comes. I don’t want to give away history (spoilers), but in the end I think Ousen will be the biggest obstacle that Shin has to overcome in order to become a “great general under the heavens.”

  16. boobie

    You guys are the brest

  17. letouriste

    thanks for the chapter:)

  18. Ourorboros

    Looks like Chu & Karin are being set up as the Final Boss for Shin, so no worries about reading history & spoiling the story.
    Although there are meaningful deviations from history already & obviously Shin will succeed in the end & not only the end.

    The real spoiler is being told if he ever learns obvious tactical stuff, much less gain strategic level insight. Being able to do more than charge forward would be the real change.
    Yes, I know this done for narrative reasons. But it is annoying.

  19. Sheory

    Thank you πŸ˜€

  20. kingdom fan

    so much ousen hype….better be good…

  21. Hyuu

    I don’t think Ousen plans on making it for Gyou at all, he probably just wants to pick up a bunch of cities inside the capital zone that aren’t built to be “easily taken back” just like Kokuri forest previously to become a staging area. With three armies he can safely occupy three cities and each can come to the aid of each other if attacked…much like the invasion into Wei by the Tou army…given that you need three to four times the numbers to effectively siege a city if Ousen takes three cities it’s effectively impossible in terms of man power to siege all at the same leaving one to ride out and be a relief force…

    This maybe spoiler-ish sorry but I’m predicting that since the attention is focused on Onsen, as the whole world knows they’ve moved on past Restubi likely Qin will send up a fourth army to take back Restubi when Ousen finally decides his job is done and turns around. It seems unlikely that Qin would just let them be trapped….I mean a question would be “who” would lead the fourth army…

    • Ourorboros

      I’ve been thinking about the possibility of a fourth army too, but not to take back Restubi. But Qin has no more Great Generals left and adding another complicates the story.
      I think what will happen will partially mirror history. We will be spared the couple years here and Ryofui use his influence and take down Riboku.
      Unlike history, I see the possibility of Riboku surviving – he has been too developed to be a middle boss.
      Then the States get taken in historically incorrect order, with either Karin of Chu or Riboku being the final general. The one Shin defeats.

      • Hyuu

        I could see Shouheikun ridding out again, it’s not like he doesn’t know the stakes of this invasion, his right hand man “whiskers” could also do it, he seems to be quite a competent individual but assuming there’s no one else yea it’s a bad theory….

        Likewise whose looking after the Han? Tou is watching the Wei and Mobu is watching Chu….kinda awkward??? Is Han like already over in terms of plot? I mean they don’t really have anyone “competent” rise up after Poison guy died….

        I rather’d rather have it follow too closely to the history. I mean spoiler*** Zhao doesn’t go down in one invasion…but I’m happy to change it for the point of plot progression….like Riboku just bails on Zhao and defects to Wei or Chu….Riboku is far more interesting on the attack than on the defence…like his frolick into Yan was interesting…”I doubt how practical is it but” well then again is you have a one man army in Houken I suppose u can’t go wrong πŸ™‚

        • Ourorboros

          I assume Tou is watch both the Han & Wei borders, since they have smaller frontage.
          Shouheikun riding out is an interesting idea, Qin really only needs an army to pin down some of Riboku’s troops. This is an opportunity to create a ‘Phantom Army’, but where does the man power come from? If Ousen can take a city, he doesn’t gain much in supplies – he has 200K men & the fortresses aren’t that big. But all of a sudden Riboku has to worry about being squeezed. Ousen would still be the first priority, but the field completely changes.
          Houken is definitely a middle boss. Killing him will be the sign Xin is truly a general & has earned his inheritance.

          So let’s see – perhaps Ryofui will be the one to follow history & take down Riboku. The method was his type of play anyways. To keep the best developed Kingdom antagonist in play, his fate is left in doubt. When Qin seems to be on the verge of winning it all, he reappears.

          Following history would have been fine with me. I actually find the court scenes (minus the Queen Mother rebellion arc) more interesting. What people like George Lucas & Vince McMahon don’t understand is that knowing the ending doesn’t ruin entertainment. Every American movie & tv show the hero wins & gets the girl. What matters is having an interesting story to get us to the ending.
          So giving us a person to follow to the inevitable end was a smart move, though Xin is often not written smartly
          The way Riboku is written, I wish the writers stuck with their original idea of him as the doomed hero. They didn’t like his end, but Assassination Classroom did fine. The sad ending just adds to the emotional punch.

          • Hyuu

            Taking one city is useless in the long run but at least in the mean time you have four walls to put the food supplies behind and that’s safer than lugging it around.

            Likely he plans on taking at least three, one for each army so they can ride to each other’s aid if one gets sieged. The amount of man power you need to surround three cities is very intensive…

            I’m holding out on this “unknown fourth army” since at the end of the day without Restubi taken back, Ousen can’t turn around to get food nor can food be shipped to him….all Riboku needs to do is just go ensure he holds Gyou then have what food there is in the area shipped out and effectively you have a siege scenario….

            Like while I appreciate this emphasis on they have little food for a long campaign in the manga if you do the maths, they’ve already been how many days on the March since picking up the supplies like at least 3 to Restubi, than 4 waiting for Ousen and now marching on a new city….I mean just how much is not very much?? Then again there was a the siege of Sai whereby we completely disregard regard food as Riboku going 6 days without any supplies picked up and how many more when he’s picking up the other cities…and no supply line since I mean they were meant to be sneaking an army into the Qin capital zone…..

            Oh well πŸ™‚

  22. madlock

    do not forget what Ousen told :”we march to take Gyou in the name of Qin”.
    And Riboku also know that Ousen do not enter a battle he can not win so what he really thought when Ousen choose to continue.
    I hope that we will see Shin defeat Houken of Zhao with Ouki’s glave.
    And you can not let or leave an enemy to have castle in your (Zhao) territory and you cannot leave it alone if captured (Sai could be an example as we know Riboku could not leave it behind) because of the threats it posses (Ousen may left some a long the way but they were close to border so they can not leave their areas and attack behind of Qin army but retsubi was different…) so I think Ousen try to create an area so that Zaho can not move easy and expecting to take Gyou somewhat easy than expected…

  23. Thank you for your efforts!

  24. Eraz

    Firstly, thanks for your great work. Secondly, I can’t see mediafire link for chp. 513; perhaps you could have forgot it?

  25. no name

    whn is new c ha pter cuming out_

  26. ipapotihus

    Hooo the chapter coming out today right?

  27. Eddy Jostle

    Thank you so much for what you have done. My life become more colourful with your work and for that, i am indebted to you. If i can help in anyway just let me know but i dont have any experience in doing this kind of work. cheers to the best manga ever. hopefully good things will come for you for doing this

  28. madlock

    Expecting some kind of surprise release πŸ™‚
    Have a nice day πŸ˜€

  29. cunt sama

    when is the next chapter coming out

  30. ipapotihus

    Go habs go

  31. Oshit probably still trying to digest his eastern dinner, give him some time

  32. Strange

    Maybe it’s cause I’m reading it on a site other than sense and batoto, but why do you guys use Her Highness when addressing the Queen Mother? A Queen is always addressed by Majesty.

    • Wanze

      China is all about “Heavens” and “Mandate of Heavens”. So I would assume that only in China they would call the Queen Mother “Your Highness” to reinforce the fact that she is very close to heaven. This is just a guess.

    • -llhere

      Lol? You are dreaming in your western land? It is China, dude.

      • Eh, I think it’s a pretty fair question.

        When we translate ranks and stuff from Chinese into English, the only possible way of doing it is to either use the native words or to translate them into the western equivalents.

        There’s enough precedent that translating ranks into Duke or Marquis (which is a french word) is fairly common now.

        Translating terms of address in actual Chinese is far more uncommon and difficult but for general terms like highness and majesty etc, it would make sense that the same western rules would apply?

    • She’s technically a Queen dowager.

      You only refer to the absolute head of state as majesty so if we were to be strict – only the king, Ei Sei / Yin Zheng can be referred to by this term.

      e.g. you would refer to Queen Elizabeth II as Her Majesty because she actually is the Queen / Head Cheese / Most important of personnages while you would not refer to her husband, Prince Philip as His Majesty.

      • Adding on to that: the reason you don’t call Prince Philip his majesty if you still can’t see it is because that would imply that he is King of the UK, Australia, Canada etc. rather than only being the consort of the Queen of the UK etc.

  33. madlock

    I saw future on sense πŸ˜€ ch814 πŸ˜€

  34. new oshit aniki

    Its out on sense scan. have fun

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