Kingdom Chapter 514

Apologies, this should have come out yesterday but we were preoccupied with the Easter revelries.

Just a note: I always try to read every single comment on these posts and typically will check them all while I’m releasing a chapter. If you ask a question that you think didn’t get answered, just check that I didn’t already answer it in the previous post’s comments, otherwise – just ask it again!

Chapter 514: MF | Read Online



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69 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 514

  1. madlock

    thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Quinton

    Thanks for the chap btw it says chapter 814 on Sensescans πŸ™‚

  3. INeedKingdom!

    404 😦

  4. cant access

    cant access

  5. It’s fixed. or just enter the url below into your address bar:

  6. Oresama

    Damn, ousen’s plan was to make gyou overpopulated it seems. Oh and thanks as always turnip guys!

    • That Stupid Git

      Could be, but I suspect he also wants to erode people’s trust in their king or in Riboku, while warming them up to Qin. Fortifying strategically important locations is one thing, but it might be harder to pin down an army that goes after less important targets, since they have more room to maneuver.

      • Ourorboros

        It won’t erode the Zhao people’s trust in their king, not to the extent needed. Just remember how hated the Qin are in Zhao.
        The remaining cities will be flooded with refugees, filling the space & using up food. The wounded soldiers make the situation worse.
        This isn’t about remaining maneuverable either, since each siege takes time and they are in a rather constrained area. Sorry, but their are only so many places a 200K army can be when ringed with mountains.

        This eats up Zhao supplies. The Qin supplies Karyo Ten mentions would have been used in any case, as Ousen remains in the field.

        • Ourorboros

          I should amend that. While the refugees wouldn’t switch sides, they would be more willing to surrender. Big factor in a siege, though the Zhao field armies would have to be defeated.
          In a siege the two main inner factors, aside from fortification are supplies and morale. Only soldiers get full rations, then able bodies men – who rebuild walls, haul stuff around, & dig counter tunnels. A few months in, everybody else starves and that’s in a city that isn’t flooded with refugees.
          But the Zhao armies are a huge factor. Sieges can be broken by armies less than a quarter the size of a sieging army.

          As the refugees start coming from multiple cites, however, it will be easier to sneak in infiltrators. Say about 100 would be enough to temporarily take over a gate house.

    • Imamuto

      Yeah, ousen might be deploy spy soldier in there and laying inside gyou..

    • crit222

      Also, the soldiers might be able to reach Gyou while the civilians are still at the gates trying to get into the city. All of this, will not only make Gyou will be overpopulated, depleting their supplies quickly, but might also give rise to internal struggles and distrust within the city.

  7. Schaid

    Great! Thank you General Oshit!

  8. Admiral Kizaru

    Been reading your releases as they’ve been released ever since the first Zhao war (with Ouki) and I’ve got to say, you guys are just the best!

    Fantastic chapter ….. just so hyped & excited! I would kill to get the next ten chapters right now! Guessing Ousen’s plan is to flood Gyou with hungry civilians (possibly with some of Kanki’s men hidden in them) who will turn against Zhao quickly given Ousen’s “kindness” this chapter.

  9. Osi

    Not overpopulated! Its the most genius plan ever!!!!

    If you’re Riboku’s scouts, do you get close enough to a mass of moving people to figure out that its NOT ousen’s army heading to Gyou? No… you report that OUSEN’S ARMY IS HEADING TO GYOU!

    The Xin army is now completely invisible.

    What is Ousen’s next move, after now having completely hid himself from Riboku via fake doppelganger army? I have no clue, but damned if I’m not dying to find out. Genius I say!

    • Ourorboros

      Sure a scout would get close enough to see banners. There are a lot of Zhao units moving around after all.
      You don’t report that something exists. You report what exists.

  10. Dark Strife

    this kind tactic is similar with Suikoden 2, when Leon Silverberg defeating Greenhill.

    • Tek

      Happy to see a Suikoden fan here πŸ™‚ tbh i forgot what happened, you just made me want to replay that.

      • Dark Strife

        Highland release all civil of Muse to Greenhill.

        After that, Highland Army surrounds Greenhill. It makes Greenhill loss of food supplies and create a civil war with the guys from Muse.

    • ryos312

      Wew, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the same when reading this chapter. But Its jowy atreides who defeating greenhill. I’m also a suikoden fans πŸ™‚

      • Dark Strife

        Jowy just following Leon’s Strategy.
        Leon made all the strategies to be used by Jowy.

        There’s no way that betrayer can think those strategy.

  11. Dan

    Thanks for the chapter. Ousen is a genius. He accomplishes so many things with this strategy.

    Making the people doubt the King. Making the king doubting Riboku. Starving out and overpopulating Gyou. Making it much harder for spies to keep track of his army.

    The food supply was one of his main problems. A siege of Gyou would have impossible. Now, if the city is starving and overpopulated, possibly with agitators and some of Kankis men among the refugees.

    This is a long term strategy with massive short term upsides. He is a beast. Best tactician there is. But i believe that he is so tactical, that he maybe a huge psycho having no problem to sacrifice allies without blinking.

    The pace of this arc, the new characters, is just fucking amazing. It could be over in one volume or go on longer with great fights. Shin might be facing Shibasou while taking a vital role in securing the escape route. I still think, that Ousen may not be looking to conquer Gyou but maybe to capture several cities and cleaning them out to start civil unrest and destroy the relationship between the King and Riboku, between the King and the people and massacre the 90.000 man army that Yotanwa is facing at the moment by going at them from behind. It would be a big win for Qin, capturing several cities, starting civil unrest, destroy the morale of Zhao Soldiers and kill 90.000 of their fighters with minimal losses.

    I am not sure but i dont think they will capture Gyou but still be the Winners and showing in the process that Ousen really is maybe the most complete general out there.

    • Schaid

      Too much historical spoiler bro. Haha

    • ezz

      Ousen sending the hungry people up North, not to Gyou. It will give trouble to Riboku reinforcement. As they will have to share their food with the refugees thus limiting their supplies.

      And if they’re not willing, the refugees will get angry and as you can say; begin to doubt the King and Riboku.

      Ousen need the food in Gyou to feed his Army, so in that sense; sending the refuges to Gyou would be called “Foolish”.

      • Dan

        They will not conquer Gyou. He already said that.

        • ezz

          who said that Ousen will not conquer Gyou? XD

          just look at Ousen eyes when he look at Gyou the first time
          it’s a perfect city form him to lay his defense XD

          He just conquering small cities along the way to sent hungry refugees up north.

  12. Thank you Ousen oops, oshit and team! hahaha!

  13. Jack Kyo

    Feels quite similar to the refugee crisis currently going on. If someone wanted to undermine the Western states, democracy, and human rights, they might succeed…

    • Except that the west has the money to feed them, just take the money of the rich and bam you’ve enough money to even feed Africa. Nope, unfortunately I’m not exaggerating, I saw that in the news on tv.

  14. Clogging up roads with refugees and forcing attention of Zhao officials to them perhaps.

  15. the last page tells everything dude, ousen left the civilian then the army moves behind it ..
    to make it simple, ousen clearly make those civilians as hostage to capture gyou easliy

  16. Silverback

    You guys are seriously the best, enjoy your Easter and thanks for a timely release.

  17. No worries. Thank you for the chapter! πŸ˜€

  18. Arianandhika

    Thnk you turnip team. Ousen so epic goddamn. Our main characters still got a long way to become like him, the supreme commander. Damn this comic keeps getting better with each chapter

  19. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  20. kingdom fan

    expectations were high and this chapter doesnt disappoint …kudos to kingdom and to the turnipfarmers…

  21. Osi

    Those who believe ousen will head right to gyou; you think?? Thats where riboku’s army is headed.

    If it were me, I’d bypass gyou and head straight to the capital? Or I’d think about it. If i remember, they settled on hitting gyou first b/c of supply line problems and the surity of being flanked. I cant figure what remaining advantage attacking gyou has over the capital. (Kattan, is it called?)

    • Letouriste

      Kantan this is.
      Just bluffing an attack on the capital would be enough for the king to ask all the armies to mass for his defense:) and then gyou is more defenseless^^
      You forget the capital have a lot of troops there,no moving and just protecting the king

  22. Osi

    the more i think on it, they have to tale out the whole state at this point or they all die? In days they will be surrounded with no escape route and limited supplies. My guess is, for sure, they go for the capital.

  23. DDT

    Not sure if you all were paying attention or not but the people said they were heading to the city of Kun not to the capitol or to Gyou at which point Ousen says onto the next city which I am sure he means is Kun, what will happen is the citizens will arrive there first and tell everyone that they were spared since the army following them only wants the city and the food which will give them enough time to grab some supplies then flee the city with an even larger populous heading to the next city and so on until they get to the capitol. Ousen looks to be playing a long game with civil unrest as part of the stratagem but not the only part, by capturing these cities one by one he will create a natural escape route as the Zhou armies will now have to cover a much larger area than previously expected thus thinning out their lines too much and if needed the 3 armies can separate or stay in one massive force.

    Then again I could be wrong…….either which way this arc is turning out great and I cannot wait until the next chapter comes out so I can see which of us will be correct πŸ™‚

    • Hyuu

      The inciting unrest strategy could be right but again your leaving a lot to chance but then again the currrent Zhao king seems like the type that would just bar the gates…and tell the refugees they gotta turn back….

      I’m not sure also that refugees could outrun the Qin army if are assuming their next target is also Kun. Neither could I see refugees fleeing again having just arrived….it’s quite tiring this job of running from one city to the next but I am quite intrigued by the line that they also released the prisoners too…hiding spies in the refugees is pretty safe….

      I’d like to predict like someone else mentioned their fleeing north instead of on route to Gyou merely since Qin is also interested in the resources surrounding Gyou for their own so having roaming refugees sapping it up seems silly.

    • Osi

      This sounds like the best read so far to me (including mine). All I’m sure of: if they don’t kill the Zhao king so there can be no state of Zhao, this was all for nothing, because they can hold no ground at all with Retsubi the way it is.

  24. justforthef5

    thank you!

  25. Ourorboros

    At some point Shouheikukn’s best students have got to get a clue. Especially Ten. Just sweating and shouting makes her look as stupid as Shin.
    I understand the writing strategy of using main characters to force exposition, but there are plenty of lower ranking Shin Hi unit soldiers to wonder what they are doing, giving Ten & Mouten a chance to speculate.

  26. c

    Haha, Ousen is crippling his enemies by sending them refugees.
    Of course, if he were to be especially efficient, he could have given them permanent disabilities, just like blinding half of the population.

    • Letouriste

      No no,he need to pass for the good guy.
      They will be more likely to surrender quickly like that.time is crucial

  27. Letouriste

    Thanks a lot guys:)

  28. grateful reader

    Thank you for the amazing work you do πŸ™‚

  29. clebinho75

    On the next city, we go.


  30. shinhoukou

    hi,any chance the chapter would be uploaded to a new mirror to download?

    • It’s somewhat troublesome for us to upload chapters to multiple mirrors due to terrible Australian internet so it’s pretty unlikely.

      If you have any problems with mediafire, let us know on the latest chapter’s comment section since I generally don’t check comments for older chapters after the latest chapter has been released

  31. iis

    Stomach first, then brain. Without stomatch, brain wont work. Human will back to nature, survival. Do whatever they can to eat, including kill each other. Crime start from this.

  32. new oshit aniki

    be hold for the new chapter. Any minute now

  33. Oshit-Dono

    I declare no new chapter for a month
    Go back to your caves

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