Kingdom Chapter 515

Mediafire link will be up shortly.

Looks like our mega volumes and PSDs etc are all gone after having been taken down due to copyright infringement claims etc. I’ll see what I can do about getting it back up next weekend.

Also, all our mediafire links are currently under DMCA claims too so those will probably disappear in a bit too if they aren’t gone already.

Note: I will never re-upload chapter downloads, only volume batches.

edit: Forgot to mention – Kingdom is on break this week due to Golden Week, also haven’t got time to upload all the volumes yet due to too much other work that’s piled up – it’s halfway done and hopefully I can get around to finishing it next weekend.

edit 2: Apologies, chapter is delayed and will hopefully out tomorrow or the day after. Kingdom will be on break the following week as well.

Chapter 515: MF | Read Online



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134 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 515

  1. X


  2. Delayed chapter and Kingdom on break next week too….damn this is hard 😦
    Thanks for the update.

  3. thanker

    thanks for the info.

  4. donslime

    must endure… must endure. !! It’s only one more day.

    • Looks like it’s two actually. I’m expecting for it to get done tomorrow night 10th May – around ~23:00 p.m. AEST.

      • donslime

        one day itself was stretching my limits. Oh god, two days is too much.
        *after a while*
        *gathers last bit of strength*
        just 36 hours, must endure. I can do it.

  5. Leonard ro ro


  6. Damnmakesure03

    516 where are you now T-T

  7. Admiral Kizaru

    Hard to wait longer because of how epic the manga is right now but we shall overcome.

    Thanks for the update OShit.

  8. juice1286

    You guys don’t want anyone on your team that can translate Korean?

    • anon

      If you like bad quality, read the summary instead

    • Translating off a translation is pretty crap – it’s like playing Chinese whispers.

      Also, considering the amount of care they put into their cleaning (not much), I would expect the same lack of accuracy for their translations too.

      We can translate from Chinese and those butcher the translations pretty regularly too – so pretty much if you want half decent translations you can only rely on the original source material.

  9. Grand Knight

    Pretty weak…

  10. Grand Knight


  11. This day wins the award of longest day ever! 😭

  12. Ousin

    I will invade this forum if you don’t release my chapter

  13. Big N

    I’m F5ing every 10 minutes, SEND HELP!

  14. Alanoud



  16. Dang it !!! Gimme the chapterr right nowwwwwwwww 😦

  17. Qin

    Are my soldiers gonna be able to take Gyou or not?? I’m dying to know that ?

  18. algarban

    Can’t hit more times F5 or my keyboard will be broken!! NEED MY KINGDOM DOSE!! :3

  19. Spoox

    crying out of hunger overr here

  20. Alex

    Guys, think about the poor translators! They now know that there wont be a chapter to translate next week … so they are trying to get their dose of translating Kingdom as long as possible 😉

  21. Arianandhika

    Chapter 516 better be fucking good

  22. HajoonWow

    wha? wha?? where is my kingdom new ch? isnt now tuesday? what happen to moday realese?

  23. Ouki

    edit 3: Kingdom 516 is out now!

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