Kingdom Chapter 516

Okay, here’s the latest chapter. Apologies once again for all the delays.

Not entirely sure why everyone in this manga seems to be terrible at war even if they’re meant to be genius strategists but oh well…

Some housekeeping:

  • Remember that you can in fact receive e-mails automatically whenever we make a new post for each release by hitting the Follow button on the bottom right of the screen. You can also use Sense Scan’s RSS feed on their website.
  • Kingdom is on break next week so next chapter is probably going to be out around the 21st or 22nd of May.
  • I’m swamped with work right now so probably not going to get the mediafire link up until the weekend. The volume downloads on mega should have been fixed up to volume 36 and I’ll try to finish uploading the rest this weekend as well (sadly a bit hard on awesome Australian upload speeds of 100KB/s).

Chapter 516: MF | Read Online



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90 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 516

  1. Ousin

    Fu*k my life,
    The shit head IT in my company just blocked most of the manga sites I follow, including scensescans, I’m so pissed right now, this shit just became personal, HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF LAUNCH BRAKE U SHIT HEAD

  2. I’ll use the time waiting for the new chapter ranting about what would ousin do..
    First off.. i believe he’s going either to confront the incoming forces from the capital or go and try to siege the capital itself just to distract the enemy forces from attempting to help gyeo out.. whoever that is spelled.. only just a distraction..

    Meanwhile.. kanki will take over gyeo.. whether it be by a civil war rebellion or martial might.. either way.. by this point qin r golden.. yes they are low on rations but they also have on hand a 9 cities worth of people along with the huge number of gyeo’s citizens..! They can then demand riboku to back the hell off and provide provisions for the qin army and the hostages or else heads will start flying..! 😈

    How does that sound for a plan..?

    • However* 🌚
      English isn’t my strong suit.. 🚢

      • kel

        maybe ousen is going for hit and run tactics like a guerrilla warfare.

        • well he could certainly do that but i’m not sure he’s gonna use the same trick twice.. since he used it in the allied armies arc.. plus the terrain back then helped him to do just that unlike the terrain around gyeo now which is just plain lands stretches as far as the eye could see..

  3. New chapter is out mate, waiting eagerly for your translation πŸ™‚

    • Btw where are you based in Aussie?

      • Quinton

        Oshit said he’s on AEST so one of these places: Queensland, New South Wales (except Broken Hill), Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory


          I live in Sydney.

          • Actually, would like to treat you for a coffee if you are around Melbourne. Keep up the hard work mate. Thanks for the translation.

          • Melbourne’s awesome. I got nothing but fond memories of that place – waking up and strolling down Degraves St for some coffee & brunch – walking back across the Yarra at 1am after playing poker at the crown and winning enough to pay for the trip down there…

            Sadly don’t have much of an excuse to visit more often. Thanks for the offer though πŸ˜›

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