Kingdom Chapter 517

I’ve been lax in uploading all the direct download files… working on it right now tracking down all the old releases.

They should all be up by tomorrow sometime.

All volumes up to v47 are now available in the mega DDL section. Added mediafire links for chapter 516 and 517.

Chapter 516: MF

Chapter 517v2: MF | Read Online



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94 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 517

  1. donslime

    Good morning guys !!
    guess I’ll have to try after 11 more hours.

  2. Leonard ro ro

    Wake me up when the new chapter comes out!

  3. Jae Hoon

    @Dajh from Switzerland too 🙂 Many thanks

  4. xicath

    holyyy shiiit!!! what happen???

  5. No turnips today either.

  6. Kyoukai Servant

    The good thing is, we don’t have to wait long enough for next week’s chapter.
    Btw F5 F5 F5 F5!!!!

  7. leonard ro ro

    its out already in sense scan!!!!

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