Kingdom Chapter 518

Mistranlated previous chapter.

Shunsuiju is actually replacing Kousonryuu as commander of the 100 000 men while Kousonryuu will be acting as his deputy.

Will upload a v2 of 517 shortly.

Chapter 518: MF | Read Online

Chapter 517v2: MF



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80 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 518

  1. Gledi

    U guys are amazingπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜

  2. inspiredKreatif

    woooo…!!! thanks guys πŸ™‚

  3. John

    Thank you! I’ve been looking forward to this all week

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  6. Phil

    Thanks for the chapter.

  7. Schaid

    Thanks from Indonesia.
    Happy fasting to all muslim brothers
    Ramadhan mubarak!

  8. Schaid

    Thanks from Indonesia.
    Happy fasting to all muslim brothers
    Ramadhan mubarak!

  9. Arianandhika

    Very blessed to have u around turnipfarmers. Missing pages are the worst

  10. Arianandhika

    By the way i always questioned why the mountain folks use masks which severely reduced their field of vision which you know, very important in this whole war shenanigans. But alas, who thinks about that, its just looks very cool.

    • Takes of their face, making them look more savage.

    • Ourorboros

      Historically helments (which these are not) have pretty miserable fields of vision. In fact, more open helmets gave way to closed helmets. At least in the west. It wasn’t until firearms became reliable that helmets opened up again, the same time armor stopped being head to toe.

      Then again, commanders have generally wanted soldiers to move ahead and kill what was in front of them. (Seeing) and thinking too much has never been desired.

  11. Bluxe

    Thank you for your efforts!! Just so you’d know, there is a typo in page 16: “Langauge”

  12. Thank you! Kingdom is AWESOME and so are you guys!!!
    By the way, There is a typo on page 16:

  13. Jackson

    Muchas gracias amigos!

  14. letouriste

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  15. algarban

    WOW!! Thanks for the chapter!! now we have to wait for more doses!!

  16. Ourorboros

    And finally Shin shows some awareness. The chosen of Ouki & Duke Hyou indeed.

  17. crit222

    What are the major changes in 517v2?

    • It’s what’s in the post. Page 16 of Chapter 517 has been changed so that it correctly reflects that:

      Shunsuiju is actually replacing Kousonryuu as commander of the 100 000 men while Kousonryuu will be acting as his deputy.

      • crit222

        Ah! Ok, you might want to consider writing “(page 16)” alongside it then. Thanks a lot for these updates…

  18. Wizzy

    Thanks for the work guys

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  20. snails

    orphan of the north?
    John Snow, is that you?

    • Hyuu

      A) it’s Jon Snow
      B) no, Jon’s a bastard not an orphan….

      • Oushit_Dono

        technically he is an orphan, his father was killed before he was born and his mother after giving birth to him, the only reason they kept calling him a bastard is because Ned Stark kept the truth hidden.

  21. Hyuu

    So once again the Mountain Tribes just brute force their way through…I do appreciate how the infantry are like carrying like tower-esque shields but once they get stuck in it’s like yeap don’t need this anymore….

    Also that Kousen is also not sure about the Mountain people when they took Restubi in half/a day….very worried about this Zhou intelligence gathering apparatus….

    • Ourorboros

      Lets see:
      About a dozen of them held off a garrison as Sei reclaimed his throne.
      Took a Wei (I think) city in about a day.
      Saved Sei in one charge.
      Took Retsubi in half a day.
      Destroyed every scouting probe this general has sent.

      But they are an unknown quantity and the last was not noticed by the general until he was warned.

      It isn’t the intelligence gathering that is suspect, it is the intelligence.

    • Ourorboros

      Forgot to say, that there is a ‘Zhou’ at this time. At least historically. They were the original kingdom that these warring states took as their nominal sovereign. By this time that pretense has been dropped, but they still have a sliver of land.

    • Arianandhika

      Yeah I agree with you, I dont get how he got all the confidence to underestimate them

  22. Cloud

    One mistranslated over 500+ chapters is that bad of a records. Thanks for all the great work.

    FYI this may just be me but the Kingdom_v02_c19 file upload seems to be the only one in the batch not working. Just mentioning it because this was a recent upload and I know you guys like to be perfectionist πŸ˜‰

    • Odd. I’ll fix it tomorrow.

      • Cloud


        and I can’t remember if I was sleep deprived or high when I wrote that first sentence so I would like to fix my english since there is not an edit option…

        ***One mis translation in over 500+ chapters is not that bad of a record.***

  23. ZamasuDClown

    Please Please Start scanlating Area no Kishi, 57 volumes and only 18 Volumes translated, and its released at a pace of one chapter few months with poor raws, similar situation to Kingdom before it was picked up and similar potential aswell

  24. Arianandhika

    Raw is out, can we expect ch 519 today o great lord oshit? :p

  25. xicath

    any missing page again?

  26. Chapter will be out tomorrow. Feeling a bit sick.

  27. Osi

    Re: the mountain folk and military intel, do you all know how much time and money sports teams spend on analyzing opponents’ tendencies? they do so because, as Sun Tzu said, the wise commander knows his enemy as well as his enemy knows himself.

    The mountain people have only been seen in two major engagements, and neither was a pitched battle. In a pitched battle, they are a complete unknown for Riboku et al, and if they were to mistakenly act like they knew the capabilities and habits of the Mountain people, they’d open themselves up for a much bigger ass-whupping.

    It’d be different if they could review tapes or check youtube videos of yotawana’s tactics, but… πŸ˜›

    • Ourorboros

      You realized that Sun Tzu was a Warring States general, right? And that we know people have been scouting since the stone ages.
      You don’t need tape to know that they are a danger and there is no reason to be confident when this is their type of terrain.

      Having the right tactics takes observation. Knowing they took two fortified cities in a time of war is more impressive than winning two battles on a plain. Only a fool knows that and thinks the Mountain People are simple savages.
      Lack of video is a terrible excuse.

      • Sun Quan

        Alright so i wrote a huge paragraph for you to read but i told myself it would probably be better to shorten it for you. First of all Sun Tzu died ~21 years before the warring state period. Second of all “No Great Tactical Thoughts” Really bro? I mean it, Really? I’ll have to make a list just for you.

        Great Tactics exemple in the recent Arcs:
        (Psychological Warfare) Kan Ki winning over Koku You with his tactic
        (Millitary Investment/Starvation) Ou Sen’s plan to get Gyou
        (River/Flanking) Hi Shin Unit plan to secure the riverbank back @ Koku You
        (Ambush) Riboku’s plan that got the Greatest Great General Ou Ki ( Forever in our hearts ) Killed.

        I can’t think of anything else right now but yeah Tactic

    • Ourorboros

      Also there seems to be no greater tactical thought than “charge” and “charge from multiple directions” by any army so far.
      So the only explanation for losing tends to be the other side is better at fighting.

  28. f5 armies chargeeeeeee

  29. jonus

    Hi, big Thanks for Kingdom (I’m addicted), but just a question: What are your plans for Ad Astra?!? πŸ˜€ I’m dying to read more and am on the edge to take japanese course for it (jk)

  30. Cedric

    O Supreme commander oshit, the suspense is killing me! I am thankful for the chapters you continue to release my friend keep up the good work (Y) I hope Shin will split all of Ribokus retainers in half with Oukis glaive, including The Bushin

  31. Qin

    Will my army win or not?

    • thanker

      If Kingdom is based on a real historical event, then the Qin army will eventually unified all of the states in China.

  32. f5 army reporting for duty

    ready to wait command from great general Oshit

  33. xicath

    lol there is mising page?

  34. Madou

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  35. salluth hi shin

    F5 army .. prepare to attack !!!

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