Kingdom Chapter 519

Finally, things are kicking off.

Chapter 519: MF |Β Read Online



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  1. Oseas

    Thanks based turnips.

  2. inspiredKreatif

    yewww.!!! πŸ˜€

  3. thanks!!

    please go back to rest Great General! Leave the rest to us

  4. udin

    thankyou for the share
    great work
    this is the Only manga ive been dying to read

  5. Oresama

    5000 vs 30000??!! Damn!
    And thanks as always turnip guys.

    • udin

      well its ousen..
      he wont bite what he cant chew
      so no worries mate πŸ˜€

    • Tek

      And against Ki Sui’s elite calvary… He can’t even buzz around. Will be interesting how he handles this.

    • xicath

      mouetn army, the cost will be great, and he draw the first blood!, i thougt iy was ouhon cavalery vs kisui cavalry

      • Hyuuu

        Mouten is very actually far out from the rest of the army….that distance is only gonna get further if they go out charging into Kisui…

        The normal me, thinks Mouten is just to hold Kisui back so Ousen can gain ascendancy on the other side of the field…but then the manga me, is like no he’s actually gonna break through…then keep going off the field…Shin and Kyoukai will then set up to cover Ousen’s flank “that’s why their hiding behind Ousen” and then when Kisui is engaged with Shin, Mouten will reappear from behind….and that’s the end of Kisui 😦

        • Ourorboros

          Yeah, realistically at best he can start to hold off the opposing army if he has a good defensive position. Shin would be positioned further left as a reserve to prevent Ousen getting flanked if/when that fails.
          But manga logic will prevail and a charge will break completely through.

  6. Docboy

    Excellent work…

  7. Anonymoose

    Thanks for your work.

    p14, center panel – I assume it should be ‘deployed’, not ‘deplayed’

  8. Arianandhika

    Great lord oshit and congitraped, i love both of you so much heres the order
    1. Turnipfarmers
    2. My wife and newborn
    3. My parents

    Chapter comment :
    Damn so hyped for this war, for me the best war so far is coalition war and i think this one will be so much better. Id really like to see how ousen can utilise shin mouten and ouhon units.

  9. X

    Thank you!!! WTF will Mouten do vs 6x their size?????? there is no bottleneck in sight.

  10. Schaid

    And the battle begins

  11. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  12. Schaid

    and then Moubu approach to assist Mouten. Lol

  13. algarban

    Wow! thanks TF!! cant wait to see what mouten will do and if shin will go to asist the left flank

  14. Sheory

    Thank you πŸ˜€

  15. Phil

    Thanks for the chapter.

  16. donslime

    many thanks from hell.

  17. Ukahi

    Tks from vietnam, great work πŸ™‚

  18. letouriste


  19. takengrub15

    Am I the only one hyped for Ouhon vs Gakukei? Battle of the two spear users

    • Tek

      I’m more hype for Kyoukai vs Futei. Battle of ninjas. Kyoukai need some spotlight after so long πŸ˜›

      • takengrub15

        Word i almost forgot bout that man kyoukai needs to get her rank up if she wants to be a great general as well

        • Hyuuu

          While Kyoukai vs Futei maybe an interesting fight on paper…uhh didnt Shin beat Futei…I mean and he’s like the worse ninja…

          • takengrub15

            Indeed but hey better kill him off early than have him improve

          • Tek

            Well, Shin kinda, kinda not beat him. I remember it was coalition arc, Shin was getting worked on earlier but did give him one good hit then went to save Ten. It was Ryuu Sen that sent Futei flying. The fight wasn’t really decided and I’m sure Futei improved as well.

  20. I hope these aren’t Mouten Death Flags 😦

  21. Eraz

    Firstly, thank you for works. Secondly, I am sorry for writing always about adding MF links to these posts, but i have also archived all your translated volumes of this manga for a long time. Could you please add the mediafire links?

  22. Boo

    You know what would be the biggest twist? If Hara’s take on Ousen is literally like OPM’s King, in other words the reason he’s always so mysterious and silent and always has his eyes open is cause he’s revving up his Ou-Engine (Ou means King by the way) freaking out 24/7.

    Ousen: (Uh, ummm, hmmm, well okay let’s just divide up the army normally, let’s see we’ll match up my numbers to Riboku, and Akou’s gotta have a fair number too so I’ll send my genius son to help…)
    Shin: “Hey why does Mouten only have 5000?”
    Ousen: (Oh shit I totally forgot we have way fewer men, this is just like that time at Kankoku pass when I forgot to even account for the guy I was facing after I ran away to Hakurou-sama for help…uhh…umm..what excuse do I have here….)
    Mouten: “I understand” (Yare yare to think the general would make use of my hidden talents already)
    Ousen: (γ€‚γƒ»Ο‰γƒ»γ€‚οΌ‰γƒŽ “Well then gentlemen…to your positions.”

    • Boo

      In fact, just think about every action Ousen has taken so far and then try thinking about it if it was actually King. It all makes sense!

      • Don’t really agree, I think he is more kind of “sun tzu thinking style” and just fight battles he can definetly win. remembering that this battle he doesn’t really need to win straight away, he just needs to buy time for the city to starve themselves out… I bet that the outcome of this battle will be a situation where there’s an opening for shin to go straight for riboku but it acctually is a trap laid by him so he can draw out the OuSen Army and finish him off straight away.That’s the moment where OuSen see’s right through it an chooses to run away into some natural fort he already built along the way, making riboku army impossible to siege a city that large with another army in their backs with a knife at their throat.

  23. xicath

    kyokai vs futei is very intresting, btw who will die in thi battle? is riboku will die here?
    and about mountain folk, they follow yotanwa b’cause want to bed her? lol

    • If you’re interested in spoilers as to what will happen, all you have to do is look up the historical characters on Wikipedia.

      You will have to look up their Chinese names which you can find out on the top right of this site under Kingdom Stuff -> Chinese / Jap Character Names.

      Note: Reading these articles will provide heavy spoilers as to the fate of Zhao.

      For reference, in Chinese, Riboku is called “Li Mu”, The current King of Zhao is called “King Daoxiang of Zhao”, and the Prince of Zhao that has appeared in recent chapters is called “King Jia of Dai”.

    • Ourorboros

      “Nations go to war over women like you, it’s just a form of appreciation”
      Helen of Troy

      As for the fate of Zhao, given which side of the protagonist/antagonist divide they area on, I think the outcome is obvious.
      Though I think in universe Riboku’s best move is to depose (kill) the king and install the Crown Prince in his place.

  24. Qin

    When will I know about the progress of my army.

  25. John

    F5 ARMY, ATTACK!!!!

  26. 1st f5 army is ready to charge

  27. Waiting patiently for the epic start

  28. musa991

    Will chapter 520 come out today?

  29. The Marvelist

    Ready and waiting. ^^

  30. yyy

    Can we expect 520 tooday, or tomorrow most likely?

  31. Qin

    Can someone help me pleeeeseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to know what is going on with my 200,000 strong army. I need to know if those buffoons will be able to take over gyou or not.

  32. Chapter will be out shortly.

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