Kingdom Chapter 520

Past midnight here so I’m just going to upload the mediafire download later today along with the last chapter that I forgot about.

edit: Added direct download links for chapter 519 and 520. Fixed v2c19 download on volume downloads.

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Chapter 519: MF



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87 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 520

  1. Not Ben

    First. Also its time for Moten to unleash hell.

  2. X

    dafaq is that mouten doing? he can’t do that all day. Their horses will run out of steam before they know it.

    • Letouriste

      Yeah:/ I expected some sort of guérilla tactics Mouten-like… i guess killing the cavalry will cause some troubles for zhao but that’s just 2k,they have way more no?

      • Ourorboros

        He’s taking away Zhao’s mobile element. That leaves him able to harass the main body of infantry.
        If/when they get to Qin lines, he can switch to hammer & anvil tactics. On it’s own, not enough to beat 6-1 odds, but he only needs to neutralize them and pin them down. The rest of the field is basically even.

        BTW this means that Ousen thinks Mouten is smarter here than Shin or his son.

        • X

          Mouten might be able to pull it off if they won’t be encircled. And their horses can keep up the hit and run. They won’t be able to wipe out the 2k cavalry but killing the commanders will be a great thing.

          I agree, mouten is smarter than shin. LOL! pun intended! shin is just brute force with intuition. Mouten seems to be learned and wise. Ousen might put his son on the other side for “safer” purpose me think?

          • Ourorboros

            Actually Mouten just ambushed & caught the Zhao cavalry in a pincer. Cavalry is notoriously poor in defense. He might have effectively wiped them out, but I don’t think the writers know much about military matters.
            We haven’t seen Mouten build defensive works, so 2.5K infantry holding off 28K is more than tough, even with cavalry buzzing around. It would help if Mouten had mounted archers – IRL he would.

            Shin doesn’t even have much in the way of intuition. He just yells that he isn’t seeing enough action – he’s a frat boy in a strip club.

            I don’t know if it will be easier on the right wing. Properly speaking Mouten’s responsibility is basically defensive. He just needs to not lose. On the right they may need to win & assault the center. To do that, they may need to rout the Zhao – if even 5K Zhao stay organized, the Qin right wing cannot flank the center without putting themselves in the position of being flanked. And 5K is more than enough on the flanks of 25K – casualties.

            That’s IRL, not writer Deus ex Machina.

          • Hikachu

            @Ourorboros you said “We haven’t seen Mouten build defensive works”. He actually came to fortify Kokuyou path and Ten said he was the best of the class at fortifications, meaning he must have some strong basis concerning defense.

          • Ourorboros

            Good lord.
            We haven’t seen him build defensive works here. What he did elsewhere isn’t going to be of much use in this battle now, will it?
            The issue isn’t whether he is capable of building field fortifications. The issue is the army bearing down at him and what he has done in preparation.

          • ameenm

            What I will add to this debate is that, We definitely have not seen the entirety of Moutens plans, at best I believe we have seen about 30% or so.
            The Author is intentional keeping out the part of how he intends to defend at bay just so as to keep the hype going by revealing things in sequence.

  3. Dajh

    I think Ousen wants to sacrifice Mouten.
    1.Ousen wants to be king and maybe he thinks that the mou clan is a dangerous enemy for his ambition. So it would best to get rid oft he heritage
    2.He has also shown in the Sanyou Campaign Arc that he will use soldiers and units as a bait to achieve his goal.
    Ousen probably thinks that Mouten isn’t as strong as his own son or shin who got higher achievements during the last years, but mouten will show him, that he is equally strong as the others if not even stronger and will hold his own against kisui until ousen realise the worth in Mouten and decide to send the Hi Shin unit as Back-up.

    • Ousen is just leaving bait for Riboku (to be exact, Kisui) to catch and HSU (8k or maybe more) will be reinforcement to demolish the baited Kisui army.

      Ousen needs to even up the odds from the get go since it’s 88k vs 120k. Sacrificing another 5k man is not a wise thing to do. Mouten is simply chosen because he is the best one among new generation to actually do this kind of battle.

      • Dajh

        I agree with you. It’s not like i really believed in my theory but i really want to see some “ousen is trying to steal the throne moves” 😦

    • Lear

      @dajh lol, do you think this is 2 hours suspense drama? ousen won’t use that irrational assumption

    • Ourorboros

      Nope, to sacrifice a wing in the opening of a battle is to ask to be flanked and lose – quickly.
      That means he might not survive a retreat and would lose prestige, money, & troops.
      It would significantly hinder his ambitions, not help him.

    • X

      Me think Ousen put Mouten as bait and formed his army deep long so that Zhao can not estimate their numbers nor did they know where is shin is. Just as what the scout reported. Shin and the makou army might sweep to the Kisui at the flank while chewing mouten’s arse.

      • Hyuu

        Surprisingly, Riboku spelt it out pretty well. Mouten is like a double bluff.

        a) think it’s a trap and have Kisui hold thus 5000 have effectively held off 3000 thus evening the field.
        b) Mouten is actually talented enough to hold off Kisui effectively again doing job (a).

        So in that regard Riboku has no option but to send Kisui forward and trust he can handle it against a numerically inferior Mouten. Mouten likewise is probably the best choice out of the rising talent. He’s got the right attitude to pull off hit and runs where as Ouhon has too much pride and Shin is just plain dumb.

        I’m just expecting Batei to be sent off to see off the remaining 2500, Mouten left behind as obviously they were not the best troops to do hit and runs this will unfortunately pull Mouten back to save his “gramps” because he’s actually quite sentimental…

        Then Bam! Shin will come to the rescue 🙂

  4. Docboy

    Amazing work… Good job Scanlating stuff

  5. Dark Strife

    Why Koukaku Army didn’t see enemy army coming from their side?

    • Letouriste

      Don’t know.the zhao in this army looks retarded like hell^^.
      Only their commander is correct,without him they would be crushed easily.

    • Ourorboros

      The hills – it’s plains interspersed with hills.
      That’s why this is the Hunting Grounds.

      To not think of it and not have back up makes him little smarter than Shin. A general that can’t read terrain isn’t much good. He does have 6-1 odds.

    • Hyuu

      For the Kisui army, by the time they realised that Mouten and 2500 had departed it was already too late. Kisui is told they’ve disappeared. So the scout must have realised they disappeared then rode back to Kisui to report it so Mouten would have made quite a head start.

      For the Koukaku Cavalry, well its basic tunnel vision and the ease it is to get complacent especially when pursuing an enemy – same thing happening at Gyou with the Zhou reinforcements. Yes Kisui could have noted how many soldiers actually hit his flank then realised that there’s still soldiers uncounted for; therefore must assume their hiding somewhere. I suppose that will be the first part when 521 comes out that Kisui will realize his cav got ambushed 😦

  6. Arianandhika

    Very nice chapter thank you turnip team

  7. musa991

    Thanks a lot.

  8. Dark Horse

    Ousen’s army is short by 32,000 soldiers. Mouten can handle this first strike as he is one of the best strategist so Ousen made Mouten a bait to lure and kill as much men as possible with his brain and tactics. He likely hid Shin for a surprise attack to later support Mouten and wipe the 30,000 Kisui army on the left, to even the odds. Just a thought.

    • Ourorboros

      Shin is the finishing blow, I think. It is said that the side that commits their reserves last wins the battle. He is positioned so that Riboku doesn’t even know Shin is in reserve.
      And Shin is the protagonist. He may have gone far backwards in the brain department, but he is set up to be the one to get accolades.

  9. Mouten so cool, although not as cool at turnipfarmers. Thanks for another chapter and may lord have mercy on our souls to survive another torturous week till the next release.

  10. Letouriste

    Batei on p14: if we don’t see half their troops then that mean they are somewhere else right?

    …no shit Sherlock did you found that by yourself?^^

    Same for the cavalry leader saying the qin commander is sharp…that’s basic tactics man:( anyone charging like that would take special care for the right moment to pull out

    Thanks for the chapter guys:)

  11. Guess

    Mouten clearly has 2500 cavalry at least, and we know Kisui has at least 1000+2000=3000, but in the initial feint Mouten drew out just 2000, so it is Mouton’s 2500 versus 2000 starting with a successful flanking attack. If they destroy this group while losing only 500, then it’ll be 2000 versus Kisui’s remaining 1000 cavalry. Kisui won’t be able to send the those 1000 out away from the infantry at this point, but this means they’ve reached stalemate. They can’t chase down the Mouten’s cavalry with infantry, and if they try to attack Mouten’s infantry they can just retreat and maintain distance to tie up a much larger force. If Kisui tries to ignore Mouten and directly attack Ousen on the flank, Mouten can follow directly behind them. The direct benefit to Ousen’s deep lines is that it can face flank attacks easily, the rear half can simply step out as a whole new army facing the flank (it is a whole army after all, + Hi Shin unit). This new army and Mouten from behind would pincer Kisui from front and rear,

    • Guess

      To clarify, the new army in the center that can move to face flank attacks is the Makou army placed behind Ousen army. Also this plan would NOT work if Mouten is destroyed, Ousen is betting everything on the fact that not only would Mouten not be destroyed, but he would keep Kisui contained and out of options. If Kisui is allowed to attack Makou without any threat from the rear, the center formation would be in serious trouble.

      • Letouriste

        You forget something: just 3000 cavalry for 30000 troops? This is not a peasant army,they are professionals,so there is at least 6-10k cavalry and not just 3k

        • Noble

          No, horses are really expensive. Usually armies in large scale european wars would have a about 10-15% of their armies as cavalry. I doubt it’s that much different in China. That would mean that they probably don’t have more than 5k, and more likely 3k or 4k cavalry

          • ameenm

            That might be accurate in history, but we all know the manga doesn’t depict history and reality with perfect accuracy especially on the battlefield
            IMO kisui should have around a total of 8000 cavalry in his army.
            3k are already accounted for and probably 1k has to stay with him at all time protecting his HQ, then Batei will be leading about 2k as their main offesive.
            So I expect to see another one or two more thousand man commanders with their own cavalry.

        • Guess

          When Kisui got hit in the flank, he should have sent all his remaining cavalry to take care of it. There wasn’t any other dangers around, so why not get that easy win if you can?

        • Ourorboros

          Historically cavalry units have been pretty small – far smaller than the equivalently named infantry units.
          Maneuverabilty, speed, & shock each count for a lot. Together the advantages multiply & not just add.

          • Hyuu

            Well I’m gonna assume Kisui still have buckets of Cavalry to go since he’s got his funky bow armed heavy cav that he led to save Keisha and also Ryuutou also led some bow cav too so yeah I’m gonna say he’s still got at least 5 to 6 cav he’s been hiding away 🙂

  12. Lear

    Of course you can make such move with full cavalry army, but kisui may as well not to commit his whole 30k to face 5k, rather have 10k well matched composed army to pin mouten down and 20k to move qin flanks.
    The zhao can be expected to concentrate attack on right flanks since the left was being locked by qin army.
    No … even one glance you cannot expected 5k to annihilate 30k, but a reinforcement may do, or they were used as a ‘feint’, while the center punched through.

    We don’t know how the battle might turns out, that’s why we follow the manga in the first place

  13. f5 army, chargee no I mean readdddd

  14. qq

    If I were in Kisui I would have sent 10K calvary to attack and engage with Mouten’s 5K army. And than lead a forward charge towards the center army with my remaining 20k infantry, attacking their left flank.

    • anon

      By doing so, he’s stepping out of line, his orders were to destroy the Qin left wing. Even if he does send 20k as flank, the centre of the zhao has to move out, else it’s gonna be 20kvs58k, if the centre of Zhao move, that means Ribuko would either follow the centre army or stay back at HQ with his personal guard, leaving exposed eitherway.

    • Guess

      Kisui doesn’t have 10k Cavalry going by the artwork on his army. Likely he only has 3k otherwise he would have sent more against Mouten’s flank attack since there’s no other threats.

  15. Hyuu

    Kisui is obviously gonna divide up his forces soon, Batei is gonna take some and keep marching on Ousen as Kisui tries to deal with Mouten. Then we will have the Batei Shin showdown 🙂

  16. Eraz

    Ousen doesn’t need to win this battle, just need to delay Riboku until gyou falls. because of that, i think both flexible and expendable mounted troops(Gaku Ka & Gyoku Hou) are positioned sides to use hit & run tactics. In addition, Hi Shin unit is a mixed unit and also has most stamina and defense power than other two but weak in terms power of cavalry. Ousen prefers defense mostly in this battle, so he will want to strengthen middle army to rally point for side armies in time of any emergency. Time is critical for both armies so Riboku will want to try taking the head of Ousen quickly by sending assasins like Futei but Shin and Kyokai will cut them down.

    • qq

      Yes and no. While Riboku may want to conclude the battle as quickly as possible in order to assist Gyou, it’s better for Zhao if this was a drawn out battle. As the Qin army will eventually run out of food with this supply line removed, and the Zhao will continue receive more and more supplies and reinforcements as time goes on.

      I don’t think Riboku would send out Futei against Ousen. Based on the fact that both Ouhon and Ouki are crazy strong, it wouldn’t be far fetched to assume Ousen is of the same level of strength. If Riboku sent someone after Ousen, it would have to be someone as strong as Houken for it to be a viable option. Otherwise it’s just a suicide run for whoever is sent.

      Regarding Shin griping about being the rear, that actually works to his advantage. If he was at the front lines, his options/movements would be limited. This is basically what happened in the battle with Renpa, and Shin was able to slay Rinko. I can see Shin possibly giving Mouten a hand as Kisui is likely to divide his forces up to attack the center army. Basically Mouten deals with Kisui’s cavalry forces while Shin handles most of the infantry.

    • Ourorboros

      Actually if the relief forces for Gyou were to link up & co-ordinate while Gyou organizes the military age peasants inside, they have the numbers to break the siege.

      Ousen has a major problem in supplies. Even if he takes Gyou, he needs to eat. If he merely sieges the city and takes it based on starvation, he has no food. He has enough soldiers for a break out, but unless Zhao forces are utterly routed any Qin unit will be harassed .
      Ousen is also stated to not have enough soldiers to take the capital. Qin has no more troops at this time, so no way to run in supplies.
      Stalemate means he loses.

      • Osi

        That is true of any attempt by qin to hold gyou. Ousen went in anyway. No debate on the above, the question is why did he abandon go on into this situation instead of going home at retsui or whatever it was called. Its ousen. He has a plan.

        That said, remember he took all the food for like 100 sq miles. And the peasants in gyou are starving. They cant fight. But he CAN feee whoever is left and send them home to eventually begin production. That way, he only needs one resupply from qin.

        Also, if he wins, zhao will be routed, as long as riboku dies. Kesha and many other senior commanders are already dead. The king of zhao is a moron. Ousen wins, he can set himself up to take it all, i think.

        • Ourorboros

          The peasants at Gyou are definitely not starving. The food supplies are low because they were fed. Of course the longer you wait, the more food you eat.
          Whoever is left of the peasants would not be resuming production. Their crops would be burned anyways. It’s easy to destroy a crop before harvest – everything is dry.

      • qq

        Zhao definitely has the numbers, but I doubt they’d be able to rouse the peasants into breaking/attacking the blockade around them. Unlike the battle of Sai, there’s no charismatic figure to inspire them into action. Also, Ousen has already spared their lives. So why would they risk leaving Gyou in order to be slaughtered by the Kanki army, when in all likelihood they’ll be spared? Lastly, their low on food and supplies and the trek escaping into Gyou has depleted all their strength/stamina.

        My best guess regarding the situation would be Ousen being unable to capture Kantan, but capture enough cities and do enough damage to destabilize the region and cripple the state of Zhao. This would result in the other neighbouring states such as Wei, Qi and maybe even Chu seeing an opportunity to attack Zhao and eliminate a dangerous threat (i.e. Riboku) like what Yan did earlier.

  17. Ouki's Lips

    Thanks so much for the TL!

    Though has Shin been officially demoted to a side character? You know that cliché side character who always says idiotic things but sometimes his idiotic words give smart people good insights. I know that the author will give Shin his time to shine, but after all of his idiotic displays, will it really be believable when he all-of-a-sudden starts acting cool and collected?

  18. clank2

    Thanks from Mars

  19. Osi

    So one thing has bothered me (and maybe only me) during this battle. Given how far away they are from Qin, it would be incredibly hard for Qin to secure any gains made. That was the whole point of Riboku making that one city indefensible, if you can’t hold that, you can’t really hold anything beyond it.

    UNLESS you have a guy like Ousen, who’s brilliant and ambitious, and has been waiting his whole life to grab some significant power of his own.

    Best conclusion: Ousen has no plans to return to Qin. His goal is not this city, his goal is killing Riboku, crippling Zhao militarily and destabilized the region to the point where he can inhabit this impregnable city and set himself up as the highest authority around, answerable only to Ei Sei. And if he pulls it off, no one in Qin would fight him on it. Which is why, for once, Ousen is gambling everything.

    • Osi

      Oh oh! IF I’m right, Shin’s going to be really mad for a while, because his unit would have one target, and one target only… they probably wouldn’t be fighting until the very end.

      From Ousen’s perspective, there’s one job no one but Shin and kyoukai together could realistically do. If I’ve got it right, Shin stays in reserve unless everything’s going straight to hell.

      But what do I know: 😛

    • Ourorboros

      Wouldn’t work. He has even more supply problems then on top of having a deserting army. The situation would be worse than the Queen Mother story line & that was dumb as hell.
      The Mountain People have no loyalty to Ousen. Neither do Shin, Heki, or Mouten. Kanki might stick around if he though it was fun & there was a profit. He would also leave in a bad situation.
      He has no peasants to farm the fields, no craftsman to make new gear. No food for the winter – and there will be a winter.
      A miserable situation all around.

      • Osi

        Ousen has his own army, that’s why this is his first Commnand (instead of being a vice general.) They’ve always been worried about who that army was loyal to. So yes, Shin, Mountain People, and Kanki would definately go home. Ousen’s troops, not so much.

        And yes, they have a supply problem. That’s my point. It will be nearly impossible to be resupplied from Qin for any length of time. HOWEVER: I completely disagree about “no peasants,” I think he took care of that chapters ago. have you noticed how Ousen in one move got the Zhao plebians to respect him, and caused a wave of refugees by harming none? From their perspective, the fact that he didn’t murder them, well, he’s a good guy. It IS a period of endless war and guys like Kanki are around, after all. Not being murdered by Ousen, in a weird way, will endear him to them.

        And when he sends them back to their lands to work it, won’t they be thrilled? Supply problem solved… or, at least, solved way, way better than relying on a tenuous route back to Qin.

        I’m not saying its a perfect solution, I’m saying, I can’t see the other working at all. And this one fits Ousen a bit better.

        • Eraz

          I assume when Qin army takes the Gyou because of low supply, Ousen is going to order the army to take peasants as hostages. After that, Ousen can extort food by Riboku by blackmail in return of Gyou’s refugees.

          • Ourorboros

            Hostages will not work at all. All these wars have been about gaining power & land, not fighting for the people.
            Ousen would just have a revolt. Maybe he puts it down, but he takes loses from it.

        • Ourorboros

          Ousen’s own army, after battle loses, would be about 50K at best. He isn’t holding anything with that.
          He wouldn’t have any peasants because they’d be caught in a no man’s land. They’d go to Zhao or die in raids. Zhao are known specifically for their cavalry – perfect for raids. Every crop up in flames, every foraging group from Ousen’s remaining army mowed down.

          • Osi

            Agrees re ousens army size. Which is why he has clearly switches styles. He is going for a knockout… Organized 50 k beats routed army fighting chu as well with no real leadership.

            Every peasant for hundreds of miles around is currently trapped in gyou. Ousen takes gyou, he takes them.

            So: if he can kill riboku and take gyou, he wins. He, even with 50 k injured soldiers, with his defensive genius, would dig in, and zhao would have only one general capable of unseating him. As previously discussed, however, that guy has no interest in kattan or gyou.

          • Osi

            Much like people, if ur in a fight, dont matter if the other guy is bigger- AFTER you take his head off. If riboku dies, zhao is headless. The king is a moron. If that happens, it doesnt matter how much of their former army could be redeployed, there would be no one capable of successfully redeploying them. And all kingdoms would know it, and attack. Game over. That is why ousen is going all out for the first time ever. Strap in, its gonna be epic!!!

  20. Luring and flanking is a cheap tactic (for manga as big as KingdoM), I hope author will give better move next week 🙂

  21. donslime

    Thanks turnips for the chapter.
    By the by it’s the second time in a row that chapter got an early release. Should we get used to this new timing or not ??

  22. Thanks for your efforts!

  23. Seriously ambushing chasing enemy must be the oldest trick.

    • Ourorboros

      Every – and I do mean every – steppe tribe does this endlessly. Zhao has fought them and modeled their cavalry after them.

  24. Cloud

    You guys are a beast! Thanks

  25. Osi

    Osi’s full prediction of this war (if Qin wins):

    The actual battle- I dunno. However, my guess is, Ousen wants Ouhon to take out Riboku. Shin will also have a high level target of course!

    Riboku will die.

    Afterwards, Qin will waltz into Gyou, which, after the weeks of this long protracted battle, will be starved out. He will kill no one, and send the peasants home- as long as they swear fealty to him. They will, of course. What choice do they have?

    This will present the remaining Zhao commanders with a difficult decision. 1. They can return to Kattan and serve a moron king who will doubtlessly loose to Ousen, not because he has a disadvantage, but because he’s a moron, and it’s Ousen. The fact that he will make bad choices will be and already is obvious. There will be defectors, and lots of them.

    2. They can swear fealty to Ousen. (remember, he’s already absorbed enemy forces… a long time ago. So it’s in his bag of tricks.)

    Moron king or Ousen: who would you choose? Especially if your house is within Ousen’s domain… not a hard call.

    Ousen, with a cobbled together army, eventually (patiently) takes Kattan.

    • Johan Avril Yansen

      100% i believe Riboku will not die in this battle

      • Osi

        %100? Than you are either reading historical records- aka cheating- or mistaking this for a traditional marrative, aka not based in historical record.

        But i will bite: ok, another option is field losses cause riboku to leave the field, at which point the moron king banishes him, and everything elsr stays the same.

        • Johan Avril Yansen

          So, based on your prediction i’m curious who do you thought that will be the last opponent(final boss) for Shin to defeat?

          Yeah, i read the historical records (not the full book), but it doesn’t matter because soon or later the story will change not based in historical records like you said. So it is pure my thought that i believe Riboku will not die in this battle.

          By the way Ousen and Riboku actually are beasts (They are among the strongest general) but i prefer Riboku because he got many disadvantages (like his king being an idiot and zhao state had small territory not like Qin and Chu) but he still got great achievement (not gonna spoil what it was). His achievement is truly amazing considering disadvantages he had, you must see it yourself.

    • Duhh

      – deleted –

  26. Oushit_Dono

    I’m still not clear on the Gyou siege method, if the city is starving and your army is running out of supplies what good will it do to occupied a low on food city , how are you gonna survive with your limited supplies after words, I means yea you took the city congrats but then what? starve to death? Retsubi is already reclaimed by Zaho how any food supplies will reach who remains of a 200000 army ?

    • Osi

      They raided the granaries of multiple cities throughout the region. But only the army accountant can answer that logistical question. It comes down to : amount of food raided – (amount eaten per day by army, multiplied by amount days before gyou falls)= how much food left if and when gyou is taken. We dont evem know the size of gyou’s rice surpluses, let alone the daily ration for a qin soldier. We must take Mr. Hara’s word for it. Ouse does not seem worried.

  27. F5 army scout reporting in for duty. Waiting patiently to see Moten kick ass

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