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Kingdom Chapter 525

Yet another melodramatic cliffhanger. Probably why Kingdom is on break next week.

Sadly, the chapter’s LQ again.

Ok, time to watch Game of Thrones.

edit: Added direct download links

Chapter 525: Read Online | DDL

Chapter 523: DDL

Chapter 524: DDL


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Kingdom Chapter 524

Well, chapter’s finally here.

I’ve got no idea when we’ll release the next chapter unfortunately.

Chapter 524: Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 523

Chapter 521 and 522 direct download links below. Might be redoing the cleans for 523. Will upload the direct download after that.

edit: Having trouble finding raws. We might not be able to get Kingdom early for a while.

Not sure when the next chapter will be out.

Chapter 523: Read Online

Chapter 521: MF

Chapter 522: MF


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