Kingdom Chapter 523

Chapter 521 and 522 direct download links below. Might be redoing the cleans for 523. Will upload the direct download after that.

edit: Having trouble finding raws. We might not be able to get Kingdom early for a while.

Not sure when the next chapter will be out.

Chapter 523: Read Online

Chapter 521: MF

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90 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 523

  1. Quinton

    Thank you for the chap! Also @Oshit do you guys need any help with typesetting or proofreading for Kingdom? cause i’d be glad to help if you guys needed it

    • Docboy

      Same here…

    • I think we’re fine right now.

      We probably could use someone to typeset it so that we can get the chapter out a day earlier over winter as I’ll be away most weekends but my understanding is that sense has someone they think might be able to fill that position already.

  2. Docboy

    Excellent work…
    Keep it up…

  3. John

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  4. letouriste

    thank you so much:)

  5. X

    Thank you!!! So early! 🙂

  6. Astral

    Excuse me, about the translation for kanjou monologue, the chinese translation seems to have some difference (That’s General Akao for you, he is someone who clearly understands.
    If it’s something that involves both the battle plan and his father Ousen.
    Under these circumstances, young master would then think that the reason general Ousen keeps him away from the front line would rather not be “to avoid him from getting hurt”
    But because “he has no expectations from him”
    And the reason is…). Just asking, could it possibly be that there were some errors during translating?

  7. Arden

    So im gonna copy what @Astral said:
    Excuse me, about the translation for kanjou monologue, the chinese translation seems to have some difference (That’s General Akao for you, he is someone who clearly understands.
    If it’s something that involves both the battle plan and his father Ousen.
    Under these circumstances, young master would then think that the reason general Ousen keeps him away from the front line would rather not be “to avoid him from getting hurt”
    But because “he has no expectations from him”
    And the reason is…). Just asking, could it possibly be that there were some errors during translating?

    Is this is true maybe Akou was actually intentionally provoking Ouhon so that when the time come for Ouhon to launch a surgical strike, he would be able to outperform himself thus increasing the success rate.

  8. Guess

    The right side is set up more simply, two wide lines clash into each other, pin each other down, then the side at executes the better flank wins. Akou is spread more thin, 20k versus 30k, but if they manage to pin all 30k down Ouhon ‘just’ needs to punch a hole through all of them to kill all the generals, Even if Akou succeeds, his plan will result in heavy losses for his men but there is no subtle strategy here, just pure power.

    • Ourorboros

      Yes, but that’s the hard way.
      Akou leaves himself no reserves to stop or create a break out.
      Using cavalry to bull their way through a line is the slowest and least certain way that will create the most casualties on the Qin side. Ouhon’s unit is mounted – if the Zhao are pinned down they should ride around.

      • Hyuu

        I’m pretty sure Ouhon is the reserve…that will plug the gap.

        I’m guessing this is sorta showcasing what Kanjou states that though people fear Makou as the strongest in offence – he uses tricks/strategy to make it seem more effective. Akou on the hand and his troops are just that strong that they can do it the straightforward way. Much like in the earlier example when Ten first takes to the battlefield against the Wei; that brute force is just as good as strategy.

        In regards to “thinly spread” what about the centre??? With Makou going off with his 20,000 it’s just Ousen and the Hi Shin unit 38,000 vs Riboku’s 60,000 🙂

        • Wayne

          Good point about the center. The wings are further forward so there may be 1-2 hours lag before the fight starts in the center. (Hard to tell in manga) Also, during that time if the Zhao on the left side are not reinforced by 15k men, it WILL fall. So, either Zhao sends reinforcements, and their center reduces in men, or Qin’s left wing wins outright and is free to hit Zhao’s centre from the side or rear. Lastly, I think Qin’s center is on a pretty huge hill, it looks easy to dig in at least and hold off a larger force for a time.

        • Ourorboros

          Tricks & strategy do not make armies “seem” more effective. They make armies actually more effective – it is the more effective use of manpower. Ambushes, flanking attacks, using higher ground, etc allow you to defeat or at least kill more of the enemy while taking fewer loses.
          Brute force has its uses, at times that is all there is, but brute force is never as good at strategy combined with force. Strategy is like a lever, it compounds the value of the brute force available.

          No, the center is not thinly spread regardless of numbers. It’s about the amount of ground covered & placement vs number of available troops. A 2 to 3 disadvantage can be overcome with high ground alone, though it cedes initiative for a defensive battle. That alone is why Mouku & Tou never had to come down the mountains to fight in the siege of Kanyou & why Ousen never had to get so elaborate if he didn’t plan to divert his force later.
          More to the point, if the Qin right holds even and the left wins – as things are currently pointing to then it is the Zhao who are at a disadvantage because they are flanked. In fact a smaller army that flanks a larger one usually wins.
          Essentially Ousen is opening in the Mougou role, with his left in the Ousen role. His center (and every center) needs to be a viable force in the field to allow his wings to proceed. He was assuming Mouten would lose, but Akou would use the distraction to crush the Zhao. Then, even though his numbers would be smaller, Ousen would have the far stronger tactical advantage.

          If pure numbers were all that mattered, Alexander the Great would never have made it out of Greece. The 10,000 would never have made it home. Etc.

          • Guess

            We all know Qin will win, but Riboku has not responded yet. A plan that relies on a defensive QIn center would allow the Zhao center to reinforce both wings and wait for wins before pushing center. It’s too risky, think about it, Zhao’s center can send out 25k men to the wings and then hole up on a hill and also ‘wait defensively’. If Ousen sees the Zhao center slow or stop in their push towards him, he has to push out to meet them and otherwise threaten them. On the other hand, if Riboku is dumb enough to brazenly push forward alone even having heard by now the left side (his right) is struggling, he is a fool instead of the brilliant commander he’s made out to be.

          • Guess

            I should add that this is what I would do in Riboku’s position. Turn his center into a shield that maneuvers to intercept the Qin’s center only if they advance. Send out 10k cavalry and 10k foot solders to the left side (zhao right) . This would instantly turn the left side into a no win situation for Qin, since their forces are not in formation. 10k cavalry flanking the 10k 3rd 4th wave infantry as they are being held up by Kisui’s 10k calvary, or hitting Qin’s cavalry busy with Kisui’s center, both would end in instant slaughter.
            Having numeric advantage means using it to create 2vs1 or 3vs1 situations while still having fair fights everywhere else. What you don’t want are a bunch of 1.25vs1 situations, you want decisive wins that snowball.

  9. Ourorboros

    Since Ouhon does not understand the impact of a large reserve and is just a bit less temperamental than Shin it is Kanjou that should be deserving of a place in Ousen’s army. He seems to have more overall understanding.

    Mouten seems to have more overall grasp, he is certainly the most deserving of recognition of the three.

    • Hyuu

      I don’t think it’s that Ouhon doesn’t understand strategy but he is just more daring and looking to settle things more decisively early as he similarly to the spear guy from Zhou has no knowledge of what Akou can do and therefore wants to be in the action from the turn go because he is absolutely confident with his own abilities.

      I’m gonna just assume Ouhon won’t sit and wait – he’s like Shin.

      • Ourorboros

        Well Ouhon was introduced as Shin’s noble counterpart, just one that was educated in war. But being confident in your capabilities is meaningless when trying to grind through a 100K army.

    • Osi

      Ouhon’s issue to me isn’t about strategy, understanding, impatience, any of that- he has daddy issues… not judging, a lot of people do!

      But it’s pretty clear. His problem is that he perceives this strategy as an insult… he sees it as his father relegating him to a support role when he should be front and center.

      He has some good reasons to assume that- Mouten was in the command tent when the left’s strategy was discussed, Ouhon, obviously, was not. And don’t forget the backstory of why he took up the spear- when a child playing with one, instead of ignoring him all together, Ousen takes the time to tell Ouhon he’s doing it wrong. I think Ouhon is mostly motivated by proving himself to his father.

      However, re: being pushed into reserve out of disrespect, looks like he might be wrong, maybe… Too early to say.

      • Hyuu

        Yes, that’s pretty much spelled out when he fought the Fire Dragons of Wei as Kanjou questions him about why he is in such a rush to achieve but again yes having beaten the best spear user in Wei and being sole architect of that strategy – even Tou heard him out. To then not be part of the strategy meeting is pretty understandably frustrating – who wouldn’t be…even Mouten regards Ouhon as having substantial achievements…

        But again, there’s no such thing as the best strategy…only ones that work and ones that don’t…so in essence, Id go with Ouhon and Ousen have their own ways of doing things it’s just a matter of perspective…what should be considered actually a slight is Ouhons unwillingness to follow orders which I believe he will “jump the gun” subsequently 🙂

        • Osi

          right… and I can’t wait to see if he’s wise enough to be able to conquer his emotions and go at the right time

        • Ourorboros

          Well with writing there is no best strategy. In reality there is.
          For an army of 100K, Ouhon can be quite validly left out with his fellow 5K unit officers.
          Mouten has the deepest insight, not only of strategy, but of the people situation. But then he has always been shown as deserving of a higher rank. It was high grandfather who held him back first. I think Moukou even mentioned this at Kanyou.

          • Osi

            There is definitely no ‘best strategy” in a battle, there is only orthodox strategy and best practices. Because each fight is unique, and using orthodox strategy can seriously backfire. The most anyone hopes for is, when looking back in hindsight, one’s choices matched the situation and lead to a victory. But how would “best” be determined when you can only choose one strategy, one road? Only in video games and board games can you ever see how it would have turned out if you did it differently, and thus, its impossible to say, in reality, what the best response to a battlefield situation is. All you can do is say what worked and what didn’t, over time, and train people on what worked and why… which is what actually happens.

  10. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  11. Osi

    So… on Qin left, we have a battle where Ousen’s forces, facing the men of Riggan and their somewhat inexperienced commander, used trickery, and in doing that, nullified Zhao’s advantage of numbers.

    On the right, vs what appears to be the strongest generals Zhao has left aside from Riboku, Ousen is employing no immediate strategy at all- just the straight up might of Akou.

    This confirms, Ousen correctly read Kisui’s/Riggan’s capabilities- good, but also green enough to be outmaneuvered by Mouten. It also suggests to me that on Qin’s right are enemies who would excel in battles depending on trickery or Cavalry tactics. If that’s true, whatever he plans to do with the Right’s independent unit (who, the way Ousen thinks, also randomly happens to be his son), he will do so late, after the main armies have ground each other down.

    That’s pretty much what Ouhon was told by Akou… wonder if he will listen? Because there’s something else: Ouhon killed the man considered to be the greatest living spear wielder already, so even if Ousen doubts his command capabilities, its probably not random he’s on the same side of the field as a great spear wielder.

    • Hyuu

      I think it is a bit far fetched to say the Ousen knew Kisui would be placed against Mouten and nor would I call Rigan troops “green” considering, Kisui has been born into warfare along with Ryuutou and Batei, he’s also pacified the neighbouring rival city to in Western Zhou that burnt his dad. I’d be more inclined that the Qin left flank has favourable terrain to do hit and runs…

      About bringing numbers to even Qin hasn’t actually done it at all…it’s again not Mouten that’s bringing down Kisui but Mouten and Makou 25,000 vs 30,000.

      The centre is where stuff has to happen cause it’s 38,000 vs 60,000…

      • Osi

        Reread the chapter where kisui rallies his men, he himself estimates that the numbers are even. If you reread a previois chapter, you will see batei take it upon himself to chase mouten, against kisui’s order, which backfires. As a force, if a lieutenant ignores the commander, “green” i think can be applied. Remember we’re compairing them to other armies, at this point shin has seen way more fighting than riggan. Maybe they were born into war, but their father told them to stay home for riggan.

        Also, mouten had very good scouting on the enemy. It seens more far fetched to imagine this is happening at random to me than that it’s ousen’s plan.

    • Ourorboros

      Mouten was just going to be bait. It is only when Mouten explain’s Ousen’s real strategy & boasts that Ousen is impressed.

      Osi – yes Shin has seen a lot of warfare, but has he actually learned?
      Kisui’s estimate of equal numbers is because he estimated Zhao loses bringing numbers even. IRL eyeballing two separate Qin armies to be about the same number is pretty impressive.

      Given how active Qin was in invading their enemies even before Sei took over, I’m guessing Kisui is pretty experienced. The problem is a common on in writing – in order to make Mouten & Ousen look smart, Kisui has instead been mare to be pretty dumb.

      • Hyuu

        He’s learnt how to fight better…otherwise he hasnt shown any grasp of tactics but it’s hinted that his intuition is sharpening…like he knows when things are off…

      • Osi

        My point was this exactly! Shin has seen “a lot,” but for a commander, he’s green AS HELL. Kisui has seen less and for a commander, he’s green as hell. (Shin is learning to be an instinctive guy, as we all know… that takes pure experience, he’ll figure it out eventually I’m sure… but will likely always rely on Ten)

        And how is the problem with the writing? Are you looking for a series when no one is surprised by anything, ever? If so, I don’t think military genre is for you, my friend! I don’t think there was a problem at all… the battle is developing nicely. This is like watching a chess match and saying “That grand master lost two pawns! wow, he’s really slipping.” During THE OPENING 🙂

        • Osi

          And yeah, losing pawns during the opening may be a terrible sign. But, it may not be. Because chess and war are fluid, dynamic affairs with lots of movement and chaos and endless choices, some patterns but endless variations. I don’t think there’s such a thing as watching a chess match and understanding every nuance of strategy employed by the players, unless you’re on the same level as the players, and Mr. Hara has been well decorated. He’s one of the best, period, end. of.

  12. Next chapter will probably be out on Monday,

  13. ipapotihus

    It’s is monday yet?

  14. Having trouble finding raws. We might not be able to get Kingdom early for a while.

    Not sure when this chapter will be out. I think we’ll probably be using raws off the official magazine release on Thursday (13th July).

  15. rumeal

    word atleast u tell us fuck it ill get one piece and kingdom together

  16. Arden

    We havent seen extra chapters/side stories lately.. Im pretty sure a lot of fans are curious for what shin been doing beside war(like they holidays, his land/house and others stuff), I really hope hara-sensei did that.

  17. John


    • I’ve edited the post but as I said in my comment slightly further up, I’m not sure when we’ll be able to release the next chapter. Hopefully we might be able to get the raws off the actual magazine release on Thursday but that would probably mean a release on Friday at the earliest.

  18. Shin

    F5 till Friday

  19. Gordon

    Thanks for the update. You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work!

  20. Jeeem

    Damn Kingdom. Better than my ex!

  21. algarban

    F5!! Cant wait

  22. GP

    Why don’t you ask Mangastream to work with you? They’ve got nice raws and they’re looking for someone to translate Kingdom. Maybe you could cooperate. Just my opinion

    • Mangastream don’t play by anyone’s rules but their own.

      They’re notorious for stealing projects and releasing chapters as fast as they can and at a lower quality until the competition dies off after which quality and release times typically get even worse.

      Asking a group to go work with Mangastream or asking Mangastream to take up projects already being translated is basically asking for the other group to stop scanlating the project and/or for lower quality releases for typically marginally earlier release dates.

      Every day I wake up with a growing sadness at the realisation that scanlation is going the way of fansubbing – dying slowly with the fanbase cheering it on.

      • Jackson

        That is sad, thank you for the needed perspective. I’ll stay away from mangastream then, sound like a bunch of dicks…

        • Well, you can’t really if you want to read the mangas they scanlate because for any projects they’ve taken from other groups, the other groups rarely survive.

          E.g. Casanova scans used to release better quality chapters of Shokugeki no Soma. Mangastream took it up and released worse quality chapters a day or two earlier.

          The internet voted for Mangastream and Casanova is now effectively dead.

          Here is a relevant short story by John Galsworthy – Quality.

          • That is a fascinating, and moving, short story. Thank you for linking it.

            I wonder if anyone has ever told mangastream about good business practises…

          • Those ARE good business practices though. You charge what the market will bear and it’s up to readers to decide with their wallets so to speak.

            I don’t actually hate Mangastream really. They are giving their audience exactly what they want – fast releases.

            And unless that audience begins to demand a higher standard, the prudent business decision in order to maximise readership would be to do as Mangastream does.

      • GP

        I assume you don’t read Berserk (or at least its English translation). Look at how much the quality has raised since Evil_Genius and Mangastream began working together. It’s true that they sometimes they just steal projects from others and that this is really a bad thing, but you could just use them for your own sake, without them stealing Kingdom from you. It’s undeniable that they’ve got raws some way and that’s what you need at the moment.

        • Who knows how mangastream purports to steal the projects. If it’s possible to form a partnership with them – give us raws and you can link to our website, so we both get extra traffic or something like that – then that would mean Turnip Farmers can still work at their own pace, right?

          • GP

            It’s exactly this way, I think. Berserk comes out after 2-3 days, exactly the same as when only Evil_Genius was scanlating it. And a part from One Piece, HXH,… I don’t see such speed in their releases. Actually, JaiminisBox is even faster than them.

        • I started reading Berserk back in 2001 or 2002. I haven’t read it regularly ever since they got on the boat. Didn’t know Evil Genius and Mangastream were working on it together.

          We’ll see.

      • Cloud

        You should consider adding this to the FAQ section. I feel like every time we have a slight delay this comes up and you have to repeat answer. Just a small suggestion. And thanks for all the awesome work.

      • Quinton

        How about Jaimini’s Box? They do TG:Re as well maybe they’d be more willing to help out with the scans

    • anon

      MS has some of the worst translations ever. They constantly try to force in unnecessary idioms and expressions. I remember Luffy saying something like “come hell or high water”. Everyone’s speaking tone also gets exaggerated and receives 10 extra “shits” and “fucks”.

      They also started sticking in their fanart at the beginning of their chapters to get some extra page views. They tweeted at Kubo for some chapter anniversary before the chapter even came out in Japan. They had some other issue with monetization before with donations or an app or something.

  23. hg

    I agree with Oshit. Turnipfarmers you are awesome!.

    We can wait. I started to read manga 20 years ago. Things were much pure and naive back then. Mangastream or the others steal projects and trying to populate themselves for more hits and ads. Basically they are doing it for money. Quality does not matter for them, quantity does. They should read Kingdom and learn something from Ei Sei rather than publishing. Quality over Quantity.

    • Arden

      Yeah.. I noticed about the mangastream issue with Haikyuu! There are 2 groups working on it, with mangastream releasing it faster. But i notice fallen angel do much better job at translating it.

  24. xicath

    holy shittt, the mising page againnnn!

  25. Hassan

    Waiting, waiting haha. Since Sunday I wake every morning checking if there a release yet lol. Man just can’t wait with those chapters on fire haha. Ousen so far has the upperhand, is ribouku actually taken by Ousen as of now. I doubt that, ribouku must have some scheme for Ousen.

  26. inspiredKreatif

    patience… as the Cap says.. sometimes patience is the key to victory. 🙂

  27. Jae Hoon

    Korean fansub
    Still looking forward to reading Turnip Farmer’s though.

  28. donslime

    came here to poke…

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