Kingdom Chapter 524

Well, chapter’s finally here.

I’ve got no idea when we’ll release the next chapter unfortunately.

Chapter 524: Read Online



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39 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 524

  1. Docboy

    Excellent Work guys.
    Please keep up the good work.
    Do tell if you require any help.

  2. Oseas

    Thanks Turnips

  3. Ketigaxx.. Keep spirit Oshit!

  4. LeDecline

    Thanks TP. Appreciate it as always!

  5. Cloud

    As long as it’s from you guys, is worth the wait. Cheers mate.

  6. algarban

    TY !!!! Great chapter, it keeps slow pace so we can get to see all sides of the battle. Great work as always, ty

  7. X

    Thank you! It was so long but worth the wait. 🙂

  8. Quinton

    Thank you so much!

  9. Thank you for the subs Turnip

  10. Jackson

    Thank you guys, and you’re the best! Amazing work!

  11. Hyuu

    There you go….Ouhon jumps the gun and does his own thing….called it!

    • Osi


      I’m trying to figure out what Akou would have done without Ouhon. It sounds like he’ll be annoyed, and also, a great commander, such as we’re told he is, should in theory have been able to counter somehow…

      As is, it looks like he would have taken severe losses…

      • Hyuu

        It’s similar to the Keisha vs Duke Hyou situation when Mangoku does the rear attack and Shin is luckily to have gotten to the rear in time…

        However, this is a semi criticism of narrative but again if Zhou’s second wave army was to mobilise surely Akou’s 2nd army should have seen them coming….especially the 7,000 that came at them as a distraction…cause they came at them across an open field…what time more concerned with is sure while the left wing is engaged; the right wing/centre should just be able to follow up…..

        I have no idea how Ouhon gets to where he got tooo….!!

        • Guess

          Ouhon was stationed on the left side rear of the Akou army based on chapter 523 page 9. He probably saw the force moving to intercept Akou’s second wave and went further left around them with a small force. He also only took around 1000 men not his whole unit of 5k, so he might have taken his elite and fastest riders.

        • Osi

          I wonder about that too.. hopefully it will be addressed. My guess is, the second wave’s lack of response comes down to Akou’s focus on frontal attack/lack of care of casualties mixed with a feint we wouldn’t have seen- perhaps the cavalry that attacked the second wave broke off at the last minute, and by the time the second wave new the enemy was coming for them, they couldn’t counter, they could only dig in.

          My bigger question is: why engage in a purely central, straightforward, aggressive attack with no frills when your numbers are so much smaller? Despite their strength, it seems like a losing strategy. I’m thinking there’s more to it- because Akou suggested as much…

      • Ourorboros

        Well any decent commander anticipates flanking attempts, since every army that ever existed tries to flank their enemy when possible. Cavalry are especially vulnerable. The Akou Army Second Wave should have been the counter to that, but since the Akou Army only understands going forward, they were themselves flanked.
        If the numbers shown are close – and the writers can be all over the place from issue to issue – the first and second waves are basically gone. The Zhao 7K hitting the Akou 2nd wave of 5K from the side kills them. The first wave is surrounded on three sides, though the other half of the Akou Army is behind.
        Ouhon is now inadvertently proving the value of reserves and committing them later though.
        A general who keeps charging through his own men probably doesn’t have an army after 2-3 battles though

  12. kingdom and one piece released in same day, in oushit we trust

  13. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  14. Arianandhika

    Today i lost a 70 mins dota game but kingdom and onepiece came out at same time so im happy

  15. This is great! Thank you so much for the chapter!
    So after reading oshit comments about mangastream stealing other works, I now read Haikyuu and shokugeki no soma at different groups. It was a fansub like turnipfarmer/sensescans called FallenAngel. And it’s true, the translation quality is wayyyyy better! I And also the releasing speed is real quick too! Probably difference only in an hour or so with mangastream’s release. Im so glad to find out about fallenangel. Hope fansubs groups like you will be blessed forever! You guys are the real deal! Thank you again!

    • Wait, they even release shokugeki no soma faster than mangastream’s. Damn these guys are awesome! Check it out at
      Right now i probably bot gonna read mangas on third hosting websites anymore, better do it directly at the source/scanlation group sites.

  16. MyzitkalElement

    I used to think mangastream formerly known as binktopia was a quality group but did not know better. Reminds me of the comparisons of dattebayo and taka-fansub.

  17. bomberman

    wow, thanks as always.

  18. Kebabkshii

    Thanks for the chap:)

  19. donslime

    poke the bear and offer your terms, before it pokes you.
    I hope the inconsistency in acquiring raws is only a temporary inconvenience.

  20. Qin

    Spoilers for next chapter out. Can’t wait for translation

  21. Blasta


    Have small dose until we wait for General Oshit!!

  22. letouriste

    usually i say thanks for the chapter but this one put me in a bad mood:/
    first: bananji described as strong than renpa(physicaly).renpa was not the strongest in that regard but still,his strenght during his prime should have been really high.i really like bananji personality and chara design so i hope the autor don’t mess too badly his case.
    second:the strategy.
    commanders are on the lookout for attacks right? how exactly they got surprised by bananji one? looks like textbook one to me.the repartition of troops is sensible but the general move should have been easy to guess.
    i can’t believe they need ouhon here for saving the day:/ talk about experienced commanders^^ and bananji should have contingencies to use against the move ouhon pulled

    • TenKai

      it was a surprise because Bananji Himself lead the assault this early in the clash, and Ouhon reacted faster than Akou, So while Akou may have a counter for Bananji’s Distraction wave, since Akou is way at the back of the waves, Ouhon probably is after Bananji’s head already.

    • Dajh

      don’t get it why you can’t say thanks, just because you didn’t like he chapter. I mean it’s not like general oshit did something wrong^^
      Thanks for the chapter btw.

    • well, akou did have contigency for that, It’s just that banaji anticipated the contigency

  23. X

    Hoping a miracle would come today. -_-

  24. rumeal

    ohshit. what’s the word ? no rush take ya time

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