Kingdom Chapter 526

As per the post on Sense Scan’s website, we’ll probably be getting Tuesday to Wednesday releases from now on and a break next week.

Chapter 526: Read Online


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78 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 526

  1. Cloud

    Thanks for the hard work

    • Guess

      Anyone notice how on page 12, Akou takes a one-handed swing with his right hand on the end of the glaive. On page 13, he finishes the swing with both hands and his left hand is now on the end of the glaive. On page 14, it’s back to a one-handed hold.

      Either there is some hand sliding motion going on (unlikely during a swing as you’re grasping the handle with all your might) or the author made an oops.

      • Hyuu

        The short answer could be that passage of time between images may not be exactly a second by second play of events…so there’s room for correction but more than likely that was a nice spot!!!

  2. Gwayn


  3. Udasghan

    We appreciate your efforts.

  4. Leo

    I thought we Brazilians didn’t like to work… until I met Mangakas… specially Oda from One Piece

    Anyway, thanks for chapter!! Great translation and great quality as always

    • vwin

      it takes a significant amount of work to produce a professional manga chapter (read bakuman).
      Sometimes the authors hit a blockroad with their story or work on other projects as well

  5. Oresama

    What the actual f*ck??! Ousen has no chill XD
    Thank you as always, turnip dudes.

  6. Silencio

    thank you *bow*

  7. Quinton

    Thank you! Shin is about to take all of Mouten’s hard work. Also how many omakes are you guys going to release? You stopped volume scans near the end of coalition iirc

  8. Wayne


    Looks like Ousen is using the left side (Mouten) as his spear, and the right side (Ouhon) as his shield. Quite a surprise considering the initial setup, awesome use of tactics. Hopefully we’ll see the Shin deliver the blow that wins the battle on the left and then see whether Ousen intends to fight the center or rescue the right.

  9. Damerican

    Thanks as always for the hard work

  10. Osi

    Shin wont take kisui, he will be distraction for mouten. However, ousen specifically wants to show riboku shin is there, and have riboku in fear of our hero the general killing ex servant. So that riboku reacts to shin.

    So guesses Osi…

    • Wayne

      Could be. Mouten has 5000 men and Shin only 800, so it’s unlikely even for him to charge in without knowing exactly where Kisui is. Another possibility is that Ousen sees Mouten falling just short and wants Shin as insurance. Kisui is on his guard now after all.

      • Osi

        agree with the last bit- that’s what I think Ousen is playing at.

        Mouten had 5000 but that was his full force, not cavalry… at this point, he probably has reduced numbers… Kisui wouldn’t know exactly how many. 800 is definitely a safe bet from Kisui’s perspective.

        Kisui doesn’t know where Mouten is. Ousen KNOWS kisui doesn’t know where Mouten is. Therefore, when 800 Cavalry head for base camp, who do you think Kisui will believe it is? a second tiny detachment, or Mouten?

        He will react like he’s found Mouten, and try to crush him. Kisui has to do that so he can focus on the other army. But it will be a trap… creating an opening for the real mouten, who will attack from a different angle.

        At that point, it’ll be a melee right in Kisui’s base camp, and Mouten will have the advantage in taking Kisui’s head. Which he’ll need, because it’s Shin of the got-danged HI SHIN UNIT

        • Ourorboros

          I don’t think Ousen knows Kisui has lost track of Mouten, because Mouten is on the far side (left) and behind Kisui. Mouten should be out of Ousen’s sight too.
          But he knows Mouten has grasp, he doesn’t know if Mouten has enough men.
          So Shin is both an insurance policy and a feint. Shin distracts Kisui from Mouten and serves the same purpose at this point. If one doesn’t get Kisui, then the other might.
          I don’t think Riboku plays into this at all, except to deprive him of a commander/wing on the first day.

          Side note – on the Qin right wing, the Zhao split attack really can’t disengage without being chased down themselves.

          • Osi

            Ousen has been watching that field, and he’s Ousen, he sees 12 moves ahead.

            Reread perhaps? Ousen definately does know, because Mouten said “Tarry, and we will be the ones to steal the show,” when they are planning strategy. And later, during the battle, and as Mouten is disappearing, Ousen whispers to himself “So, you really did see it.”

            The whole point of Kingdom is- great generals see many moves ahead.

        • Hyuu

          Yes…cept for one problem…armies like to bring banners parading who their affiliated with so I mean Kisui will know the 800 are the Hi Shin unit….

          Honestly it’s more like Kisui as expected having not died already to Makou means he’s competent enough to perhaps realise how much damage/dangerous Mouten is and therefore likely Shin is insurance 🙂

          By sending only 800 likely it’ll avoid any detection as it’s such a small difference that can escape perception…

          • Osi

            we shall see!

          • Ourorboros

            Ousen can’t count on Mouten actually succeeding or even knowing what he was talking about. Remember, Mouten was a throw away.
            Seeing 12 moves ahead doesn’t work when there is so much chance, really. It depends on everybody reacting the right way & succeeding or failing – at the right times.
            If Ousen can see Mouten, so can Kisui, but Kisui lost track.

          • De

            Also you are forgetting about Kisu’s right hand man that he had to save before, one or the other (Mouten or Shin) will have to take him on keeping him distracted long enough for the other to take Kisu’s head or take his head as well.

          • Hyuu

            @De yes that show down between Shin and Kisui’s right hand man would be an interesting fight…

          • Osi

            just so we’re all clear- I will be saying I told you so. A LOT. 🙂 (unless I’m wrong, then I’ma look like an ass, full acknowledgment.)

            The only convincing argument I’ve heard so far is about the flags… but, I am hoping Shin is wise enough to leave them. If its not to confuse Kisui, sending 800 cavalry with one of Qin’s best young generals is beyond stupid. To be convincing, I’d have to hear a reason to do this idiotic thing, if not to provide a clear and present opportunity to take Kisui’s head. And I can’t think of a better one than I suggested, not even close…

          • Ourorboros

            You might be telling us “I told you so” not because of the tactical situation set up, but because of the writing. They do not set up the situation to get the outcome they desire, they just rely on Deux Ex Machina.
            I’m not saying sending Shin out is illogical, Shin has killed Generals before.
            Ousen certainly sees a lot of the battle field, but the Qin left wing strategy was chosen because of it’s obstructed view. If Riboku could see what was going on, it would be over.
            Again, Ousen really can’t rely on a boast. He certainly doesn’t know Kisui has lot track of Mouten. From the outside – and from what the Zhao command group can see – Kisui has restored order on the front and withdrawn his HQ. He’s actually wary about them. Maybe you’re the one who needs to re-read, Osi.
            Plans & projections are fine, but people actually have to carry out plans. There is the chaos, untimely deaths (people & horses), the possibility of battlefield scouts & messengers bringing help, etc. The only reason the English lost the Battle of Hastings was a chance arrow shot at the end of the battle. The English had otherwise survived the day intact.
            Really, since all generals pick out the highest point they can, there is no reason Ousen can see Mouten since Kisui cannot. Kisui isn’t only closer, but Mouten is on his far side (relative to Qin). The local hills obstruct Mouten from Ousen’s view.

          • Guess

            Ouhon only took around 800 men with him when he cut into the enemy formation on the right side. You can tell he didn’t take 5000 men because the formation he cut into only had 3k men and he clearly brought far fewer.

            I wouldn’t assume that Ousen knew Shin had to go to make a difference, but rather maybe he thought the chance of winning on the left side was 75% without Shin, but 90% with Shin, and the chances of holding in the center wit Shin was 75%, but without Shin was 70%, and decided that having Shin on the left was better value for the battle.

          • Hyuu

            That and Shin ain’t doing much sitting at the back anyways…

            As the Ousen army doesn’t seem to be engaged at all, very curious what sorta soldiers he actually commands; like their style.

          • Osi

            Who said Ousen could see Mouten?? Ousen sees ahead, he understood that, if given a chance, Mouten would disappear, and so Ousen guessed how many cavalry was a safe estimate of Mouten’s remaining cavalry force, decided on 800, and sent shin in with the same number. All that is basically fact. The only supposition I’m really making.

            Once again, if not, why the hell would Ousen do that? it makes no sense otherwise. Yes, it would avoid detection, but it also divides the Hi Shin unit and sends a valuable asset into the field, removing him from any potential other usage. In other words, Shin is now fully engaged, and he and 800 cavalry are entering the field cold, with no real knowledge of where their target is!!!! sorry, but this makes no strategic sense.

            To those still criticizing Hara, I can only shake my head. I think one who did so suggesting burning the fields as a strategy. LOL!!! there are three battlefields, we don’t know which way the wind is blowing, or how wet the grass is… now THAT would be deus ex machina, if someone randomly set a fire and it burned only the enemy instead of causing global chaos, or, more likely, burning out with little impact. Or, I guess Qin could use all the oil it would make total sense for them to have brought on this trip, ha.

            if you’re going to criticize, be nearly as dope as the people you are talking about… should be a general rule.

          • Osi

            Sorry, the only supposition I’m really making is why ousen sent 800.

            Because again, otherwise, that’s really dumb.

          • juice1286

            He knows shin isn’t taking kisui head. Remember Ousen likes to attempt to recruit talented people. Shin is a feint. Little does he know just how effective shin is.

          • Osi

            Agreed! Also, Ousen has used this tactic at least once before- he convinced Heki (bro) to ‘attack’ in a situation when he knew Heki had no shot of actually taking the enemy down. When Heki was bogged down, Ousen unleashed the real attack. Heki was very much less than pleased to have his force decimated as bait without having any idea it would go that way.

            Shin really might take Kisui lol. however, best guess- Shin attacks first, is delayed by Batei who is waiting for Mouten to attack in the same way. Mouten then attacks, bee lines for Kisui. After that, we see what Hara has in store!

  11. dolfinyo

    Thanks for the hard work guys as always just one thing,how do you know that kingdom is on break again next week?There are no mentioning about break at the end of the chapter and usually we get one if there is a break,Also the previous chapter mentioned that this week is a double issue.By any chance we got two chapters this week?

    • Oresama

      Because it’s a double issue for the magazine, so this time it’s not only kingdom but also all manga in the magazine are on break next week. There is obon festival next week so the magazine gets a break

    • Cloud

      As oresama mentioned, double issues doesn’t mean two chapters but rather a double issue for the magazine due to up coming japanese holiday. So unfortunately what you see is all you get.

  12. What the hell is up with all these breaks? Kingdom seems have closer to a every other week release than a weekly one.

    • Every other manga in the magazine is on a break too. Japan has quite a few festivals / public holidays where magazines always take breaks.

      On top of that, Hara normally has a few breaks over the year.

      I’ve got no actual idea but I’d guess you probably get like 40-45 chapters of Kingdom over a 52 week year which is still better than 12 for a monthly manga I suppose?

  13. 21stcenturykid

    Thank you for the chap! Arggggh another break with this kind of cliffhanger.

  14. Thanks very much from brazil, I love your work guys !

  15. faridcwidjaya

    Wasn’t this supposed to be a double issue? So are we going to get a 527 this week too?

    All hail Turnips!

    • Leo

      It doesn’t mean its gonna be two chapters or have twice the number of pages, it just means that its gonna worth for both weeks

  16. Gledi

    Thank you for the hard work 🙂

  17. algarban

    Thanks a lot tf!!! great chapter, shin is finally entering the war, Lets hope he can shine with some tactics not just dumb charge up front.

  18. God

    Seriously i almost forgot shin exist. Too many chapter that shin just seem to disappear.. glad he’s back and cause some destruction… ^^


    arigatou gozairu. orz (dogeza)

  20. KingdomFan#1

    This guy takes too many breaks! I want my kingdom daily!

  21. Tek

    “This week it’s double issue, which means no chapter next week!” What does double issue mean? I don’t see double amount of pages 😛

    • The magazine Kingdom runs in has more pages in it than normal I think. The double issue doesn’t refer to Kingdom, it refers to the magazine (Young Jump).

  22. Yeman420ph

    I thought we have a double issue this week?

  23. Thanks for the upload, the day does not matter as long as the uploads are consistent :). Thanks for doing an awesome job in bringing one of the top mangas there is to us every week!

  24. De

    Thanks for the great work guys.

    Just my thoughts but as a character Shin has come a long way and has shown growth in intelligence and reasoning thought he is still reckless. I find that going back to the beginning and reading straight through often reminds you of the characters development as well as the overall story flow.
    Think back to the first encounter with the mountain tribes and Shin back then, he was a brute with a sword and deep loyalties which help his king at his time of need as well as forged a lasting friendship, it was here that Shin also first learned the value of camaraderie which he has carried with him throughout the series.

    So folks during this long week without your Kingdom “fix” why not take a read through from the beginning, that’s what I do from time to time. 🙂

  25. Hyuu

    Very very liking Bananji, whose like “Ouhon looks like your good with a spear…let’s wrestle!”

  26. I dont know, but, i think Shin is gonne be the general headhunter of ousen in this war and if they have sucess in this war to take gyou, in the beggining of the arc ousen talks to shouheikun something, i suspect he wants Shin became his vassal, as a prize for winning war.

  27. Yeman420ph

    Where is the next chap?pls.

  28. rumeal

    wait so chapter come out tomorrow or next week beloved?

  29. rumeal

    i was gonna say thank u buy now suck my dick no I don’t read I just comment to say thank u

  30. Osi

    its a long break but we should count our lucky stars… the only other manga I found worth obsessing about was World Trigger, which may or may not ever come back because the author fell ill. Hope he recovers, and hope Hara San is using these breaks to keep himself in top shape

    …god I miss world trigger

    • Guess

      We need a brain interface that lets artists draw with their thoughts so they don’t all keep getting sick from overwork.

  31. rumeal

    i miss world trigger also

  32. Quinton

    spoilers are out! 🙂

  33. mostafa

    korean release also out too

  34. Fabster full raw chapter here… maybe it will be faster out… hopefully we dont have to wait till tuesday…

    • Oseas

      That’s not a raw, that’s a scanlation. And that’s not Japanese, that’s Korean. (if the characters have a bunch of ovals and circles, good chance it’s Korean). And I doubt anyone on turnip farmers or sense knows Korean.

  35. rumeal

    fuck it let’s be patient

  36. X

    any news good sirs?

  37. Guess

    I broke at looked at the korean scanlation, and am ai glad that Turnip would never use such bad quality scans!


    dieing for new life… f5 f5 f5

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