Kingdom Chapter 527

edit: Not sure when next chapter will be out. I will be off the grid due to work most of this/next week due to work.

Chapter 527: Read Online



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59 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 527

  1. Oseas

    Thanks Turnips.
    Any reason why you used Quanrong instead of Kenjuu?

    • Mostly the same reason states are Chinese I suppose. More recognisable races like the Xiongnu would be translated into the Chinese term too.

      • Well, you did use Kenjuu in Chapter 20. Would this mean that you’ll be retroactively editing earlier chapters (if you ever did plan on a re-release) for sake of consistency?

        • Yeah, if we were to re-release, we’d probably change it.

          back then, it seemed like it was going to be a one-time thing and we hadn’t nailed down what was going to be translated as what fully.

  2. HIghthreat


  3. Docboy

    Good work.
    Keep it up as always.

  4. Michiru

    Thank you Turnip farmers

  5. thef5army

    thank you

  6. Oresama

    It would be nice if Yotanwa could make the Quinrong to be her ally like she did with others.

    Thanks for the hard work, turnip boys.

    • Ourorboros

      It would be classically funny if the Wolves recognized the Mountain People as kin and destroyed the Zhao between them.
      By story logic, they Quinrong have retained their ancestor’s ferocity & skill, but IRL you have to wonder how they are contained in one city if they are so strong.

      • Hyuu

        Contained is not what’s happening…they just stick to themselves, no one is keeping them there….side note to Batei’s statement of where out of the way places usually hide like talent…

  7. Thank you

    As above, thanks.. though correct if I am wrong, but weren’t quanrong part of Gekishin army’s poison dog unit? Can’t remember anything concrete from history about rong di or about the four barbarian tribe things so I don’t know from where the quanrong originated… should have checked Wikipedia before came here, but I am feeling a bit fat/lazy so meh..

    • Oresama

      Just checked the wikia, you’re right quanrong is the main force of gekishin army, they called poison cat and dog unit. But we still don’t know whether this quanrong and gekishin’s are the same, let’s see how this fight turns out.

      Btw nice catch there, I don’t even remember who gekishin was until seeing the wikia, I mean he was easily beaten by houken with single slash ._.

    • Arturo-Plateado

      Yeah, and Heki also mentioned them back in chapter 20.


    omg omg… i am so happy…

  9. musa991

    Thanks for the hard work.

  10. Jozze

    Just when we got to see Shin again, we’re following some dog ppl … 😦 Still, thanks for the hard work, Turnips!

  11. Arianandhika

    Amazing, hopefully no more breaks in the near future bcs this war is lit bro. Ty turnip team

  12. Madou

    Thank you for delivering this chapter

  13. findy

    yesss thankks

  14. God

    Personally i dont like Zhao Suprem commander. Something about the drawing make him look weak and arrogant

    • mac

      He’s probably strong, a weak commander wouldn’t ride behind the invaders army and threaten their commander, let alone ride through them to get to his own army. But yes, he’s probably arrogant af and that’s why he has a death flag above his head. My guess is that he won’t survive this arc and that’s why he looks so generic.

  15. Guess

    First page is quite interesting, it shows that both wings deep in combat but the centers have yet to even close in on each other.

    • Alan Howard

      Indeed…. kind of like in boxing, the strategic type fighters use the first two rounds primarily to feel out the opponent’s way of moving and thinking. (only knock-out artists come out swinging on the first bell)

      I wanted to go see what was up with the other fields- but coming right off a break? Harsh, Hara-sama, Harsh

    • Guess

      I also wonder how these fights will end at sun down, it feels like the left and right wings are making a lot of progress on the first day, but this battle is supposed to last days if not weeks.

  16. Schaid

    so many main battle, remind me of war of kankoku

  17. Beebidy Bop

    Why not Ousen left wing? In page 1?

  18. Warcodered

    …this move is so very confusing. I mean the Zhao have to get past the Qin Yotanwa doesn’t need to attack this city. I mean if the enemy bunkers down she has no reason to disturb them. I guess the idea is that by using the city as their base they can use it’s army to their advantage. But if they were unwilling to send their force to join Riboku’s army earlier I don’t see them cooperating super well now either.

    • Ourorboros

      Each side is concerned about pinning down the other. Zhao doesn’t have to get past Yotanwa, the new commander is concerned about her joining Ousen & tipping the scales.
      For reference, many of Napoleon’s victories during his ascent happened when 10-20K soldiers just made it to the field in the nick of time to save his butt.
      If Riboku wins, Gyou is saved regardless. A besieging army is spread out. 20K in organized mixed soldiers breaks the siege. The way the writers showed random Zhao units acting as if reaching the city itself was a goal was beyond ridiculous.

      As far as the Wolf soldiers go, they wouldn’t be the only Zhao army that is unwilling to fight anywhere but home.

      As a practical, IRL, point Yotanwa certainly can’t besiege the city now. She was outnumbered before and now she faces real fortifications.

      • Guess

        The reasoning about not wanting Yotanwa reinforcing Ousen was an asspull. By retreating backwards so far, there was a real risk Yotanwa could have sent her 10k reinforcements to Ousen instead and contented to wait where she was. Yotanwa blundered in getting falling for such an obvious taunt.

        • Ouroboros

          Yotanwa’s mission was to keep these Zhao from interfering elsewhere. She has to stay. She can’t send away the extra 10K soldiers because the Zhao have enough soldiers to send units around her. She has more unfamiliar ground to cover with less soldiers.
          Should she have followed with her main army? Maybe not, but she had to keep contact.

          • Guess

            Remember those 50k elite troops she has can wipe the floor with the 90k peasant army. Dividing up into pieces is not an issue for her if the other side tries to run her blockade. Getting baited into a trap is. She really does not need to move to fullfill her objective, and already stated herself that following will lead to a more advantageous fight for Zhao.

      • Warcodered

        That doesn’t make sense disengaging means Yotanwa is free to either chase, stay put, or go somewhere else. The Zhao force here had two ways of winning beating Yotanwa and getting past to relieve the siege or reinforce Riboku to beat Ousen and stop the siege. Anything else is a stalemate that relies on Riboku to succeed on his own.

        Yotanwa doesn’t need to besiege the city Yotanwa’s only necessary objective is to not lose anything else is bonus points.

        • Hyuu

          Actually Yotanwa has to keep that army occupied like she can’t let the Zhou out of her sight in case it goes to Gyou or help out Riboku, she doesn’t neccessarily have to engage…likewise the Zhou can neither let Yotanwa send troops to Ousen as again 10k of soldiers suddenly arriving could tip the scales on positioning alone….so their both kinda on that same page….

          It’s may turn out surprising as “tribal people” have their we follow the strongest leader concept so if Yotanwa likewise just challenges the head Quinrong could happen…I think something on those lines will happen but Yotanwa doesn’t go first but one of the mountain leaders does and gets eaten alive 🙂

          • Alan Howard

            I’ve run the scenarios in my head- and replied below, meaning to here. But, here I’ll get to the jist of the scenarios I’ve run: any force Yotanwa could send to the main army that would be large enough to matter would be seen. If they are seen, Zhao will send a force after them to harry them on their way, and messenger horses (faster, because they don’t have to worry about fighting later) to warn Riboku.

            It wouldn’t be a surprise attack, and the detachment sent to Ousen would be slowly whittled down.

            Zhao could also have some of the force they would send after Yotanwa’s detachment break off and sneak attack Yotanwa’s base camp later. Not a good idea to allow the enemy to divide their forces on their home turf!!

            So, I then figured Yotanwa would either have to attack WHILE sending the detachment, or counter-attack whatever force Zhao sends after the detachment. Given their lesser numbers, the resulting chaotic battle for the mountain people would create heavier losses than anticipated before.

            That would be acceptable. But only if the detachment were bound to create an unfailingly advantageous situation for Qin.

            But, given there’s almost no way to keep word from getting to Riboku before the mountain people’s detachment, and given Qin is a smaller army by far on every field, and the fact that the mountain army and Ousen’s DON’T EVEN SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE, let alone know how to fight together-

            It’s a really dumb idea 🙂

          • Guess

            The point would be that any force sent after a detachment that is not the entire Zhao army would be destroyed by Yotanwa if the rest are sitting at the base. It basically forces the Zhao army to not retreat, and instead split, a potion going after Yotanwa’s detachment and the rest needs to pin down her main force.

      • IIRC this is where Li Mu (Ri Boku) shows his true strength in defense strategy, as he did against the Xiongnu. Like Lian Po before him, eventually (years down the road), he will be undermined by the politics of the royal court, as well as Qin agents deployed throughout Zhao.

        Not sure if that is what will be in this story, or if this story will be completely different from the actual history.

  19. Gan

    This battlefield is getting too enormous. I wonder if it’ll take a year for the battle of Guo to resolve.

    • Ourorboros

      Does anybody know how many issues the writers are playing for? Like Cerebus as 300 issues.
      Worse, I get the feeling at least two of the three battles will resolve at the same time. I really thing it will be all three, with Kanki somehow finding a tricky way into Gyou.

      • dolfinyo

        Yes,Hara said that he ‘s planning to end Kingdom with 100 volumes.Currently we are in the early 49th.Unless something comes up and he has to end the manga sooner, then we’ve yet to reach the half point.

  20. Ourorboros

    I find it hard to believe the Mountain People would let the Zhao disengage so completely. I think they’d tear into them. Purposely or not, there’d be a lot of units sacrificed.

  21. Alan Howard


    Yotanwa has a smaller force and is part of a larger smaller force (Qin). Even though her smaller force looked superior, it would be dumb to divide it and send a bit of her force to Riboku- even if she did, he’d still be outnumbered, only, now he’d have a random crew of mountain people to try and suddenly add into his plans? That would be a terrible idea. Mountain commander: “btw Ousen, we have x amount of cavalry, y amount of infantry, here are our fighting styles, strengths, weaknesses, and where we are on field.” Ousen: “SHUT UP DUDE I’M TRYING TO FIGHT A WAR HERE GO BE RESERVE FORCES!” …lol.

    My point: any troops Tanwa could send would be better used BY HER. Therefore, she’s sticking to her original mission, given to her by Ousen. To do anything but would represent a critical error in chain of command that would cause any strategy to be more likely to fail than to succeed.

  22. Oseas

    Just to confirm, by this week you mean the week of 21 of August, not the week of the 15th when the original post was made?

  23. X

    I dunno what the heck are they talking about but looks like there is a pack of heated wolves that are in thirst for some “action” to the mountain queen. But seriously, I really don’t know about the spoiler. LOL!

  24. Thanks for the chapters =]
    Oshit, can you make download links for the last 2 chapters? Thanks =)

  25. Schaid

    F5 army where are youuu?

  26. thef5army

    *hands shaking*

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