Kingdom Chapter 528

Hopefully have time to update direct downloads etc. when I get home next week…

Chapter 528: Read Online


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33 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 528

  1. Oseas

    Thanks turnips.

  2. Schaid

    Thank you. Second

  3. Oresama

    Damn shunmen, we don’t even get to see his face.

    Thanks turnip boys.

    • Dajh

      maybe he isn’t death. He is one of her strongest fighter after all. I doubt the mangaka will let him die through a one shot by a no name soldier.

  4. Gledi

    Thanks matesπŸ˜†

  5. Sheory

    Thank you πŸ˜€

  6. Letouriste

    Thank you:)

  7. Jackson

    Thank you very much, you’re the best! An unexpected surprise this week, good luck with everything…

  8. Osi

    Oh snap… Mountain Vs. mountain over here! Will Heki remain just very slightly above average as a general? Will any of those mask guys we actually kind of know like Baijo be killed? The battle develops…

    Sadly/Gladly we may even end up seeing what Kanki’s up to before going back to shin… Three wars at once…

  9. Guess


    Here’s to hoping the fights will start concluding soon.

  10. Guess

    So, what are the odds that Rozo will fall in love and turn against the Zhao?

  11. Rynal

    I believe Ousen has also predicted this mountain tribes in ryouyou which is the main reason why he entrusted that part to Yotanwa’s army which is the best match for them..

    • Surtur

      I find it bit predictable how the fight will turn out. In the end the Tribe wants to join Yotanwa like all the other tribes so their boss can get hopefully Yotanwa.

      • Ourorboros

        After Yotanwa kills one of their strongest fighters, maybe even the king.

        I almost called it last chapter – mountain recognizes mountain, turns on Zhao. Instead Wolf was going to fight both, but was reminded of the tribute they receive. They will fight Yotanwa, be impressed, then kill Zhao.
        Helmet Hair guy always had the look of a dead man.

  12. Arianandhika

    Thank you oshit for the updates despite your busy schedule

  13. Arianandhika

    Guys I dont quite get Shunsuiju’s response about the rewards. So the presence of Riboku itself is a gift?

    • Hyuu

      Essentially the “price” Shunsuiji mentioned is basically – if you don’t come and help us fight Qin on behalf of Zhou, then Riboku will never be able to come deliver you delicious mutton ever again…

      As it is assumed reading between the lines, the idea is it will be the end of Zhou or death of Riboku if the Wolf/Dog tribe people don’t help…

    • Osi

      It was, essentially, about face.

      The wolf tribe’s rep had to be maintained, so… technically, the Zhao are invaders and should die too. And it’s not like the commander could admit to being afraid of a Qin invasion later- he’s a baddass ruler of warriors, they smell fear, he may lose his seat.

      Thus, a tribute was needed. make it too big, and the wolf tribe sees Zhao as weak. But if there’s none, the King would lose face with his people.

      So: the tribute is Mutton. Yearly presents, if you think about it. Or, if you think another way, yearly tributes, which is kind of like taxes. Basically, he’s saying : “we’re already buying you off. If you want us to continue buying you off, you have to help ups.” in other words, aiding in this situation has become a PART of the yearly “tribute”, or always was.

      The king is now fulfilling an obligation. Zhao gives up nothing they aren’t already giving. Everyone saves face.

  14. Surtur

    no, riboku brings always “mutton” what ever this is as a present.

  15. Ferabeo

    Thanks ! πŸ™‚

  16. X

    THANK YOU!!! A prime minister is very good at bribery huh? LOL!

    • Hyuu

      Always good to make an extra friend than enemy…

    • Ourorboros

      Actually this has been done in many places and times in history.
      Usually you need more than a sizable flock of sheep. You’d expect gold, silk, jade, tea. But that wouldn’t play into the wolf theme.

  17. Guess

    In the next chapter, mutton vs prime streak!!!!

  18. Michiru

    Thanks Turnip. I wanna see Yotanwa full strengh so bad 😐

  19. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  20. Surtur

    529 …. please

  21. Aziz

    Chapter is out guys!

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