Kingdom Chapter 529

edit: as per my comment – planning on getting the chapter out tomorrow night (24-26 hours from now (1 p.m. UTC/GMT).

Apologies for the delay, I’ve been incredibly busy with work lately.

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118 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 529

  1. mostafa

    time check , second time

  2. Qin

    It won’t be out today

  3. gogogo

    thanks for everything!

  4. mostafa

    just checking time

  5. Hard to wait man

    What time zone are these comments written in? I’ve been refreshing for 4 hours now expecting it to be out any minute during the entire process.

  6. Hard to wait man

    Anyway it’s been more than 7-8 hours now, and I was promised the chapter within 7-8 hours from 12.44 pm GMT. I don’t wanna be a whiny bitch but it’s hard to wait man!

  7. mostafa

    I’m still refreshing

  8. rumeal

    senswscans prolly live in the hurricane area

  9. Osi

    First of all- Turnip guys- love what you do… and thank you b/c our desperation is a sign of how much we depend on you!

    Second- my Kingdom people, what do you saw we crowd source hiring a eunuch who will agree basically to do nothing but search for raws and translate kingdom?

    I’m sure there’s at least one available. Sure, severing gonads has gone out of style thankfully, but its a big world

  10. Yeman420ph

    No translation yet..

    Hope this helps scratch ur back.

  11. Well, I’m at work now. There’s nothing else to do on our side. It’ll be out as soon as Sense Scans manages to get their redrawing done I suppose.

  12. Cedric

    Kingdom is by far the best manga I’ve ever read… I had to read the raws, just couldn’t wait anymore 😦 patience is a virtue guys don’t do what I did you will regret it.

  13. christian

    thanks for the chapter. Thanks for the effort even though we got whiners here

  14. X

    Aaaaaaaaaaand the self proclaimed “star” of the left wing is eating a sword the wrong way. So much for the “remaining” elite force. They got plowed so easily.

    • Dajh

      it’s his own fault for getting cocky XD

    • Tek

      Didn’t even put up a fight lol.

    • X

      Didn’t even pull a sword or anything. Did it really happen faster than his head???? Big brute with small brain?

    • Ourorboros

      So a point I made earlier was right – Riboku should have had battlefield observers of his own and should have read the terrain well enough to send a large number of cavalry to long way around.
      After all my posts pointing out the tactical short comings of the writers, I have to give them this one.
      But Riboku should have sent an underling. It’s kind of what they are for & he needs to keep an eye on Ousen.

  15. sikorumbe

    Is there any plan for you to upload the HQ chapter?
    Thank you.

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