Kingdom Chapter 530

Most of you probably saw it already, but yeah, Sense released the chapter earlier.

Please join in me sending bad vibes to Oshit in the hopes of him falling down some stairs so that he can be bed-bound and therefore available to do Kingdom 24/7.

Chapter 530: Read Online



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113 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 530

  1. Quinton

    thanks for the chapter!

  2. Thanks for all of your efforts


    so bad… cursing OShit …. for the greater good of man kind…. hahaha… (thumbs up)

  4. Ekid

    His Makou deaf? How could he not hear Riboku army until he is at 3m of him?

  5. Androdead

    Weird for Makou not to notice it at all, and letting Riboku pierce him without even trying to fight.

  6. Mits

    lol Okay. Sure Riboku, just suddenly appear behind a seasoned veteran with a bunch of galloping horses, and stab the dude in the neck. That’s entirely plausible and not bordering on the use of magic.

    • Boo

      His own army is all rushing up the hill, so he would assume the noise is his men. I imagine there must have been a flaw in his transitioning formation that allowed Riboku to weave into his army without alerting Makou in time.

    • dolfinyo

      Yeah Riboku used stealth magic.Thou this was rather dumb,it’s not llike Kingdom doesn’t have borderline supernatural elements.Like KyouKai running a 100m sprint under 5 seconds,Houken who can split half a dozen man in half with one swing while they’re wearing armor ect…

      • ivo

        But there is a difference between displaying one characters superhuman strength and just blatant disregard for any HQ defenses. Never in the series has anyone gotten even close to some generals HQ without being noticed. Even when KyoKai, a borderline ninja, charged ALONE, she was noticed in time for general to escape.

        This was just lazy writing and insulting the readers IQ.

    • Warcodered

      I’m sure they’re going to explain how he managed to weave through the formations or whatever soon but yeah it seems a little implausible. Though if nothing else Riboku sticking his neck this far out is a good set up for a clash with Shin.

    • Ourorboros

      The writers have all the veteran leaders make basic mistakes.
      It’s the classic Hollywood writing pitfall – to make somebody look like a genius, they instead make others look mind-bogglingly stupid.
      Though I called the possibility of Riboku sending cavalry looping around – the description of the battlefield alone hinted at it – having Makou set a simple screen that was insufficient would have been better writing.

  7. Bad vibes sent o/

    Makou how could u deceive us like this -_-‘

  8. Hussain_Dono

    * No Spoiler
    I call bullshit at the way the chapter ended

  9. letouriste

    wait wait wait a sec!!!! riboku drew his sword right? what was all that talk about him never using his sword!!!

  10. Jackson

    Thank you very much! Good luck with normal life, great work as always…

  11. Person

    Thanks for the chapter! You guys rock!

    And Oshit, you do you if you want! Make money get money son

  12. MasterJack

    Riboku finally dirtied his hands and fight with the rabble!

  13. Guess

    As Makou sent out his personal elite guard to deliver the final blow, his troops are making a lot of noise. Makou also wears a helmet that covers his ears, which means he loses spacial direction in his hearing. For sure, Riboku timed his attack perfectly, but Makou lowered his guard, it was an unforced error.

    My guess for the next chapter is that adding insult to injury, Kisui makes it out alive (perhaps injured) as additional/slower Riboku reinforcements arrive and for Shin/Mouten to prioritize re-establishing chain of command of Makou’s troops to prevent a rout. Kisui’s men as also heavily depleted, so both sides fight of a bit and then mutually retreat to lick their wounds.

    • Osi

      very true about Makou’s helmet! I like that… and I’ll say EVEN if it were a stretch, how quickly Makou went down, its a stretch that saved us a whole chapter of Riboku’s elite vs Makou’s elite. Enough’s going on already. We should all be grateful Hara did not drag this out, says I.

      I think Kisui’s toast, but Kingdom always surprises me. Whats pretty great though, is even if Kisui dies, with one move Riboku’s almost bought day one to a draw, revealing none of his own tactics, but revealing much about how Ousen thinks and what Qin’s strengths are.

    • dolfinyo

      If Hara uses his helmet as an excuse then it’s just bad writing.At this point you should’ve already realised that armor in general serves one purpose and that it looks cool.It’s impossible to cut a man in half with one swing specially when that man is wearing iron armor.Only a strong machine could do that not humans.And also just look at the mountain tribes.In half of their masks you literally can’t see sh*t.

      • Osi

        The costumes are historically accurate. “bad writing” would be to ignore details about period clothing, like ‘how well can you hear what’s happening behind you in a helmet?”

        • Osi

          So, the criticism of the mountain folk, that rings true. I’ve wondered about that too, but…

          I can tell you almost for a fact, there is no story of this complexity that won’t have small issues like that. If someone could write a story this complex with no small stretches, you wouldn’t read it… it would be about as interesting as real life, where even when crazy shit happens, in the end, its not very satisfying as far as a ‘story’ goes.

      • ivo

        “Impossible to cut a man in half with one swing specially when that man is wearing iron armor”??

        First off, these are all bronze weapons/armor. Except for some special weapons, like Shin’s sword, Ouki Glave, Bakuya sword, and other generals weapons which are rare but much closer to today’s iron/steel.

        Secondly, What would you know of a person’s strength!? WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW OF A GENERAL’S STRENGTH!? YOU IMBECILE ! !

        • dolfinyo

          You can’t cut a naked man in half with one swing so in that regard the quality of the armor’s not even the question.Just an interesting fact:it wasn’t unusual that executioners couldn’t behead a man with one swing.There was a docu series where they tested different weapons on manmade testdolls that were made to be as close to a human being as possible(like skin,bones,organs ect) and you would be surprised to know how much force you need to cut a man in half.It’s humanly impossible.

          • Guess

            Correct, you can’t cut a man in two, and historically glaives aren’t really used in combat. They weigh too much and are used for training and testing purposes, i.e. can you lift this ridiculously heavy weapon. Glaives are depicted in fiction because they look cool, that’s it.

          • Osi

            Does anyone know if the legendary japanese imperial katana-testers / executioners were known for severing heads with one blow irl? Or is that just in stories too? I always wanted to know that

          • ivo

            Skilled executioner can behead a man with one handed sword with ease and very little power used.

          • Osi

            Ummmm one handed? Sorry lol no.

            Ok as long as neither of us can provide proof, calling b.s. maybe with a chainsaw. Bu still, no

          • ivo

            There are numerous one handed decapitations with sword on liveleak. Obviously very disturbing videos, so thread carefully. This one is low quality and filmed from afar so.. view?i=ce2_1311328714

          • dolfinyo

            ivo:With one handed sword and with ease?Sorry to dissapoint you but that’s not possible.To behead someone you have to cut through the spine wich takes a considerable force.You would need at least a 3,5-4 lbs sword and definitly two hands.You can’t really generate that much force with one hand specially that it would also take considerable skill too which requires two hands.

            Osi:as far as the katana goes it’s more like a myth.there is not much of a difference between katana and european swords in quality.Thou it’s pretty much a fact that the japanese and chinese swordsman were far more skilled in general and they could aim between vertebras which really makes it easier to sever a head with one blow.So while I can’t know for sure but i can see them being able to do that it most cases.

          • ivo

            @dolfinyo You obviously have NO idea what you are talking about.

            First, here is one-handed splitting a pig 3 times with 3 consecutive swings. A pig is much thicker than human neck and has lot more bones.

            Second, here is a liveleak video with one handed decapitation with no excessive force (very NSFW/NSFL) !

      • Guess

        Artistic license… the masks have eye sockets, larger than medieval knight helmets even…

  14. Oseas

    Thanks based Turnips.

  15. Schaid

    I think the left wing will be main field of this battle. Ousen is on the way hiding somewhere waiting for Riboku

  16. F5

    Thanks a lot Turnip!

  17. Renseo

    Makou will be raped on his ass lol

  18. Osi

    I’m gonna take a sec to give Shin credit for raising the flags. Its one of many instances in which he demonstrates one of the tenants of generalship he excels at. He understands “pressure,” both how to exert it on the enemy and exert it within Qin’s forces, to turn morale to his favor. Its part of his “instinctual general” package ;P

    • Guess

      Actually they might have failed for that very reason. It’s common sense to hide your elite forces within the regular forces, so when they hit it’s unexpected and inflicts a lot more damage. They would be any 1k detachment if they didn’t run their flags, and Kisui would not have rotated his defenses for them. Instead, they revealed themselves and were treated as a 5k if not 10k force. They couldn’t be stopped, but Kisui managed to buy more time, and possibly this resulted in Makou feeling the need to send in his elite troops to “end it”.

      • Osi

        hm, Failure? I see it as unlikely Shin’s flags will lead to that result… if Kisui escapes- big if- won’t be shin’s fault. I suppose its possible Kisui will survive, but if and only if Batei is able to figure out Makou’s dead and ride straight for his own HQ before either Shin or Mouten can kill Kisui.

        Lets say Batei makes it in time, and beats both units back with the forces at his command. Would that be shin’s fault? I say no… especially since Mouten’s ability to reach Kisui was greatly aided by the attention Shin grabbed. Those elite cavalry dudes weren’t going to just sit on their bums, after all. If Shin hadn’t shown himself, they probably would have attacked Mouten, who’s unit is less fresh and probably would have had more difficulty stopping them.

        BUT that’s assuming the cavalry guys made any real impact on Shin’s charge at all. He made it to Kisui ridiculously fast. Had he got there slightly faster, I’m not sure much would be different…

        • Guess

          I just pictured Naruto throwing in colored smoke bombs to announce himself in front of the enemy lol πŸ™‚

          In Kingdom’s time, flags are necessary so the commander can see the layout of his forces and also for his men to see where he was, but Shin wasn’t under that obligation to Makou, and having so few men in a tight formation, there was no chance of his men losing sight of him. The flags were raised solely for pride. After revealing himself on page 4, immediately afterwards on pages 6, 7 Kisui consolidated men to the final defense line and sent the riled up Ryuutou’s elites to slow Shin down. Both actions 100% would not have happened if Shin didn’t reveal his flags. Finally, on page 12, Makou did not want credit stolen from him, that’s why he rushed to send the final attack. Just IMO, otherwise I don’t the author would spend pages 3-8 talking about flags.

          No use crying over spilled milk, but if Shin hadn’t done that he would have reached Kisui’s HQ anyways w/ Mouten and Makou would have been surprised and confused who these riders were… while safely surrounded by his own elites.

        • Guess

          Ops, didn’t respond to your comment on Mouten facing those cavalry. That was just 200 men, Mouten has 5000. Shin has 800. I don’t think 200 men could slow 5000 men as much as 800. I think my main problem is that Kisui clearly rebalanced his defense line to account for Shin. I don’t know how many that is, but I’d guess the HQ has 8k men and instead of 7k versus 5k of Mouten and 1k versus 800 of Shin, it’ll become 5k versus 5k of Mouten and 3k versus 800 of Shin. Both sides will lose in time, Kisui knows he’s on the ropes, but likely he increased the amount of him he holds out by 5x or more. If it was just 1k men against Shin, he would have blasted through like a rocket and game over.

          • Osi

            I agree completely Kisui rebalanced his defense line… where we’re taking different positions- each understandable to me- is: did that help, or hurt?

            Looking at the charge of Hi Shin only, you’re right, it hurt- but obviously not much. They broke through really easily.

            Looking at the field as a whole is more complicated. Hi Shin’s flag raising helped Mouten get through. Is that ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the result if Shin had attacked stealthily? I say it’s “better,” because now there are two blades at Kisui’s throat, and I don’t think even Batei can save him now. Batei could at best take out one blade, because he doesn’t have much time before both fall…

            But here’s when ‘strategy’ gets very abstract. We’ll never know the answer, not really. Oh well! Its fun to talk it out though, no?

          • Guess

            Shin broke through those 200 men, but he hasn’t reached the rebalanced final defense line at the HQ yet. We’ll see in the next chapter whether it holds or if Kisui is killed.

            That been said, I’m just crying over spilled milk, what’s done is done :p

          • Osi

            And i’m probably way too excited at how the flags struck terror into kisui’s hq :p

            Whatever, this is what we do!

  19. X

    THANK YOU!!!

    I still can’t accept that the self proclaimed “star” of the left wing just ate a sword without a word at it. Dafaq is wrong with that muscle head???

  20. mostafa

    first thing that I think to happen , shin will surprise riboku with commanding the left wing and exactly when that happened riboku will understand that he made a big trouble for himself by killing makou and giving shin the opportunity that he always seeks for making a great blaze

    • Alex

      Shin is too far away in the center to command, but they left Ten behind …

      • mostafa

        yeah I know that ,but shin has always been like this , he most of the times surpass his enemies expectations , and the next thing is ousen need a new Commander for the left wing and he has 3 option and only one of them has had the experience of commanding an army more than 5k , anyway we should to have patience and see what’s gonna happen .
        hope he shin unit show us some real fight and great excitement ☺☺☺

  21. kendtimothy

    Wow this chapter is so good. Finally things are starting up.

  22. Maximus

    Take my bad vibe Oshit! Take it all and take it good!

  23. mostafa

    I think we over looked something , I mean come to think of that ousen is a tough tough guy , he might’ve seen this and have some sort of plan for riboku , he gave to riboku a chance to hunt down the big fish and here they are , I hope​ something like this happen , since we have a history about how ousen always had seen things that are three or four steps ahead of anyone else if it’s so then things are gonna be extremely excited​ 😊

    • Warcodered

      That’s very true I have just as hard a time believing Ousen didn’t see Riboku trying to pull something to counter him as Riboku doing nothing while this was happening before.

  24. Rynal

    All I’m waiting is for Shin to utilize his instinctual talents and perform something that would completely swing the war completely to their favor though it’s probably unlikely to happen


    my guess. that makou is a fake. a double agent… impostor… setting a trap for ambush… * “cross fingers”

  26. Arianandhika

    Here is a link if you want to see next chapter untranslated (raw). SPOILER ALERT DONT SAY I DIDNT WARN YOU

  27. when will kingdom 531 be available in english ?

    • It will be released whenever we get usable Japanese raws for the chapter which is probably today.

      I would refrain from sending emails inquiring about release dates to scanlation groups by the way. It isn’t appreciated much in general.

      • Quinton

        Thank you! Btw Oshit do you have any idea why Sensescans took all the Kingdom chapters of their website besides the latest 3?

        • I forgot to mention that in a post but basically they got DMCA’d so they pulled all the old content and will only keep the 3 most recent chapters from now on.

      • Alex

        Thx for still being here πŸ˜‰
        And dont worry too much about some “evil” comments, your work has 1st priority πŸ˜‰ It gives you money and food, nobody here is paying you πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

        I’ll be happy for release any time, late is fine, too, as long as you dont give up the series πŸ˜‰

      • mostafa

        yeah , long live oshit samaπŸ™‚ , we appreciate for all of your doing πŸ‘

  28. ivo

    Riboku take the head of Makou Alr.

  29. People are so angry about how Riboku just suddenly appeared behind Makou and poke his sword into Makou. hahahahah I love how passionate people are about kingdom.

    • ivo

      Well they have every right to be angry. It’s like the previous 500+ chapters of setting the world, and how battles work meant nothing.

      • Ivo

        Why not make your own version of kingdom? Dumb

      • Derio

        How so? You most likely accept people being sliced in half (which, clearly is something unrealistic) by Shin, Ouhon, Kyou Kai and whoever else. How isnt it acceptable that Ri Boku, one of the greatest minds on the story (as shown so far) wouldnt be able to do what he did now?

        • ivo

          Because he didn’t use his mind. What strategem did he use to get RIGHT next to Makou to be able to slay him? What tactic, ploy did he use to get so close to him without him noticing? NOthing, we were shown nothing, he might as well be teleported there for all we know. Characters strength IS over the top, with people being sliced in half and all, but this was just lazy writing and shoving the story down our throats.

  30. Chapter will be out shortly as soon as someone from Sense can put them up (possibly after I’ve already gone to sleep).

  31. kendtimothy

    Testing. I want to see which time zone you are using in this blog.

  32. Yeman420ph

    Hail to oshit!

  33. rumeal

    prolly 2 hours

    • Hard to wait man

      Nah man, don’t be to sure about that. Last week oshit predicted 7-8 hours and it took about 16 hours and came out the day after, so i wouldn’t hold my breath

  34. God usopp

    Please be out today

  35. mostafa

    wow , that’s what I call it a great chapter


    yes yes… its out… ha le lu ya

  37. Tek

    What if Shin succeeded in what he’s trying to do…

  38. Guess

    As long as Mouten helps him…

  39. Schaid

    Even the chapter is already out on sensescan, please click the link from turnip too

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