Kingdom Chapter 532

HQ chapters of 530 and 531 are now also up at Sense Scans!

You can take a look at some of the comparisons at Sense’s website.

edit: Kingdom is on break this week (last week of September)

Chapter 532: Read Online



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86 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 532

  1. Akumecho

    Thank you! You guys are awesome!


    thx so much, you guys changed my life releasing kingdom weekly!

  3. X

    Thank you! Shin shout faster than his horse. LOL!

  4. Ahmedelgamal

    I still dont believe 😀 thanks

  5. Oresama

    Whenever it gets interesting, the break comes up, damn. Thanks anyways guys for the great work.

  6. Guess

    Thank you!

    Riboku screwed up, if he’d brought 5k men from his tons of reserves with him then Ousen would have lost then and there. Instead, Shin and Mouten will be successful in saving the Makou army, and as a result Riboku will lose the war. As for how, my guess is they’re going to piece the flank (same thing that happened on the right side) and kill commanders.

  7. Riboku needs to be nerfed. Too OP .

  8. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!! I cant get why the author dont get shin a little more smart.

  9. i wish that shin was the one to say the last sentence

    • fame

      Sure i wish that too.. Just like when shin Saving duke hyou army during coalition arc.. isn’t shis instictual type too??

      Well thanks for the release turnip😆😆

  10. Jackson

    Thank you very much! Hope you are still sleeping, eating, and carrying on with the daily functions of living…

  11. Nick

    I hope oshit didn’t actually fall down the stairs.

  12. Ayzuka


  13. Pen

    My guess is that Shin will be sent to engage Batai and Mouten will deal with Kisui, they will both succeed, (at least one of those commanders will die) and this will change the tide again. Maybe the left wing will be a draw seen from the total perspective and so we will go much further into this war to see any decicive leads.
    Thank you for your work with translating this great Manga!

  14. Letouriste

    That chapter totally triggered me:(
    I mean,why the hell shin didn’t split his forces between his two targets? He had the mean to put pressure on the general+going after riboku…his head sucks.i mean,riboku didn’t have a lot of troops:/ he could go without kyoukai or ten or any of his best troops.also,talk about a futur general:/ he didn’t even guessed riboku had a path of exit planned?

    • Even if he guessed there’s nothing he can do about it. The best thing he could have done is to rush at killing Kisui instead of getting distracted then attack from behind of the enemy engaging the Makou army.

      Chasing Riboku makes no fking sense. He brought a small highly mobile unit of course they gonna escape immediately it’s actually a forced plot that shin even managed to talk to riboku.

      • Guess

        Riboku was trying to lure Shin into a trap, via taunting, not so far stretched actually.

      • dolfinyo

        Actually chasing Riboku made perfect sense to me plotwise.Just think about it this way.Shin instead of chasing after Riboku would’ve killed Kisui right there.What happens is that Riboku who is still close by will come to take Kisui’s place and then the Qin left wing is totally screwed even if Mouten and Shin takes controll of the Makou army.

        • mrbo0ogle

          Riboku, the commander of the entire army, will not stay there. That’s the purpose of a small surgical strike group, in and out fast. IF he stayed there chances are he will be trapped in there and Ousen isn’t retarded to not capitalize on that. Shin might still be retarded, but his martial might is off the charts even at this point and if they do manage to rally back their demoralized soldiers they will have positional and number advantage.

    • De

      Remember that he only had 800 men with him not his whole army, he was also meant to be a surgical strike to ensure the death of Kisu, he did not have enough men to split them and put pressure anywhere. Go back a few chapters and re-read.

  15. alissoncamoes

    well, had he gone with your plan he’d be dead since Riboku actually had kaine, futei and all his elites with him

  16. Fahrenheit451

    It’s been a long time since any breathtaking escalation took place. Well, here it is in the action-packed climax of the battle. Looking forward for more )

  17. mostafa

    I’m too much disappointed after saw the way that the author is still going on the story 😒, I mean shin still too much dumb and even ten and kyuki didn’t show us some real reaction about the important matters and serious things that happens on the battlefield , even naki is the same , I’m losing my interest , shin and hi shin unit must be very harder than before after a whole year of training but we can see the story still lacking about shin and ten’s reaction how they too much afraid and surprise about almost any thing , even they couldn’t to make a right decision and decided not to engage to that mess but yet muten has made a good decision to save the left wing , I expected that the one is going to save the left wing should be shin and his instinctual reactions but everything goes on the opposite way , hope for hara to make shin and hi shin unit a real powerful unit with some good behavior

    • De

      I think by now everyone knows Shin if not the smartest leader but he is strong and has good instincts yet lack experience which he is gaining through the many battles he has been in, Ten is still very young as a strategist and essentially is learning on the job as well since her strengths lie more in planning rather than reactions to situations also she does not know the lay of the land nor has she been involved in the over arching plan of the battle so to put it simply she has never encountered a battle like this where you need to turn the tide quickly and as for KyuKi well she is a great leader and is even more of an instinct driven person than Shin though she has had more of a formal training in combat so she will see things differently.

      Lets keep in mind that up until now all of them have been part of someone else’s army taking instruction from them as a strike force yet here and now they are essentially leaders of their own armies with much larger roles to play, the Hi Shin unit is already a 10,000 strong army (5,000 for Shin and 5,000 for KyuKi).

  18. Osi

    I wasn’t particularly thrilled with Shin’s decision to chase Riboku, but the fact remains, if he hadn’t, Riboku and his elites might not have seen any reason to leave the scene. If they were still around long enough to realize Mouten intended on rebuilding Makou’s lines, Qin has a much larger problem.

    • De

      I agree and if he had not chased Riboku he would have been lost in the mess of what was going on and in the wrong position later on to help the Mako army since by chasing Riboku he has essentially cleared himself from the field of battle and can now re-engage to help turn the tide.

  19. Michiru

    Thank you so much Turnip!!

  20. tedd

    in this battle that shi mouten and ouhon will reach the rank of general and maybe even kyoukai too

  21. Yeman420ph

    Is kingsom on break?

  22. Osi

    Even if Shin and Mouten reform the lines, short of giving up key ‘ground’ for day two, I don’t think Kisui has much reason to fight on. While Qin’s being routed, he has every reason to keep pushing, but as soon as they start putting up a fight again, if I were him I’d be thinking “Ok, Qin is rallying, maybe we back off and reset for day two.”

    If you’re Mouten, and Zhao pull back, do you chase? I wouldn’t. He’s fighting at the head of a dead man’s army, they’re going to pull less from tactics and strategy as emotion and guts.

  23. Wppp

    Kisui is killed by Ousen. I saw the spoiler.

  24. Gohoumei

    Calling it now.. Once Riboku dies.. Kaine will join Hi-shin unit and becomes ten’s end game romance partner

  25. Person mc Person

    So you started doing ads now?

    Screenshot at

  26. Admiral Kizaru

    So Mangafox Forums, where I usually get the Kingdom spoilers from, is shutting down. Anyone got any other good Kingdom boards which ideally have a spoiler provider?

  27. is it already time for f5 army?

  28. Yeman420ph

    When will be the next chap?

  29. Leo

    Thanks for your hard-work as always!
    Do you think we’ll be able to get #533 tomorrow or thursday, by any chance?

  30. Jeeem

    Its gonna be boring chapter. Just saw the spoiler. Shin and mouten trying to ressurect macao army and discussing some plans. Seriously boring thing maybe next or next to next manga would be nice

    • Alex

      Still dont write the spoiler here …

    • Hikachu

      You dumbass, I will quote you:
      September 15, 2017 at 7:20 pm
      You should’nt predict things for others. Dumb. You sad little fuck. Always looking for attention.

      • Jeeem

        I hope that’s me who posted up there and I will accept that quote Hikachu 🙂

        • God usopp

          You seriously are full of shit!! U post spoilers and then pretend as if it was someone else. I have been waiting for the fucking chapter for 2 weeks and now u fucking ruined it!!! U are one sad fucker!!!

  31. ivo

    I am gay and proud!

  32. Ahmedelgamal

    Ch 533 when ?

  33. ivo

    Anyone have link to full raw?

  34. Hhhvvv

    Slain more than half of Kisui army and took over Makou army by Mouten. Just done reading the raw.

  35. jasper james

    When will next chapter come out?

  36. F5ing like there is no tomorrow

  37. alissoncamoes

    fuaaaaaaaaaaaaaark, I’m dying!!! f5 army prepare to hit them with every fibre of your being! Here we come time, ya bastard! Chaaaaargeeee!!!!!!

  38. Run

    Kingdom not comikng out today sensescans said hopefully tomorrow .. source

  39. Oushit_Dono

    Shit, where is my kingdom fix, I’m dying here

  40. isteo

    Fuck ! Just broke my F5 key…

  41. syied man. even OP is already out just less than a day since the spoiler out

  42. Oseas

    533 is up on sense.

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