Kingdom Chapter 533

Yep, it’s finally out.

I told you to send him bad vibes

Chapter 533: Read Online



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56 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 533

  1. 1st

    hahaha finally..thank you

  2. Oseas

    I really wonder sometimes if this partnership with Sensescans has actually worked out for you. If Kingdom is out on Thursdays then you might as well use the official market release as raws.
    Jaiminisbox seem to have stabilised their raw situation in regards to Tokyo Ghoul RE (also from Weekly Young Jump) and release them on Mondays (Aussie) Have you considered making an arrangement with them?

    • This one was actually delayed because I was interstate on holiday and only got back yesterday. I think the raw situation has actually settled down and we’re getting them at regular times now it’s just individual people’s timetables are getting a bit out of line.

      The upcoming weekend, aka tomorrow, will actually be the first weekend I’m at home and don’t have anything planned since the end of June (which basically means I get to spend it sorting everything out and doing housework instead…).

      Other than that though, I’m also too tired to bother arranging anything else. Kingdom is pretty much on the bottom of my priorities and so long as it gets done every week sometime, it’s good enough for me.

  3. ivo


  4. Herpaderp

    Fuck me, over two weeks of waiting for this? Man, sometimes I hate how slowly this manga progresses. If only I could forget about it for a couple of months and then check back to binge-read it.

    • Dajh

      well i do understand you but there are many mangas with a much slower pace for example one piece. In fact Kingdom is one of those mangas who barely have breaks unlike other examples *cough* one piece *cough*. But seriously the newest arc is like 75 chapters even though they hinted it will be a small arc. the last 14 chapter

      “warning spoiler”
      were dedicated to their escape from big mom and guess what, there will be at least 3 chapters more about it before we can hope to get out of this island.
      “spoiler end”

      to cut to the chase. Kingdom’s pace is bearable if not quite good. The main problem is probably that kingdom is just too awesome to wait more than some minutes XD

      • Herpaderpa

        Oh, trust me, I know that there are worse manga in that regard. I have been following Hiatus x Hiatus since the Greed Island arc for instance. Also, Berserk.

        Anyway, it wasn’t even really a complaint and just more of a venting of frustration, I guess.

        • Hash

          Nice chapter.Thanks Turnip Farmers. Been a while since I have a goosebumps while reading manga.

          Keep up the good work.

          By the way,One Piece and Detective Conan have much slower phase in my opinion.Not to mention, Genta(stupid character in Detective Conan) keep getting on my nerve to the point that I stop reading it(been several months now)

    • Muddyfarmer

      I wouldn’t even be mad if I went into a deep coma, I welcome it, first thing I would do is crack open some kingdom

  5. Guess

    Great chapter imo!

    Thanks turnip ❤

  6. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. mostafa

    thanks for the chapter ,mouten did very well and this time the ones that surprised us were the makou army’s soldiers , I didn’t expect that

  8. Joseph

    Did anyone else get shivers for reading that last page?

  9. Jackson

    Sweeeeeeeet!! Thank you!

  10. onir

    Thank you very much!

  11. Oo

    Oh men of Qin, stand and fight against our enemies!

  12. donslime

    Mouten the man with brains, unlike shin.

  13. Letouriste

    Thanks for the chapter:) these past few chapters are more and more dumb,since shin got tasked with taking that general head all the characters are slow and dumb,what happened to you autor? Where is the growth you spoke about? Shin is dumber than his first day on the field for fuck sake! Stop insulting your characters:( I didn’t even known that was possible. A plan like that could have been made by mouten alone,or even you alone^^ you guys are wasting time and the enemy general is totally safe in his base making conterplan at leisure…

    Also,I can`t believe all the smart people were at the same place:/ I mean,the makou army must have some front commanders with some amount of brain^^ there is always some young upstart with potential in any army too blablabla

    • Guess

      I thought this chapter was very much needed. Over the current arc the author succeeded in getting me so caught up on tactics that I’d forgotten that soldiers are not chess pieces, they have a heart and soul. This chapter reminder me of that. Morale is as important as tactics in this world where all the fighting is so close and personal.

      • Osi

        Very true, and not super bright Shin is a GENIUS at morale recognition and morale boosting. Pure genius, other than his martial might, it’s his superpower.

        And all of you, don’t even try and argue the point! lol. Because every one of us would have jumped into the page when Shin’s like: “If you get tired, look at my back and keep going” like: UUUOOOOOH!!!

        Except that’s impossible.

  14. Thanks for the chapter. Really, someone can help me to stop reading kingdom just to accumlate chapters for read more later? kk this shit is so good


    i cried… at the last page. touched my heart. great chapter

  16. Gabriel

    hello i want to ask who i can download this chapter, i have all chapters from chapter 1 to 525, but i do not find more chapters, thank you very much for your work

  17. udin

    thanks as always for sharing, Turnipfarmer staffs
    nice work! u guys are cool

    but whewww..feels like been ages since i read last episode
    i wish the weekly manga release had fewer break -_-

  18. respi

    omg… have you seen the new spoilers? WTF is happening, 534 looks amazing

  19. Hhhvvv

    Batei is slain in chapter 534.

  20. Jeeem

    Mouten has been slain

  21. IAmSerious

    All our Main Chars are slain, lol!

  22. mostafa

    if you have a little respect for other people , please just don’t spoil it and keep the whole thing for yourselves , if people want to know that they​ can easily find it in webs .

  23. y-

    Batei is dead yo in the new chapter.

  24. Jaydee

    ou sen is slain in the next chapter

  25. Leo

    Any chance we got a early release, Oshit-sama?

  26. Yeman420ph

    Hail oshit!

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