Kingdom Chapter 534

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Chapter 534: Read Online



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53 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 534

  1. Cloud

    epic chapter. Thanks for the continued hard work and awesome quality

  2. onir

    Thank you very much for the chapter! Thanks for your hardwork.

  3. Osi

    Are you not entertained?????

    Mouten is doing the unthinkable… he will be promoted to general a.s.a.p. (given his current rank.) He will likey retain the Makou unit as well.

    He just informed Qin he has “great general” potential.

    • Guess

      Agree that Mouten will be promoted to general. He outplayed Kisui throughout the entire battle. That been said, Mouten would have failed had Shin not been there with his elite cavalry, and he’s clearly portrayed as having less combat prowess and stamina than Shin. A tactician general, the opposite of Shin.

      What this makes me wonder is how far Ousen saw when he dispatched Shin. I think the left side would have won without Shin had Riboku not intervened, so was he there to secure the win or to prevent a loss? Maybe both.

      • Guess

        Another thought, Mouten hates head-on stand-your-ground fights (page 17-18), and his men know it. He’s likes to use strategy to hunt his enemies, minimizing his own casualties. In that sense, he’s doing something very out of character, at great personal risk. He is seen wearing light armor and is still exhausted to be point of losing consciousness, compared with Shin wearing heavy armor and ready for round 2.

        • Tek

          Don’t forget the fact that Shin is just baiting but Mouten was holding ground though.

        • Osi

          Ya, agree on all… it definitely Shows shin has his strengths too, seeing mouten passed out on the feild… when he said he hated that sort of thing, I thought it was modesty

        • Osi

          Ya, agree on all… it definitely Shows shin has his strengths too, seeing mouten passed out on the feild… when he said he hated that sort of thing, I thought it was modesty

      • ivo



    tears of joy… that this chapter is out… thanks for the epic hard work…

  5. Arianandhika

    Thank you great scanlator of the heavens. I really love this chapter. We have seen ouhon taking over a war (against fire dragons), its really nice to see its mouten’s turn right now

  6. Bilal

    Thanks for the hardwork.

  7. Rikusen

    Thanks for your hardwork, great chapter!

  8. Akumecho

    Thanks heaps for the chapter!
    Looking forward to Day 2!

  9. Lie

    thank.. youuuuuu…

  10. Aoi Michiru

    thank you Turnip!!! what another great chapter!

  11. rashoova

    Thanks for the great chapter! Still having goosebumps!

  12. DeenMajestic

    Karyo TEN
    Mou TEN
    I think not ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  13. Fahrenheit451


  14. Letouriste

    OK,that chapter was awesome and felt genuine:)
    I don’t take back the criticism I did last chapter but now I can expect shin to show some growth for real.something like him avoiding a fight and using arrows in sneak attack because batei is not his target or something;)
    If we can see him acting against his pride/principles for the win then I will accept him in a general rank(his mission is taking the general head,not the minions).that chapter gave me back some expectations for next chapters so I am happy:)

    Thanks for the chapter guys!

    • Letouriste

      Still…there is a fatal flaw to the mouten strategy:the 3k cavalry in the “forest”?that don’t look hard to spot them or even guess there is a potential threat there so the zhao commander has being changed in a more incompetent one since last arc,i would have called that myself,or at least put scouts there:/ 3k horses are not easy to the autor decreased the QI of the zhao commander for plot sake.mouten and shin would have lost otherwise and shin would have failed miserably his mission and maybe even lost his position if his political background was not as solid

      • Osi

        With respect, are you thinking in the abstract, or are you saying a specific character should have thought that way?

        In the abstract, sure, you’re right, but when you start to think: ok, who should have had these thoughts? It’s Kisui. If you then think: “what was Kisui doing when he should have had these thoughts?” He was attending a) breaking qin’s lines and morale and b) making sure Qin stayed broken. Then, suddenly, they weren’t broken, and he was busy trying to crush them.

        So you see, its really easy to say “oh, they should have seen that,” but a human brain only has so much bandwidth. It’s completely acceptable to me Kisui never stopped the rout or his attention to it to reflect on possible spots small cavalry units could have been hiding. Should he have? Sure, hindsight’s 20/20. A good rule is: if you, the reader who can see anywhere the author wants you to, didn’t see something coming, think hard before criticizing the story because a character didn’t, because hindsight is 20/20. (Looking back on past decisions is easier than deciding right in the present, or reading the future, basically. we must factor this in)

        • Guess

          Basically this, I’ve been trying to guess what happens next this whole campaign, and Mouten’s moves blew my mind. I did guess correctly that Riboku would sneak attack on the left or right 🙂 but I guessed the numbers wrong. I thought he would use 5k men, but he took 100 it looks like. Riboku is too conservative.

          • Osi

            Me too!! Except the record shows I had Riboku’s counter happening start of day two instead of end of day one.

            If you try to predict moves/countermoves I think its way more clear whats actually happenimg.

            So: I say mouten, if healthy, is given makou’s army. I also think ousen uses them heavily, given the combo of mouten’s smarts and the soldiers’ rage. They’ll be formudable. (But Riboku will know this too…)

            But, I don’t think ousens planning any major moves/gambles. Not until day three.

            Big guesses! its so hard to say. But if I were ousen, my focus would be kisui’s head. If I were Riboku, I would be cautious, bc qin has assets I hadnt counted on (mouten, etc).

          • Guess

            My guess for day two is that Mouten will take over the left and play defensively, as will Kisui, and Mouten will send Shin back to Ousen for additional orders. If Mouten fights, he will use the remaining Makou army to form the core, hide part of his cavalry, and continue his harassment strategy to try to keep Kisui guessing and avoiding the brawl.

            On the right side, we haven’t see the conclusion for Day 1, but I believe Ouhon will manage to kill of one the three generals by day 2 because he is just that strong and will keep leading his cavalry through the enemy until he succeeds. I feel Ousen’s original plan was attack with his left and defend with his right, but now he has no choice but to attack on the right to try to get an advantage before the centers close for battle. This is why I believe Ousen next will send Shin’s entire unit to the right side to Ouhon. I think Ousen underestimates his son as well, the combined three forces with the highest attack power, Akou, Ouhon, and Shin will lead to a surprising synergy that just pulverizes the enemy. There’s a chance Shin will also kill an enemy general.

            I believe that Riboku will try to start a battle in the center, but Ousen will use delay tactics. The reason being that without Makou army and Shin, Ousen center is vastly outnumbered compared to the start of Day 1. I do believe that Ousen will have a lot of traps set up along the way, he is a master of fortifications so I expect mini forts that delay Riboku’s advance. If a battle were to start in earnest in the center without Ousen winning first on either flank, he’ll suffer serious losses due to the numbers difference.

        • Letouriste

          I see…I’m used to see war tactics like chess or poker because that’s very similar.You are right I didn’t see that coming(I didn’t tried to guess) but I expected a general(=big player) would have.Big players are used to these kinds of things so they always are on guard but now I think about that kisui is not an experimented general.he has some battles on his belt but probably not much,he is just smart. So I guess I can accept his failure:Staying too concentrated on your objective and where you think the action is=>classic mistake of beginner and medium players

          • Osi

            In the end, the wise make decisions based on probabilities. The probability from Kisui’s perspective that after Makou was killed that a commander on Qin’s side would have the foresight to a) hide troops on one side of the field, b) lure kisui away and then c) use the hidden troops to reestablish a line-

            The probability of that, from Kisui’s perspective, would have been so low that it could have been considered madness to take decisive action against that happening. Because to do so, he would have had to go against his implicit orders, which were, ‘pounce on any opportunities Riboku creates.”

      • ivo

        Well he completely went out of sight after Makou appeared. Only before Shit did he try to attack Kisue with 2k. Even before Riboku and Shin arrived, those 3k were hidden.

  15. Jackson

    Thank you, much appreciated!

  16. Vinegar

    Hi guys! I created a Telegram stickers package of Kingdom. I’m still adding the characters, so some are missing, but maybe the fans that use Telegram will enjoy them. Obviously, it is free. You can add it clicking on: I hope you’ll like it; feel free to suggest new pictures to add (hopefully high quality ones, in png format).

    P.s. Thank you, Turnip Farmers, for the chapter 😀

  17. u guys are beyond amazing==canot live w/o Kingdom~~

  18. Jeeem

    Spoiler out: mouten left commander announced by ousen. Nothing much to add

  19. Peasant

    no kingdom this week?

  20. Yeman420ph

    Whats down?

  21. Yeman420ph

    Nothing is down yet?


    the raw are out… i am fighting temptation not to see spoilers….. f5 f5 f5.

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