Kingdom Chapter 536

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Chapter 536: Read Online



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  1. swongy

    FINALLY, fight fight fight

  2. Jack Kyo

    Thanks for your hard work.

  3. Cedric

    @Oshit you are the man

  4. thanks turnip….. Ganbattee…Fightingg

  5. Ash

    Thank you so much Oshit+Turnipfarmers+sensescans

  6. Howly.. I cannot believe this :O
    Kingdom is release!

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    The man, the legend, the myth…. oshit himself!!

  8. Chaaarge

    Thanks much!

  9. Geroprog

    Thank you for the Hard work. 🙂
    I Just dont understand the complaining people, go watch the raw, and wait patiently.

  10. onir

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  11. Elven

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  12. Thanks ya guys for the chapet you guys are amagazin.

  13. Roy

    Thankkkkkk youuuu. Been waiting for this

  14. Jackjarijari

    Break next(this) week? what a coincidence! does it means we’ll be having on time schedule next week? YAYY!!!
    btw thnx for the chapter & ur hard work fellas….

  15. Come on man, what kind of cliffhanger is this……thanks for the chapter it was awesome (half of it)

  16. mrbo0ogle

    hey turnip just wanna say thank you guys for doing these. don’t mind the ungrateful fcks. if you feel burned out, just take a break and don’t force it.

  17. Michiru

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  18. Leo

    Thanks Turnip!! Great job as always. I’d go say thanks to sense scans, but they banned me. I guess if you’re not a kiss ass they don’t like you very much around there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  19. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  20. Thai

    We love you guys.

  21. nicee

    ouhon turn, save shin for the last

  22. Guess

    Thanks Turnips!

    The force flanking Ouhon turned their backs to 8000 of Akou’s men, how dumb is that? Still expecting Shin to appear by midday on the right side helping deliver the final crushing blow.

    • Osi

      So… they should have not sprung this vicious trap? Going for a commander’s head will incur loses, ever time. But more importantly, you forget what splitting his forces has and will do to Akou, who will also be very, very fortunate to survive this mess they’re in. If I were them, I’d have done exactly the same, until someone can give a better plan *BEFORE next chapter

  23. faridcwidjaya

    Thank you oshit and Turnip Team! Amazing chapter too!

  24. Pen

    Considering how he is now flanked from three sides I can not see how this can be turned around by his own unit alone, he can count on support coming from Akou but he can’t give them orders here. He should send cavalary out of his right side to prevent a total surrounding but else what can he really do?

    • Guess

      Use the top down image from page 18, Akou’s second wave is moments away. We saw this before when Ousen let a sacrificial unit be surrounded. Ouhon just needs his men to stand and fight, and if I were him I would go south to prevent total encirclement, hit the least dense part of the enemy force, link up with Akou, and cross the T, and chew up that circle clockwise. THE END.

      That flank was poorly executed, 4000 would have been enough to flank Ouhon with the rest setting up a second line delaying Akou’s reinforcements. You know, like Banana did the first day.

      • Osi

        are you assuming equal number of soldiers on qins side vs zhao? Are you assuming equal number of officers and commanders? If so, how do you account for qin’s deficit? It seems you assume that akou splitting his force will be enough to handle three armies attacking two… which it may, but pants will be shat either way.

        How do you account for morale? A 4000 force, would it break qin? (It would also seperate an army, which is often unwise)

        • Guess

          On day 1, Banaji’s 3-4000 flank was enough to put Akou’s 10,000 men in dire straights and the rest were used to block off his reinforcements.

          4000 is enough for Ouhon, since his 4500 was already facing 7000. 11,000 vs 4500 and attacked on two fronts=game over for Ouhon. Also, to push 10,000 men at Ouhon through the gap meant a narrow and long formation. See half the men at the back? They’re far from the fight still! They’ll never get to it because there is only so much room around Ouhon’s army=wasted manpower better seved by forming a second line to block reinforcements.

        • Guess

          As for commanders, remember 1 army=10,000 has 1 general, 2 5000men commanders, 10 1000men commanders etc.

          • Osi

            With respect, I’m thinking you missed my point.

            You spoke of numbers, and that’s fair, but my real point is… commanders. You quoted numbers, but there are three really experienced generals, all at the head of zhao’s army, on the zhao side. First of all, point blank, that’s an advantage, because they have three forces that can function completely independantly. BTW, that was also why Mouten got promoted. because that’s valuable.

            One of zhao’s comanders chose to commit his whole unit to a flanking maneuver, and you are correct I suppose in assuming that would be overkill… IF THEY WERE ONLY planning a flanking maneuver. Do you suppose that if they kill Ouhon, they’ll turn around and go home?? Are you looking at that army like a piece on the board… a board that’s dynamic, with hidden traps and spots and perhaps unseen plans already being laid?

            Because when I did, I noticed Qin’s line is completely in tatters. After flanking Ouhon, Banaji can simply shout “About face” and now they’re flanking Akou. In order to stop this, Akou split his army in half. He now has half an army vs a whole army. Ouhon never even had a whole army, and now he’s facing a whole army. He has troops from Akou going his way, sure, but they’re lead by a ‘commander’ who will probably be the type to simply follow orders, and smash blindly into Zhao, instead of being able, as an independent commander of a force, to dynamically make strategic decisions.

            To call this strategy silly by zhao… because they should have left 1.5 armies in reserve right now instead of only 1?? We must understand that half of an army is not worth half of an army, unless whoever is leading the army is IN that half. If it’s been given to a second or third in command, Its worth maybe a third of an army.

            And that truth needs to be considered, also, when thinking about how Akou just split his army up, in what on Qin’s side is a total mess.

          • Osi

            Think of it this way: the whole reason Shin, Ouhon and Mouten have been special since like chapter 75 is they always had independent commands, and that doesn’t happen. In almost every other case in Qin’s army, the general is giving specific orders to subordinates leading separate forces. They’re almost like “bots,” who only decide to break chain of command and make independent decisions when things have gone seriously wrong. If you’re a general, splitting your force isn’t splitting your force, because now someone else is in command of half your army, and its a battlefield, by the time you can communicate orders or situations to each other, the situation has already changed. Because there are enemies between you.

            If it were always a good idea to split forces, everyone, literally everyone, would try to pincer the opponent every time, no matter the situation or numbers… but in both kingdom and reality that seems a bit crazy of an idea…

          • Guess

            Well, from what I can see…

            1. 3 Zhao armies, totalling 26,000 men, versus 23,500 on Qin’s side. This is a difference of only 2,500 men. On the first day, it was 30,000 vs 25,000. Basically, Qin killed 4000 in exchange for 1500 on the first day, almost a 3:1 kill ratio even with a good flank by Banaji. Basically, if they continued to fight normally, QIn will win easily and the Zhao were under pressure to take a risky gambit while they still have the numbers.

            2. When Chougarou decided to file down the middle to flank Ouhou, he left Banaji with his 9000 against 19,000! of Akou’s army. This means that Akou is free to send off 8,000 and still be 12,000 against 9,000. Akou is not under any pressure at all and his men are probably stronger than Banaji’s from the first day’s performance.

            3. From the image on page 19, those 8,000 of Akou’s reinforcements are closer to Ouhon’s flankers rear than they are to Ouhon. Basically, half of those flankers will never get to Ouhon and will get caught by Eiki, likely a 10,000 man commander like those 3 Zhao commanders.

            4. If Ouhon’s troops hold, Akou’s troops are insanely strong in a charge and Chougarou will be caught in a front and back pincer. In Kingdom’s timescale, it takes an hour to lose 1000 men in a ‘flash’ and Ouhon has 4,500, so the 60 seconds it takes Eiki to arrive will hardly cost 100men. In Kingdom war is all about momentum, it’s shifted against Ouhon but he’ll have hours to die slowly.

            5. If Ouhon wants to exploit Eiki’s next move, he needs to prep the enemy for the inevitable charge, and that means taking a few men and punching a hole through the enemy lines somewhere. My guess was the south part to stall the encirclement but another choice is to punch though the seam between Gakuei and Chougarou (which he is probably closer to), and if he can make the Chougarou army force their attention towards him for even a brief moment that will be enough

            Ok, bets are placed, time to wait for the next chapter!

        • Pen

          I think I agree with Guess about the flank was poorly excecuted. Committing the entire 10.000 soldiers from the beginning will make it easier for Akou’s army to react to the situation. Second also the park about they being spread too thin – I think the three Zhao generals discussed this strategy before the war but I think that the 7.000 opposing Ouhon should have kept perhaps 2.000 in reserve in the beginning, these could then have circled around from Ouhon right side and made a better surround.
          However I still cannot see the move Ouhon can make by him self to turn it around – he is so dependent on Akou (or maybe the center army coming to help)

    • Do you remember when Ouki was wounded and was trying to flee, he said some thing about a General view of battle field.There was no exit for them at that time too but they were able to small forces of Ouki and moubu.
      So i think it will be like that but this time they are going to turn the table on Zhao Calvary force.
      As ouhon called for some one at the end of chapter with the help of that person plus small troops they are going to escape and rejoin with detachment of Akou and then strike back

  25. Boo

    Why do I get the feeling squinty eyes is going to be the one to die today?

  26. Tek

    Thanks for the chapter Turnip/Sense

    4 cleaners now, hope they can deal with the ungrateful lol.

  27. Fudge

    Thanks oshit. Hope sensescans can get back on schedule for the next one.

  28. Osi

    yes yes I will be rubbing how totally awesome this is getting in the haters’ faces for pretty much the foreseeable future


    That said- also worth noting, Ousen’s other reasons for promoting Mouten are now clear- the morale of Makao’s men under anyone else would have been significantly lower.

    Perfect use of numbers by Zhao’s forces on Qin’s right. Ouhon’s going to have to do something real pretty

  29. Boo

    I just realized reading it again that Ouson’s “Damn I’m Awesome” Face and behavior is probably what Ousen feels like 24/7. No wonder he has his eyes wide open all the time, he’s actually stoned.

  30. Dajh

    About The last Page. It seems like Mouten had these moments from time to time, while it looks like Ouhon had it the first time, judging by his expression. I really wonder who would win in a Ouhon vs Mouten. It’s also interesting How mouten has 89 strength in his stats while shin and ouhon have only 2-4 points more.

  31. Akumecho

    Man..At this rate, Shin’s going to be the last of the 3 young commanders to reach General! Thanks for the hard work Oshit and team!

  32. Count

    thank for the chapter

  33. Jackson

    Thank you very much!

  34. ivo

    So now Akou dies while Ouhon does something spectacular similar to Mouten, and he ends up leading right army.

  35. Osi

    What I’m thinking about today is Ousen… remember? he was like: The fire will start on the left.

    He was right, but he didn’t start it. That means, he expected Zhao to come at the left hard. The question is, how he has planned for Qin to come out on top?

    This may not be about Ouhon coming up with a genius plan! if it is… he will earn his father’s respect, because Ousen for sure is watching and is not concerned. He saw this coming.

  36. tuzak500

    @oshit why wont you accept bitcoins so we can donate to your hard work ?

  37. ivo

    Pincer attack failed. Gyoka unit has turned the situation around. Center army makes it first move. Next one is gonna be interesting.

  38. Cedric

    ivo fuck you man your a wrecker

  39. donslime

    next chapter(537) raws are up…

  40. Leo

    oooh boy, just saw the raws… this month’s chapter is goood

  41. James Luis


    • Leo

      that was so random… I laughed a little too hard on this

    • Osi

      Not sure how that’s funny? Its the internet, I get it, people use it to be assholes.

      If anything it’s really sad… people who feel a need to belittle entire categories of humanity almost always are masking deep feelings of inferiority and self hatred.

      James, we like you even though you were just an asshole. try to like yourself too

  42. Chapter probably out tomorrow.

  43. Guess

    I stop coming here after Sunday because of possible spoilers unless I read the raw already.

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