Kingdom Chapter 537

50 volumes of Kingdom!

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Chapter 537: Read Online



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86 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 537

  1. Oseas

    Holy shit, 50 volumes? What a milestone.
    Thanks as always Turnips (and sense).

  2. Leo

    Thank you!! Great job, as always

  3. De

    Great chapter, nice how Ohoun changed the entire flow of the battle field with one move using a not so unconventional attack, even though he has left his men on the other end of the battle field and drew their general completely away from there as well he has been able to effectively implement a move to crush Banaji’s forces while on the other side of the field where his men are the reserves from Akon forces will help to grind through the Zhao troops from behind effectively pincer attacking those forces. I would be surprised if they do not get at least 1 of the Zhou generals heads this day.

    By the way this was a very instinctual response from Ohoun rather than tactical planning, a little how Shin would see the battle.

  4. X

    Thank you!!! I thought there wasn’t any issue this week. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Guess

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Feeling good about the guesses from last chapter. Ouhou did move his troops south to prevent encirclement, and he did pierce the gap to draw attention. What I’m surprised about is that it doesn’t show those 8000 reinforcements getting into the fight. They should be by now, otherwise the men Ouhon left behind will be annihilated.

    I still predict Shin will show up here, otherwise Qin will not be able to win on the right side on day 2. Ouhon will likely lose 1.5-2k men, which will offset Banaji losing 4k. This would lead to only even numbers on day 3. Qin must win here, in order to threaten the center fight by day 3. Zhao’s center outnumbers Qin’s center by too much. This is why Shin must be sent, and he has to be decisive in that they have to wipe out 10k Zhao men on day 2.

    • kyokaidono

      Not entirely true. Chougaryuu army can loop around and attack either the 8000 akou army or reinforce the bananji army from the back. It would be extremely foolish if they just sit there and watch ouhon. Ouhon should be able to upset the battlefield but not that much. Also his entire unit he left behind will be annihilated by the pincer attack.
      I hope Hara comes with really good strategy, because how I see it there is nothing much Qin can do to prevent from huge reduction in there numbers.

      • Osi

        I doubt ouhon loses many more men. The remainder of his force is a functional non entity right now. Its all about akou.

        Sending shin may happen. But in general, using the same tactic twice in a row is… risky to insane vs. a seasoned opponent. While its a good move, it is also “overplaying one’s hand.”

        I have hinted this, but I will now say it plainly: I firmly believe Shane is in a reserve roll because Houken is out there. Ousen showed zhao/houken both shin and kyokai on day one. Houken wants to murder them. Even if Houken didn’t want to murder them, riboku Shirley did anything he could think of to bring Hokan to this field, to kill ousen. Therefore, hi Shannon units number one priority will be Houken. No heavy deployment until he shows… ousen’s only option…

        • Osi

          SHin not shane… autocorrect error

        • Guess

          Riboku thinks Shin and company is on the left side, why wouldn’t he? Also, I don’t think it will be a tiny strike force, but the whole 8k unit. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would be surprised if the foot shoulders started march being Shin even returned, so hi can group up eith them mid way to the right side. After all, this is why Ousen hid them the first day, and showed Shin on the left. Anyone else would think Shin’s unit is on thr left side.

          • Osi

            I would say riboku would note that first day, hi shin and makao both started center field, and ended up elsewhere. Riboku would then flag this as a strategy ousen has used and may use again.

            Therefore, it wouldnt be a wise to assume they’d stick to any one field.

            Units have flags as well… i am sure riboku is able to, on his strategy board, correctly place the starting positions of all units day two. Thats “how to be a great general of the heavens, chapter eleventy-nine: do recon”

          • Guess

            Even Shin noted that they were hidden from Riboku on the first day… foreshadowing

        • Shane, Shirley, Shannon, are you planning a party?
          Seriously though, I am hoping we’ll get some proper scheming from Riboku and Ousen soon. What we’ve seen until now seemed fairly basic. Some Houken could do nicely for that. Aside from the two you mentioned, he may also hold a grudge against the Ou clan.

          • Osi

            Hahaha since i always fat finger my old iphone, i tried siri. siri does not recognize these names!! It was foolish of me to try.

            Agreed on the scheming!!! It makes me think/hope we’re in for a long one here… maybe 5 days??

          • Ash

            You forgot to mentioned Hokan as well(preparing for party).

            Next chapter : Qin dynasty imports 3 generals from Roman Empire(Shane, Shirley, Shannon)

            Btw,thanks oshit,turnipfarmers and sensescans for the chapter.Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Osi

            If this war ends in a tea party with roman generals I will be highly upset. But I suppose its proof some of the kingdom writers are peaking on their worldwide readers. That’s vaguely possible, my sense is, English may be fairly widely spoken in Japan. (I’m pretty sure it is, but I try not to make definitive statements about other cultures)

      • Guess

        Chougarou army has 8000 Akou reinforcements between them and Banaji, they’re not going anywhere. Assuming 3500 from Ouhon’s unit left, plus 8000, is 17,000 versus 11,500. They’re gonna take losses but won’t get annihilated unless those 8k men do something stupid.

        On the Banaji front, there’s 12k Akou and 600 of Ouhon against 9k of Banaji. The flank will hurt but again, losses but not annihilation.

        • Osi

          Just wondering, are you assuming zhao’s generals will focus on the rest of ouhon’s unit? Or do you think they’ll focus the majority of their efforts on akou, then ouhon’s elite cavalry, then the unti akou sent and ouhon’s isolated infantry?

          If the focus on ouhon’s infantry, wouldnt they be doing qin a huge favor by not coutering akou’s counter?

          Sorry i just love a good idea exchange

        • Guess

          I’m just sharing my thoughts as well, this manga is the only one I post comments for.

          As for the Zhao generals, they’re all in a fight so it will take time to maneuver. They even said in this chapter, the more men, the less nimble the movement. There’s also those 8k troops between Banaji and any reinforcements.

          The over-head views are poorly drawn in this chapter. Page 9 for example, if you compare Chougayuu’s army versus Akou’s reinforcements, you’d think they have twice the number. However, it’s actually 8k versus 10k. There are major sizing issues with the rest of the overhead views,

          • Osi

            Agreed! To ne honest i love 3% of manga i have read, and really ONLY internet comment here! I can’t help it! Its why i get so passionate…

            We two slightly disagree on the numbers? Well, more accurately, i am not sure i understand your numbers. Inhad always assumed the armies attacking had way more people, and that one Zhao general’s whole army was there to block akou from helping ouhon while he was also attacked by a whole army. The pics made sense to me…

          • Guess

            If you look at the left side with Akou versus Banaji, Akou has 19k men, Banaji has 9k. This is why Akou could send out 8k without hurting his own position. You can get these numbers from last chapter. On the right side, it was 7k + 10k versus 4.5k, this numbers difference would destroy Ouhon’s unit with time, were it not for those 8k reinforcements.

            I also don’t think Ouhon’s move is the best one, Banaji didn’t commit all 9k, he has roughly 3k in a second line directly behind his main line. It’s only plot armor keeping them from intercepting Ouhon. Note those 3k are not the tiny groups that tried to stop Ouhon.

            What I think will happen from here on out is Ouhon will pierce Banaji’s flank, like Banaji did to Akou the first day. Akou will send the 2k men he has in reserve, either to help Ouhon, or pierce the other flank, or both. At the same time, he will order his main army to push where the flanks are pierced. This will instantly collapse the Banaji’s main line, provided his 3k reinforcements don’t do what Ouhon did on day 1, counter pierce the flanking forces.

    • Pen

      Good breakout of Ouhon targeting an enemyโ€™s weak spot when it was all unexpected. This should turn the Banji/Akou side heavily in Qins favor however the other side with his own unit is getting pummeled now against two generals, however I think that one or both generals must help Banji asap with maybe 4.000 soldiers and this will take a lot of pressure of that side and both sides seems more balanced again. It seems like going towards a giant melee with Akou and Banji committing all their reserves.

      • Osi

        Agreed Pen… Guess, I am considering your point, but every character involved seemed to think Ouhon’s move was… ‘Admirable,” as one guy said. And considering they all considered him the weakest link before he did it… As we’ve been saying- we will see!

        • Guess


          The reason I say it’s not the best move is because now there are two armies on the right, 10k + 7k, facing one group of 8k reinforcements, and what remains of Ouhon’s unit which is now leaderless. One of those two Zhao armies can engage the 8k Qin army, allowing the other to hit Akou’s main army on the side hard. (That’s what I would have done in Zhao’s place anyways). There is nothing Qin can do to stop this. That’s my problem with the state of the current board.

          • Hyuu

            Leaderless, is also a bit exaggerated, there’s Banyou whose obvious orders are to lead the two Zhou armies away from Bananji which is actually almost mirror to the the Mouten and Shin strategy on the first day…

            The path of retreat of Ouhons main body and the position of Akou’s reinforcements again simply plays into pincering the Zhou much like in the retreating Mountain People and the Mountain Queen taking the hill. It can be easily assumed that when the Akou’s reinforcements hit the Chougayuu army, the Ouhon main body can rally as it’s not a two on one scenario anymore.

            I’d rate Chougayuu’s admiration is the split Ouhon did with the army as he again has taken just enough troops to be a credible threat to upset the battle but left enough soldiers that they can’t exactly turn around and reinforce Bananji along with also choosing to attack a spot out of their “reach”…

            I’m not super impressed but sure I can see some “merit” that went on….not saying it’s practical but theory wise yes it could work…

        • Guess

          Oh, and those cavalry chasing Ouhon just disappeared.. not too happy about that.

          • Osi

            true, the 8000 are now kind of hung out there. they do have an option, which is to retreat hard straight back behind them, where Akou is.

            I agree, Bananji was never meant to be a critical threat to Akou, but recall, Akou in his own words to his men says he’s sending everyone he can spare. And that is exactly why Zhao sent a whole army to stand between Akou and Ouhon.

            We kind of disagree from the onset- on how brutal zhao’s trap was, how well they used their forces. I agree with you here- IF one assumes it was a poor maneuver by zhao, than Ouhon’s decision isn’t all that sound.

            However, as I assume it was a great trap, Ouhon did something rather beautiful… he turned the tables. Yeah, the 8000 Akou troops will take heavy loses. or wait- they could.

            I stand by the fact that zhao won’t consider Ouhon’s infantry a threat. that doesn’t mean they’ll just sit by and watch Akou’s 8000 die. I’m not saying they can stop them right away or easy.

            I guess my point is, war is dynamic, and when it comes down to it, decisions are made by commanders, and they only can attend to so many things during a live-action war. the strategy depends on seeing it this way, and when I look at it that way, Ouhon’s completely flipped the script, and changed the momentum. Akou’s still in huge trouble. So is Ouhon. But now, they’re on the offensive, fighting with the fury of those whose backs are against the walls. As the great military strategists tell us, that is a strong position to be fighting from. All thanks to little O

          • Commenter

            Both of you ar reading too far into the numbers:

            If Ouhons pincer attack works it will collapse the flank to cause a domino, the flaw with the line formation. As this happens the outer most line (Qin) will wrap into the newer outermost section of the line, This has been done a few times in the manga, Moubu even did this with his entire line at konkuku pass. However what is important here, Once the disruption in the line begins Ouhon isn’t even needed with a direct path safely into Akous reinforcement wave. Ouhon just needs to cause the disruption then he is home free, if he is pincered by the pursuing force oh well, He will just push through the line as the pursuers run into Akous reinforcements. No such risk truly exists.

            About Ouhons retreating unit, if you look at the aerial view, they retreated from the mob, the pursuing Generals were to follow them, but they were to follow them to make sure to grab Ouhon’s head and he is not there. They are out of the melee, and there is no prize is pursuing. If they decide to anyways Ouhons troops are elite, while they could even be routed it isn’t a huge blow to Qin and is a large risk in loses to established officers for Zhou, in other words only worth the risk if Ouhons head is included. In reality they get to walk back to safety.

            Most importantly the battlefield was even, Ouhon v Random Zhou, and Akou v Banana and Chugalug. When Chugalug sent his entire army to crush a commander it was solid decision in a battle of generals, yet in a battle of armies, it isn’t anywhere near sustainable. Chugalug has to retreat, but can’t Ouhon will tear random Zhou up, he is just better, after sending like half that side of the battle at Ouhon to fail it will destroy morale. Akou v Banana Akou advantage. Chugalug needs to go back to his station, before the Akou side falls apart.

            The most important thing though is when looking at numbers of 20k+ not everyone is shooting their sticks at each other, with a numerical disadvantage it is attrition game, don’t live by the numbers but compensate for the numbers, sending 10k against 20k is fine as long as 20k will be around to help the 10k in due time. Qin is really in a good place, I don’t think reality would allow Ouhon to get there, but once he did. It has no weakness. Ouhon just needs to grab one of there heads now.

          • Guess

            I’m with you Commenter, what do you think those 2 Zhao armies on the right (who are not going to chase Ouhon’s ~2.5k remaining men) will do?

          • Pen

            Yes itโ€™s an interesting question what these two Zhao generals would do. Personally I think that Ouhons remaining unit is a valuable asset as they appear to be a very strong army, but maybe still they can only be considered equal to Akous forces (maybe I am givin ouhon too much credit) so I do see some value in keep chasing this unit down which is being led by a good right hand man but one who is no independent good leader.

            But I guess that killing these soldiers is just too little of value compared to what else is happening in this instance. Banji is being pushed and of course him self or his army must not collapse.

            It is Chougaryuu who is first and most clear about Ouhons move. So I guess he should also be the most natural to deal with this. At the very least he should take some cavalary and ride to Banjis aide.

          • Osi

            Guess, my answer to your question to “commentator”: about face to flank akou, and attack. That’s why i can’t agree that qin is out of the woods…both forces have serious “line integrity” problems/openings

          • Osi

            Ok you guys have me slightly more convinced Ouhon’s cavalry might be a factor. I still say a small one, and by that I speak relatively, I think the three armies will consider what’s happening with Akou way more important, because as Guess pointed out, Akou has more troops than Bananji, and with Bananji’s line collapsing, and an increasingly chaotic situation, they’re best off playing defense (or: defense via offense) and focusing either on reinforcing bananji, attacking akou, or probably both. The 8000 you guys mentioned- look at the field another way, akou’s 800 are the FRONT line of akou vs. that one zhao general whos name I have no chance of spelling right.

            Akou is already fighting on two fronts… BUT you do have me wondering what Ouhon’s infantry will do. sure, there are ‘commanders,’ but we don’t know if any of them can command. the thing is, I assumed they’d run, because the moment they try to flank, Zhao has the forces and the tactical flexibility to counter them and wipe them out. Maybe they won’t, but, zhao has the forces and the tactical flexibility to wipe them out, so if I were their commander, I’d be beating feet, as they say

  6. Michiru

    Thank you Turnip and Oshit-sama

  7. Gledi

    Thank you for the great work๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. geroprog

    Thank you for the hard work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  10. When is it Shin’s turn at this ๐Ÿ˜ฅ as always ouhon and mouten are ahead of him ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  11. Thanks for the translation.

  12. Nick

    Good work as usual =)

  13. Cedric

    Much appreciated @Oshit

  14. Geroprog

    I Think It is understandable that ouhon and mouten are ahead of shin. they learned warfare since they were little…. Shin Just simply fought with his brother. I Think slowly he will catch up. But It is ouhon’s Time to shine.

  15. faridcwidjaya

    Thank you for all your hard work! Amazing Chapter!

  16. Gyopoh

    Good work gongitraped. Your translations are so well done its very inspiring. Honestly its like you are pro.. well at this point i guess you are. Anyway, much thanks. . And oshit.. uh.. you ..uh.. cough.. well.. i guess you did also kind of well.. so thanks and shit..(kidding.. just thought that people thank oshit a lot, but poor gongitraped doesnt get that much love.. guess its since oshit is easier to type? Anyway thanks Both of you!)

  17. algarban

    Thanks again TF!!! I really hope they will give Shin some of a Generals feeling after this war as they are giving Ouhon and mouten. Dont ask of him too much, but at least to stop being dumb strait as an arrow that is used by the rest.

  18. Dajh

    Hopefully they will announce season 3 or better kingdom anime reboot after all chapters of volume 50 are out. I know chances are really small but my hope will never perish. Even “only” season3 would be great because they can fuck up the animation as much as they want the coalition arc will still be the best arc in anime history

  19. ivo

    shunshiju gets fucked by yotanwa. She attacks him from behind. 3rd army of akou makes move

  20. Muddyfarmer

    I think people are forgetting the fact that shin wasn’t that old by the time he became a great general. Go back to chapter 1 & you’ll see what I mean. He didn’t even look older than what heki is now. I think yasuhisa has evolved mouten & ouhon to not leave them completely behind, which is a mistake a lot mangas make. So we’re about to see shin pull off something amazing. Swinging around general oukis treasured blade, has had to do something. Yasuhisa has put a limit on his already monstrous strength. To a guy who gets where he is by breaking through those limits. Fuck yes. Either Batei, or kisui shall have their souls cleaved in twain. That is an absolute promise.

    • Osi

      Wasnt that old LOOKING… fighters stay in shape and in terms of looks often seem to age slowly. I put him between 30-45years old in That chapter, i think he is about 25 now

  21. Cedric

    Muddyfarmer your obviously re-checking this page to see if the latest chapters out hahahahaha me too bro, me too. You forgot to mention the centre army where Shin has been pulled back to. He isn’t going to the left or right wings anymore, his position is the centre. Ousens true target is down the middle I’d say

    • Muddyfarmer

      Yeah g might be out early who knows, you need to stop kissing oshits ass my g ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      Nah g, shin will be back there, Ousens just hiding shins fangs from prying eyes, he wants to catch them off guard with shins full strength!!!

  22. Letouriste

    Got bluffed by ouhon strat.i actually tried to imagine his options and got the same results than the zhao commander.leaving completely his forces behind+attracting the enemy attention for limiting losses for his main force+actually pulling a decent tactical move is not what I expected.
    I imagined him attacking the other battlefront yeah,but on the side near him,not the other one.and something like that would have backfired when the zhao attack them in the back after the inevitable slowing of their movement after engaging troops. Ouhon tactics here is basically thinking outside of the boxe.remind me of the way we play chess when we know what we are doing.

  23. Leo

    Any news on chapter 538?

  24. Guess

    Korean raws are out if you need something

  25. Rumy

    Damn bro only ask a question. Chapters usually come out Wednesday-sunday… the team be having outside lives and other responsibility to take care of through out the week

  26. alissoncamoes

    Does anybody here play total war arena???

  27. Isi

    Okeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy c: Traying to be patient, canยดt hold my weekly need of Kingdom :c!!!!!
    Keep the hard work Oshit c:!!!

  28. Should be out tonight or early tomorrow morning.

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